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David Foote

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Richard Watt


Triferic as a Treatment for ACI


Rockwell Medical has developed an iron drug, Triferic (Fe3+ coordinated by citrate and pyrophosphate) for dialysis patients who are known to experience Anemia of Chronic Inflammation (ACI). The novel aspect of this drug is that it contains monomeric iron that is a great substrate for binding to transferrin. Triferic has the ability to load iron into transferrin directly in vitro and is proposed to work without entering the liver or spleen in vivo. Triferic could immensely help patients undergoing dialysis by binding iron directly to transferrin which is then delivered to the bone marrow for red blood cell synthesis. The gap in knowledge is finding a method to load iron directly into transferrin in vivo. Our central hypothesis is that keeping Fe3+ coordinated with citrate and pyrophosphate prevents polymerization of iron and provides a substrate that transferrin can recognize. We have observed that pyrophosphate significantly increases the absorbance of the iron transferrin complex. We propose that pyrophosphate directly coordinates the iron and changes the affinity of the complex. We will report our results on this new iron transferrin species.