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Ian Bacon

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Physics and Astronomy

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Scott Sommerfeldt


Determining acoustic sound power radiated from a flat plate using a vibration-based sound power method


Ian C. Bacon, Scott D. Sommerfeldt, Jonathan D. Blotter 

A vibration-based sound power method has been developed previously as a means to determine the sound power produced by a vibrating structure. The focus of this work is to provide experimental validation for the theoretical developments for flat plates. Experimental results for a flat plate using 2D and 3D scans were performed using a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer to measure the 3D velocity field from which the normal and in-plane velocities can be computed. These velocities were used in conjunction with the acoustic radiation resistance matrix to determine the sound power being produced by each plate.  These results were also validated against the sound power obtained using the ISO 3741 standard in a reverberation chamber to show the effectiveness of the method.