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Basu Aryal

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Dulashani Ranasinghe
Tyler Westover
Robert Davis
John Harb
Adam Woolley

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Fabrication and Characterization of DNA Origami-Based Metal-Semiconductor Junctions


DNA-assisted bottom-up nanofabrication has demonstrated promise in creating both metal and non-metal nanostructures with diverse applications. To date, different-shaped and electrically connected metal nanostructures have been created and electrically characterized. However, self-assembly and electrical measurement of semiconducting materials on DNA at the nanoscale have not been demonstrated. We have examined the fabrication yield and electrical properties of various Au nanowire structures created on DNA origami tiles by site-specific attachment of Au nanorods to molecularly programmed sites. We are now working with metals and semiconductors on these DNA nanostructures. We have attached Au and Te nanorods to designed locations on individual DNA origami templates and connected the nanorods via electroless Au deposition technique to create metal-semiconductor junctions. In addition, two-point probe electrical measurements were performed to verify the electrical continuity of the junctions, and non-linear current vs voltage curves were obtained. This work is a progressive step, with potential future nanoelectronics applications.