Abstract by Abraham De la Cruz

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Abraham De la Cruz

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Daniel Austin
Eric Sevy


Investigating Hypervelocity Surface Induced Racemization Reactions Prior to Ionization & Mass Analysis of Gas Phase Amino Acids During Flyby Sampling


Mass Spectrometry is the preferred method for identifying chemical species present in the upper atmosphere during in-situ flyby sampling. Highpervelocity is a space challenge because it causes vibrational excitation of the sampled molecules producing chemical changes in the form of unimolecular dissocaition, radical or ion formation, and racemization before mass analysis is carried out. Although current instrumentation is unable to detect some of these important chemical changes, separation techniques such as capillary electrophoresis (CE), chiral gas chromatography (GC), and liquid chromatography (LC) coupled with mass spectrometry are the means to acquire chiral information in future missions. Little is known regarding hypervelocity impact induced reactions, thus investigating high-velocity impact reactions is crucial to improve future space chiral analysis via mass spectrometry. This research pioneers the investigation of surface induced impact racemization reactions for future space separation analysis using mass spectrometry.