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Braydan Bezzant

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Moriah Longhurst
Diana Ramirez
Supeshala Sarath Nawarathnage

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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James Moody


Chaperone Assisted Protein Crystallization of TELSAM


Traditional protein crystallization techniques are difficult and only successful in producing crystals 10-30% of the time. Polymer forming protein crystallization chaperones show promise in achieving crystallization on a range of proteins. One example of a polymer forming protein crystallization chaperone is the TELSAM helical protein which previously achieved the crystallization of 10/11 target proteins. Unfortunately, many of the crystals obtained were too disordered to achieve a structural determination. In this presentation we discuss work to solve the disorder problem in TELSAM derived crystals. This is achieved by altering the valency of target proteins. The goal is to allow the polymer target fusions to access a large variety of crystal lattice packing arrangements. Initial crystals have been attained, and we are now working to expand crystal conditions to achieve larger crystals for diffraction.