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Delaney Rose

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Jani Radebaugh

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Geological Sciences

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Jani Radebaugh


Dune Length, Spacing and Direction in the Shangri La Sand Sea on Titan


Imagery from the Cassini mission revealed extensive fields of linear funes clustered around the equator of Saturn's largest moon Titan. The dunes appear as dark features in radar images against a variably bright or dark background. Dune lengths in the Shangri La Sand Sea were traced using ArcGIS Pro and preliminary measurements were made of dune length and spacing. The average length of the dunes measured was 41 km, with a minimum of 2.5 km and a maximum of 430 km. Measurements of dune spacings ranged from 0.5 to 3 km. Subregions where there are smaller dune spacings coupled with longer dunes may correlate with higher sediment availability. Dune direction was interpolated in the region of the sand sea closest to the radar-bright region Xanadu to the east, providing rough estimates of prevailing wind directions. The average wind direction trends west to east, deviating to the NE and SE as the dune field approaches Xanadu. This study will continue to analyze dune patterns to better understand what they reveal about wind and sand availability in the region.