Abstract by Kaitlynn Baker

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Kaitlynn Baker

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Robert Hanson

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Multiplexed Solid Phase Extraction of DNA Sequences


As antibiotic resistance becomes increasingly prevalent, we need a time-efficient method to detect antibiotic resistance genes in sepsis patients. The Woolley lab and collaborators are developing microfluidic devices which can separate specific DNA strands via solid phase extraction. To expand on prior work with single DNA sequences, I am researching multiplex capture of two different DNA sequences. Using centrifuge tubes and capture sequences on magnetic beads, we captured and recovered 67% of initial NDM and KPC antibiotic resistance gene sequences from the same sample. The fluorescently labeled DNA hybridized to the capture sequences, and then was thermally de-hybridized. The percent recovered had no significant variance from the non-multiplexed data. Knowing that multiple DNA sequences can be extracted using magnetic beads, we are now implementing this in microfluidic devices using monoliths containing multiple DNA capture sequences.