Abstract by Ethan Dodson

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Ethan Dodson

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Pam Van Ry


Organoid Vascularization promotes airspace formation


There are currently over one billion people affected by chronic and acute respiratory diseases worldwide. In addition, lung disease is the third leading cause of death, ahead of stroke, in the United States. An important part to understanding and treating these lung diseases is the cell interactions with the blood vessels. With current lung models, the vascular system does not work which limits the ability to effectively model these diseases. This inability to model lung vasculature translates into poor prognosis among several lung diseases such as lung cancer and fibrosis. To solve this problem, we made a two-layer 3D lung organoid which mimics fetal vascular and air space growth. We tracked HlF1α expression to observe lack of oxygen in the organoids. We observed that vascularization decreased HlF1α expression. Also, like in fetal lung, vascularization enhanced airspace formation. These observations indicated that we were able to successfully make an organoid with these attributes of a functioning lung organoid, which can then be used to helped model these respiratory diseases.