Abstract by Jarrod Hansen

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Jarrod Hansen

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Physics and Astronomy

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Eric Hintz


Identifying and Understanding Short Period Variable Stars Using All Sky Surveys


We are currently investigating the effectiveness of all-sky surveys in identifying short period variables, in particular δ Scuti variables. We have selected a sample of suspected new variable stars from the ASAS-SN, ATLAS, and KELT surveys. High cadence observations of this sample were secured using a number of small robotic telescopes from the BYU Orson Pratt Observatory. We discuss primary results from the 0.25-m and 0.20-m telescopes. Using data from our observations, and from the original surveys, we analyze periodicity using Period04 and compare results between the data sets. We have investigated 31 objects at the current time and will present a representative sample. Finally, we will discuss misidentification of variability and suggest methods whereby this may be mitigated.