Abstract by Abigail Graham

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Abigail Graham

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Physics and Astronomy

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Darin Ragozzine


Orbital Resonance in Extrasolar Planetary Systems


Using data from the Kepler Space Telescope, we examined the dynamics between sets of three planets in extrasolar planetary systems. Resonance between the planets can tell us a lot about the formation of these planetary system. We calculated the frequency of a wide variety of three-body resonances (f3bs) for over 1000 planets. The lowest f3b values are the most significant. We determined the false positive likelihood of each pair by simulating 100 random universes and running the same analysis. All calculations and probability tests were done respective to the number of planets, or multiplicity, of each system. We identify exoplanetary three-body resonances that are statistically significant. Those systems with orbital resonance are good candidates for further study due to the insight they provide about the system’s architecture.