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Nick Porter

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Jarom Jackson
Richard Sandberg
Dallin Durfee

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Physics and Astronomy

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Richard Sandberg


Etalon interference laser wavelength metrology using webcams


Many fields of research require precise measurement of a laser's wavelength, but commercially available wavemeters are often too expensive, too large, or too fragile to be practical. We have designed and constructed a robust, compact, and inexpensive wavelength meter based on etalon interference—a phenomenon similar to thin-film interference. The device uses a webcam to measure the interference patterns caused by a series of etalons. Analyzing this etaloning across a range of known wavelengths provides a set of wavelength-dependent reference functions, which can be used to calculate an unknown wavelength within the same range. We present data showing that this device can measure a laser's wavelength with an average error less than a picometer, and a standard deviation less than 2 picometers.