Abstract by Raju Baral

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Raju Baral

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Physics and Astronomy

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Benjamin Frandsen


A quantitative study of short-range correlations in triangular Ising antiferromagnet TmMgGaO4 via magnetic pair distribution function analysis


Interacting Ising spins decorating a triangular lattice are expected to show rich magnetic behavior, including a possible Kosterlitz-Thouless (KT) transition at low temperature. Recently, TmMgGaO4 has been found to exhibit a perfect triangular lattice of Ising-like Tm3+ magnetic moments, providing a promising platform for investigating potential KT physics in a solid-state magnetic system. Initial studies have revealed significant diffuse magnetic scattering at low temperature, indicating the presence of short-range magnetic correlations that may hold the key to understanding the magnetic ground state of this system. Here, we utilize the magnetic pair distribution function (mPDF) technique to probe these correlations in real space via Fourier transformation of the diffuse scattering pattern. We present a magnetic model that reproduces the observed mPDF pattern with quantitative accuracy and discuss the significance of these results in the context of existing work on TmMgGaO4.