Chem & Biochem # 1A - analytical (graduate)

Chair: Daniel Austin
Judge: Jaron Hansen
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMElaura GustafsonDaniel Austin
Accurately Mapping Image Charge and Calibrating Particle Velocity in Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry
08:30 AMWai Ning ChanRoger Harrison
Separation and Preconcentration of Perrhenate by a Novel Resorcinarene Cavitand Column in Ion-exchange Chromatography
08:45 AMGeorge MajorMatthew Linford
Assessment of erroneous X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analyses in the scientific literature
09:00 AMNitish BhardwajJaron Hansen
Sources of Formaldehyde in Bountiful, Utah
09:15 AMDhananjay PatelMatthew Linford
Fabrication of porous, and high capacity, 6-phenylhexylsilane coated sputtered silicon SPME fibers for the analysis of the PAHs
09:30 AMJamir ShresthaDavid Dearden
Determining Topologies of Alkylammonium Complexes of Cucurbit[6]urils Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry
09:45 AMTahereh Gholian AvvalMatthew Linford
Low Energy Ion Scattering for Quantification of Surface Density of Silanols on Fused Silica Glasses
10:00 AMRadhya Weligama GamageDaniel Austin
Simulation of the Coaxial Ion Trap - a Comprehensive Study of Geometry Optimization, Unidirectional Ejection, and Trapping Conditions

Chem & Biochem # 1B - bio-analytical (graduate)

Chair: David Dearden
Judge: Keith Willes
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMYesman AkuokoAdam Woolley
Rapid and simple pressure-sensitive adhesive microdevice fabrication for sequence-specific capture and fluorescence detection of sepsis-related bacterial plasmid gene sequences
10:45 AMKei WebberRyan Kelly
High-throughput Single-cell Proteomics through Creative Autosamplers
11:00 AMChao PangAdam Woolley
Robert Davis
Bottom-up Fabrication of DNA-templated Transistors and Their Characterization
11:15 AMNathaniel AxtellRyan Kelly
Reducing Sample Input Requirements for Targeted Proteomics to Facilitate Clinical Translation
11:30 AMJacob NieslenAdam Woolley
Analysis or Preterm Birth Biomarkers Using Solid Phase Extraction and On-Chip Fluorescent Labeling and Electrophoresis
11:45 AMThy TruongRyan Kelly
Improving the nanoPOTS platform for single-cell proteomics
12:00 PMJoule EseneAdam Woolley
3D-printed microfluidic device with integrated valves and vacuum for preterm birth risk assessment (PTB) using electrophoresis separation
12:15 PMYiran LiangRyan Kelly
High-throughput Single Cell Proteomics Using Isobaric Labeling

Chem & Biochem # 2A - organic (graduate)

Chair: Merritt Andrus
Judge: Steve Castle
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJatinder SinghSteven Castle
Exploring New Horizons in Iminyl Radical Cyclizations
08:30 AMPeter MpaataMerritt Andrus
Steven Castle
Josh Price
Richard Watt
Utility of Oxazolidinone Guided Styryl Intramolecular Diels-Alder (ISDA) Reaction in Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Anticancer Agent Deoxypodophyllotoxin and its Analogues
08:45 AMReuben DassMatt Peterson
Synthesis and Optimization of Novel pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines With Selective Activity Against RTKs JAK1-JH2 and VPS34
09:00 AMJacob ParkmanDavid Michaelis
A Novel Approch in Computing Non-Native Polypeptides Stuctures
09:15 AMDaniel JoaquinSteven Castle
Impact of Modified Dehydroamino Acids on the Structure and Stability of Incipient 310 Helical Peptides
09:30 AMAdam WaymentDavid Michaelis
Helical Peptides as a Scaffold for Cooperative Catalysis in a Conjugate Addition Reaction
09:45 AMDiego MoyaSteven Castle
Synthesis of Yaku\'amide A analogues
10:00 AMKelton ForsonDavid Michaelis
Novel Rhodium Catalyst for the Hydroamination of Allenes

Chem & Biochem # 2B - organic (graduate)

