Abstract by Katelyn Pyfer

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Katelyn Pyfer

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Mathematics Education

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Dan Siebert


You Do Math Like a Girl: How Females Reason Quantitatively Outside of Formal and School Mathematics Contexts



The achievement gap has all but closed in secondary mathematics between boys and girls.  However, middle school and high school girls are still reporting negative dispositions and perceptions of mathematics significantly more often than middle school and high school boys.   Researchers have suggested that this discrepancy in affect may be due to teacher beliefs and actions that marginalize girls in the mathematics classroom as well as the Discourse of mathematics being masculine. In order to create a more equitable learning environment for females in mathematics, the ideas that currently govern what counts as 'doing mathematics' need to be reevaluated. Using interview data from girls in secondary education, this study will give us insights into how we can broaden the criteria for what counts as doing mathematics to be more inclusive of females' sound mathematical activity.