Abstract by Benjamin Proudfoot

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Benjamin Proudfoot

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Darin Ragozzine

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Physics and Astronomy

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Darin Ragozzine


MultiMoon: A New Look at TNOs


The pieces of icy debris left over from the formation of the solar system, commonly called Transneptunian Objects (TNOs), are critical to explaining the evolution and formation of our planets. The physical characteristics of TNOs is still somewhat mysterious, with little known about their surfaces, shapes, or in some cases their masses. In several cases, however, TNOs have been found to have moons, which can be used to learn about the physical aspects of the TNO itself. By studying the orbit of a moon around a moon around a TNO, much can be inferred about the TNO itself. Specifically, non-Keplerian motion of TNO moons can reveal information about shape, internal density distribution, spin poles, and can even help to find additional moons. Here we will report on our progress on MultiMoon, a forward model to fit astrometric data using a non-Keplerian orbit integrator.