Abstract by Zachary Jones

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Zachary Jones

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Josh Price


Extending Proteolytic Stability Using Inter-helical PEG Stapling Techniques


Protein therapeutics’ popularity is growing; however, major challenges still exist that prevent the broader application of treatments.  Short serum half-life, caused by renal clearance and enzymatic proteolysis, can be addressed and improved through PEGylation.  Price lab has shown that a PEG staple can further enhance the proteolytic and conformational stability of a peptide and small protein, after applying stapling broadly to β-sheet dominated peptides and the small protein SH3. To generalize broader application of PEG stapling, we have applied a PEG staple to the GCN-4 heterodimer system, further stabilizing the helical system by -.9 kcal/mol.  We look forward to applying this technique to larger α-helical bundled proteins with pharmaceutical applications.