Abstract by Jarrod Hansen

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Jarrod Hansen

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Physics and Astronomy

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Denise Stephens


Examining Brown Dwarfs Using Data from the GAIA Satellite and Near-Infrared Sky Surveys


Brown Dwarfs are low mass objects supported by electron degeneracy pressure. These objects have surface temperatures of less than 2400 Kelvin. This low temperature means that their blackbodies peak in the Infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. We examine data from two main all sky telescope surveys in the infrared, the 2MASS survey and the WISE survey. These surveys provide data in the near-infrared from 1-2.5 microns and the mid-infrared from 2.5-30 microns respectively. We also examine optical and astrometric (positional) data from the GAIA satellite. Using these data sets we look for trends in Absolute Magnitude and examine color relationships for spectral types.  We are creating a new online database of all the known brown dwarfs with this data and will present some of the correlations and trends we are finding.