Abstract by Alicia Heninger

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Alicia Heninger

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Mathematics Education

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Keith Leatham


Clarifiable Ambiguity


Often student mathematical thinking cannot be articulated by a teacher or researcher. There are numerous reasons as to why one may not be able to infer the mathematics. One such way is students being ambiguous in their language. One particular subset of ambiguity is clarifiable ambiguity which is ambiguity that can be clarified in the moment by the student who spoke ambiguously. Clarifiable ambiguity is ambiguity that stems from people using an unclear referent. Research done in teacher responses does not focus on how teachers respond to clarifiable ambiguity. I will present research that addresses the different reasons why student mathematical thinking may not be able to be articulated and how teachers’ are responding to one subset of student mathematical thinking that cannot be articulated, clarifiable ambiguity.