Abstract by Spencer Taylor

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Spencer Taylor

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Merritt Andrus
Isaac Smith

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Merritt Andrus


Chiral and achiral acetamide synthesis and reactivity


Nocardioazine A is a natural product that shows promise in anti-cancer therapies. It can only be harvested in small amounts from algae or synthesized in a lengthy process.  An important intermediate in a total synthesis of Nocardioazine A is an acetamide that comes in a chiral and an achiral form. This acetamide intermediate also shows promise as an important molecule in other organic reactions. One of class of reactions that this acetamide intermediate can undergo are radical alkylation using Lewis acids or photocatalysts and visible light. The new chemical pathways based of the chiral and achiral acetamide intermediates and the work towards a simpler total synthesis of Nocardioazine A would lead to new synthesis methods and clinical applications of Nocardiozine A in anticancer therapies.