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Gabriele Pinto

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George Major
Tahereh Avval
Behnam Moeini
Christopher Easton
Thomas Gegenbach
William Skinner
Donald Baer
Matthew Linford

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Matthew Linford


Errors in XPS Peak Fitting in Published Journal Articles


X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) is a widely used analytical technique for the characterization of surface layers, and in the past two decades XPS data have been cited more than those from any other surface analytical tool. Modern hardware and software allow for high-quality acquisition and analysis of XPS spectra, which depends on instrument design and settings and the sample itself. Due to these variables, the process of peak fitting XPS data requires a significant level of expertise and experience. The peak fitting process yields information about the material’s surface composition, oxidation states, morphology, and chemical bonds. We surveyed articles published in different material journals in 2019 for XPS spectra. Many peak fittings were performed to an acceptable standard; however, we noticed a variety of common mistakes in the peak fitting data as well as in the analysis, interpretation, and presentation of the data. Such errors were identified in about 30% of the papers that showed XPS analyses. We will discuss these errors in an effort to improve the scientific community’s ability to obtain meaningful, representatative data from XPS analysis.