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Elaura Gustafson

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Daniel Austin


Microparticle charge detection mass spectrometry using printed circuit board arrays


Charge detection mass spectrometry (CDMS) is a single-ion technique where the m/z and charge are measured simultaneously as multiply charged particles pass a sensing electrode array. Continuing development of a linear detector array for CDMS and the analysis of microparticles, specifically atmospheric Martian dust, will be presented. Microparticles are charged via an electrospray source and introduced into vacuum. The particles are guided through the differentially pumped vacuum system via a beam tube before traveling across the CDMS analyzer where the signal is picked up by a charge amplifier. This CDMS analyzer has multiple charge-sensing stages (electrodes) on the facing surfaces of two printed circuit boards. An applied DC potential to the central electrode accelerates or decelerates the charged microparticles depending on charge polarity and enables mass determination. This presentation will discuss challenges with data analysis and experimental setup adjustments to further this project.