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James Erikson

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Emma McClure
Charles Lewis
John Colton

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Physics and Astronomy

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John Colton


Photoluminescence Lifetime as an Indicator of Temperature in CdTe Quantum Dots


Temperature is an important parameter in many processes being studied with microfluidic devices. As such, improved methods of temperature sensing that are compatible with the size and sensitivity required for microfluidics need to be found. We are investigating the photoluminescence lifetime of CdTe quantum dots for potential use in these sensors. Lifetime values were sampled over a range of known temperatures through time correlated single photon counting. Initial attempts to find a numerical model to describe the temperature dependence met with little success, however through the application of machine learning algorithms we are able to accurately determine temperatures with uncertainties ranging from 3.4 K at cryogenic temperatures to 0.2 K near room temperature.