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Joshua Vawdrey

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Caleb Plewe

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Physics and Astronomy

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David Allred


Starshade\'s function in the HabEx mission


In the search for life on other worlds, NASA is designing an orbiting telescope currently termed HabEx with the intent to directly image habitable exoplanets. In order to image these exoplanets, light from the exoplanet’s parent star must be blocked to one part in a trillion so HabEx can receive a clear image. The Starshade, a fly-away component of the satellite, will unfurl like a parasol to block the star’s light. The rest of the light will be filtered out inside the telescope with the coronagraph. To fully understand the function of HabEx, one must understand the function of the Starshade in depth. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the HabEx in greater detail and present results my team and I have made in designing a robust black coating that would be used on the Starshade in conjunction with ZeCoat Corporation.