Abstract by Matthew Lawyer

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Matthew Lawyer

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Physics and Astronomy

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Jean-Francois Van Huele


Steps Towards Bohmian Quantum Information


Bohmian mechanics is a formulation of quantum theory which describes particles having continuously defined trajectories. Trajectories give an intuitive picture of the dynamics of a system, although these trajectories are different from those predicted by classical mechanics. Furthermore, Bohmian mechanics has so far given equivalent predictions to other versions of quantum theory for all experiments performed. Quantum computing relies on superposition, a concept which seems incompatible with Bohmian trajectories. Can this apparent contradiction lead to an experiment capable of distinguishing Bohmian mechanics from the other theories? Steps are proposed to use the first two energy levels of the SHO as a starting place for the development of a Bohmian model of a qbit, and progress towards this end is discussed. Numerically calculated trajectories are shown for various states of the SHO, and are discussed in detail.