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Mark Anderson

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Kent Gee
Logan Matthews
Jacob Smith
Daniel Novakovich

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Physics and Astronomy

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Kent Gee


Weather-robust System for Outdoor Acoustical Measurements


Acoustic waves generated by rockets, jets, and supersonic aircraft must be measured outdoors where microphones are subject to wind, rain, and local ground effects. BYU has developed the Compact Outdoor Unit for Ground-based Acoustical Recordings (COUGAR) and its successor COUGARxt. These designs have an inverted microphone placed above a round, convex plate with a large dome wind screen. These two setups were tested in the BYU Anechoic Chamber and one a field test with a GEM-63 rocket motor. Anechoic testing examined these configurations at various angles and orientations. Results show that COUGARxt provides superior wind noise rejection relative to COUGAR, and anechoic testing is validated against data taken on the GEM-63 rocket motor.