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Daniel Bernecker

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Physics and Astronomy

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Richard Sandberg


3 Dimensional Coherent Difraction Imaging


My research is 3-dimensional imaging using Coherent Diffraction Imaging (CDI) and Tomography.  CDI is a process of imaging on the nanometer scale by capturing diffraction patterns of an illuminated sample and, with the use of the Fourier transform, reconstructing a high resolution image of the original sample. 

By retrieving a series of diffraction patterns having rotated the object between each data collection we will be able to perform tomography.  Tomography is a medical imaging technique where a combination of “slice” x-rays taken at various angles around a central axis are compiled to create a cross sectional view of a sample in the millimeter scale.  CDI Tomography will actually create a 3-dimentional density sensitive image on the nanometer scale instead of a 2-dimensional slice.