Abstract by Porter Henze

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Porter Henze

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Geological Sciences

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Bart Kowallis
Eric Christiansen


Exploring igneous titanite textures and implications for geologic histories of the Little Cottonwood stock and Notch Peak granite, Utah.


Titanite is useful in petrogenetic studies due to its capacity to incorporate a variety of trace elements, its slow element diffusion, and relative abundance.  The textures and compositions of titanite provide insight into the evolution of two distinct granites:  the Notch Peak granite and the Little Cottonwood stock.  In the Notch Peak granite, titanite texture is made up of simple bright sector zoning alongside crosscutting replacement textures under backscatter electron imaging (BSE).  Brightness in BSE is correlated with REE and negatively correlated with F, Mn, and Ca.  These textures indicate a simple cooling path after magmatic intrusion, followed by hydrothermal alteration.  The Little Cottonwood stock contains titanite with a distinct patchy core zoning with resorbed ilmenite inclusions surrounded by oscillatory growth.  Titanite texture and chemistry reflect a more reduced, ilmenite rich magma mixing into an oxidized felsic magma, destabilizing existing ilmenites and crystallizing its iconic patchy texture.