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Taylor Buckway

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Physics and Astronomy

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Richard Sandberg


Developing Tabletop Soft X-ray Source for Magnetic Imaging


Coherent diffraction imaging is, an alternative to lens-based microscopes, a technique of imaging with the use of diffracted X-rays scattered of a sample. This technique makes nanometer scale imaging possible. One method to produce soft X-rays for magnetic imaging is the use of high harmonic generation. This can be done with an ultra-short laser pulses focused into a chamber with argon gas. The focused laser will ionize the Argon gas which will produce high harmonics such as soft X-rays. This presentation will go into the details of high harmonic generation known as the three-step model. The first step is the ionization of the atoms to the point of removing the valence electrons. The second step is the acceleration of the electron in the electric field of the laser. The final step is the recombination of the electron with the parent atom which gives off soft X-rays. I will produce coherent soft X-rays for lensless imaging of magnetic materials at the nanometer scale.