Abstract by Alexandra Gallion

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Alexandra Gallion

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Vinnie Clements

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Physics and Astronomy

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Steven Turley


Spectroscopic Analysis of Thin Film Mirror Coatings


The next generation of space-based telescopes will include ones capable of observing in the extreme ultraviolet. The design of these mirrors requires accurately knowing the index of refraction and other properties of the materials likely to be used.  We setup and calibrated an instrument to measure the reflectivity of thin film mirror coatings at ultraviolet wavelengths. By measuring the reflectivity at different angles, we can determine the complex index of refraction, thickness, and roughness of the films. We will present our results from measuring the reflectivity of Lithium Fluoride and Aluminum thin films on a Silicon substrate. We compare this data to the results of measuring the same sample in the Advanced Light Source at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and to theoretical calculations.