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Lucas Barnes

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Adam Kingsley

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Physics and Astronomy

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Brian Anderson


Optimization of the deconvolution time reversal process


Deconvolution Time Reversal (TR), also known as the TR inverse filter, is a method of focusing wave energy at a single point in space while maintaining frequency content by compensating for the transfer function. This compensation is achieved in the frequency domain by first taking the inverse of the transfer function which has undergone a regularization process using a threshold value gamma so as to not divide by 0 or other very small numbers. This deconvolution result, or inverse filter, is then brought back into the time domain and combined with the signal to be focused. This project optimizes gamma for various combinations of parameters like room size, reverberation time, and signal frequency content to achieve more accurate energy transmission at the focal point. Deconvolution TR can be used to achieve extremely good spatial and temporal focusing, and the optimization of gamma will allow for quality results for any given application.