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Abby Mangum

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Geological Sciences

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Ron Harris


Using Historical Documents to Assess Seismic Risk in Ambon, Indonesia


Earthquakes are real threats that plague Indonesia constantly. We can’t predict when an earthquake will strike, but we can forecast where it will likely hit and how intense it will be using geologic and historic data about the source. The loading on a fault zone is assessed using known strain rates over time since the last event from historic and geologic records. Most historical accounts are found in Dutch documents. I am translating accounts into English of pre-instrumental earthquakes affecting Ambon and reconstructing these significant earthquake events using the MMI scale. This past summer I helped acquire VS30 measurements in Ambon. These measurements provide a proxy for identifying areas most at risk for earthquake damage. These two data sets provide a chance not only to forecast where earthquakes are likely to occur, but map out who's most at risk.