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Daniel Brock

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Michaelis


Synthesis of Terahertz Generating Crystals


The Michaelis laboratory is currently involved in a collaboration with the Johnson Physical chemistry group to develop new terahertz (THz) generating crystals for the THz spectroscopy. The Michaelis laboratory has previously identified and synthesized various known and new THz generating crystals, but additional efforts are needed to improve the quality and size of the crystals obtained. My primary objective this semester is to continue to work on a scale up synthesis of THz- Generating molecule EHPSI developed in the Michaelis Lab, providing enough material for me and other students to improve and perfect methods for growing large crystals, and then to cut and polish them for use in THz spectroscopy measurements in the Johnson Research group. I will continue to learn methods for synthesis, purification of new crystals and will help develop new methods for crystallization. I will also gain expertise in crystal polishing and cutting these hands-on experiences will be valuable as I pursue a career in dentistry. These goals will be pursued in the following specific aims.