Abstract by Cameron Carpenter

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Cameron Carpenter

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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James Patterson


Second-Harmonic Generation as a Nondestructive Testing Method for Various Metals


Metals have an important role in our lives and are used in nearly every aspect of society. As a result, they undergo various types of stress in different environments. Aerospace grade aluminum is an alloy used in the design of many aircrafts and other structures for its high strength to weight ratio.  Safety testing is needed to ensure that catastrophic failure doesn’t occur due to mechanical stress. We propose that second-harmonic generation (SHG) spectroscopy be used to determine to what degree materials like Al have been subjected to mechanical stress. We’ve also seen the capabilities of SHG with the characterization of titanium disks subjected to mechanical deformation. This suggests that SHG could be a practical application for in situ testing of various metals. Therefore, SHG could be a beneficial addition to nondestructive testing by giving access to information at a quicker rate.