Abstract by Matt Rathgeber

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Matt Rathgeber

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Pam Van Ry


Galectin-1 reduces NF-kappaB inflammation in LGMD2B in vitro models


Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2B (LGMD2B) is autosomal recessive disorder that causes a mutation in the DYSF gene resulting in muscle wasting, fat infiltration, and chronic inflammation. The current treatments are palliative and focus on preserving ambulation. Galectin-1 is a small 14.5 kDa lectin binding protein that is known to reduce NF-kappaB cellular inflammation in neutrophils, however it is unknown if it reduces inflammation in LGMD2B muscle. To test this unknown, we treated dysferlin-deficient myotubes using recombinant human Galectin-1 (rHsGal-1) and measured levels of different proteins in the NF-kappaB signaling pathway. We show a significant reduction in TAK-1, P50 and IKBalpha expression through western blot analysis when compared to non-treated myotubes.  Immunoflourcent images show p65 levels increase in non-treated myotubes. These data show rHsGal-1 to be a potential therapeutic by reducing NF-kappaB inflammation in LGMD2B in vitro models.