Abstract by Diego Moya

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Diego Moya

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Alexander Ramos
Daniel Joaquin
Concordia Lo

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Steven Castle


Synthesis of Yaku\'amide A analogues


Yaku’amide A (YA) is a structurally unique peptide, rich in dehydroamino acids and b-hydroxyamino acids.  This compound exerts potent growth inhibitory effects against P388 mouse leukemia cell lines. A JFCR39 cancer cell panel assay revealed a unique inhibitory profile with a novel mechanism of action.  Recent studies have suggested that YA depletes ATP by inhibiting ATP synthesis and enhancing ATP hydrolysis.  The structure of YA presents complex and unsymmetrical bulky dehydroamino acids (DAAs) such as E- and Z- dehydroisoleucine (D-Ile), which pose a synthetic challenge.  Despite work by the Inoue group and a more efficient route developed in our lab, synthesis remains lengthy.  Via computational studies, by David Kastner, we have identified two analogues which closely resemble YA’s conformation. The use of simpler and symmetrical bulky DAAs such as dehydrovaline (DVal) and dehydroethylnorvaline (DEnv) will substitute for (DIle) in positions [3], [5], and [10]. The objective is to synthesize the two candidate structures and submit them for biological testing. We hypothesize at least one structure will maintain the inhibitory effects of Yaku'amide A.