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Annie Smoot

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Geological Sciences

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Sam Hudson


Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Albian-Cenomanian Nanushuk Formation, North Slope, Alaska


The Albian-Cenomanian Nanushuk Formation located along the North Slope of Alaska represents deltaic and shoreface processes, and has been the focus of recent exploration activity in the Colville Basin.  Understanding the spatial distribution and sedimentary stacking patterns of this formation through both outcrop and subsurface characterization will assist in targeting areas for potential exploration, and provide a better understanding of the interaction between shoreface and deltaic depositional processes in this and similar basins. Preserved facies successions reveal important spatial variability in inferred depositional processes.  Facies patterns in core retrieved near the axial section of the Colville syncline suggest predominantly fluvial-deltaic processes, whereas outcrops along the basin’s southern margin indicate shoreface environments. Integration of thin section microscopy, hand samples, measured sections, and outcrop photogrammetry will provide better understanding of composition, provenance, reservoir quality, evolution of the basin, and sedimentary stacking patterns of the Nanushuk Formation.