Chair: Steve Castle
Judge: Merritt Andrus
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMErin MartinezDavid Michaelis
Bimetallic Cooperativity with a 2-phosphinoimidazole-derived Pd(II) Dimer Enables Naphthalene Synthesis via Dimeric Pd(III) Catalysis
10:45 AMConcordia LoSteven Castle
Convergent Total Synthesis of Yaku’amide A
11:00 AMKimberlee SternJosh Price
Investigating the Generalizability of a Trend of Thermodynamic Stability in Helix Bundle Peptide Model Systems
11:15 AMAlexander RamosSteven Castle
11:30 AMJD SingletonMatt Peterson
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 3,6-Disubstituted Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines: Novel Heterocycles with Promising Anticancer Activities In Vitro
11:45 AMMariur Rodriguez MorenoDavid Michaelis
2-Phospinoimidazole-derivated Pd(I) dimer catalysts for Buchwald-Hartwig amination reactions
12:00 PMJeshurun SmallSteven Castle
The Unitization of Iminyl Radical Cyclization in the Formation of Pyrrole Rings with Application in Total Synthesis
12:15 PMTianyao MengPaul Savage
Synthesis of Oligosaccharides of Streptococcus pneumoniae Serotype 6B

Chem & Biochem # 3A - physical (graduate)

Chair: Eric Sevy
Judge: Jeremy Johnson
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAldair AlejandroJeremy Johnson
Eric Sevy
Modeling Ultrafast Anharmonic Vibrational Coupling in Gas-Phase Fluorobenzene Molecules
08:30 AMNick PrestwichEric Sevy
Vibration Assignments of Substituted Benzenes
08:45 AMKyle ClarkMatt Asplund
Daniel Ess
David Michaelis
Density Functional and Coupled Cluster Theory Analysis of Heterodinuclear-Catalyzed Vinylstannylation
09:00 AMMichael DavenportDaniel Ess
DFT Study of Spin Crossover During Fe-Mediated Ethylene C-H Activation
09:15 AMLuther WangJames Harper
Modeling Small Differences in Solids with N15 Chemical Shift Tensors
09:30 AMJosh WheelerDaniel Ess
Density Functional Theory Analysis of the Energy Landscapes and Kinetic Isotope Effects for W and Mo Phenyl Hydride Reductive Elimination
09:45 AMSHANE DRAKEJames Patterson
Sub-nanomolarity Detection of Bioanalytes by Preconcentration and Limiting Medium Interference Signal
10:00 AM

Chem & Biochem # 3B - materials (graduate)

Chair: Jeremy Johnson
Judge: Adam Woolley
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBrittany KnightonJeremy Johnson
Two-dimensional THz Spectroscopy of Multiferroic BiFeO3
10:45 AMBasu AryalAdam Woolley
Annealing of DNA Origami-Templated Gold and Tellurium Nanorods Coated with a High Heat Resistance Polymer to Fabricate Metal-Semiconductor Junctions
11:00 AMGiovanna PopeScott Burt
Characterizing the Turbostratic Disorder in COF-5 with NMR Crystallography
11:15 AMDulashani R RanasingheAdam Woolley
Seeding, Plating and Electrical Characterization of Gold Nanowires Formed on Self-Assembled DNA Nanotubes
11:30 AMClayton MossJeremy Johnson
2D THz Studies of High-Mobility Semiconductors
11:45 AMHans AndersonKara Stowers
Thermal Treatment of Metal Organic Framework Thin Films
12:00 PMAlexandra LarsonDavid Michaelis
Phosphinoimidazole Ligands for Palladium-Catalyzed Suzuki Reactions of Aryl Chlorides
12:15 PMMegan NielsonJeremy Johnson
2D Spectroscopy on Beta Barium Borate

Chem & Biochem # 4A - biochem (graduate)

Chair: Barry Willardson
Judge: Brad Naylor
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMYujin KwonBarry Willardson
Characterizing a novel regulator of G protein signaling from the SARS-CoV-2 proteome
08:30 AMNaomi FlindtRichard Watt
Furin Inhibition, a Potential Cancer Treatment
08:45 AMJonard ValdozPam Van Ry
Soluble matrix protein promotes organ-like growth in 3D suspension
09:00 AMSara SoleimaniJames Moody
Structural characterization of the TELSAM-DARPin protein complex
09:15 AMEranga Roshan Balasooriya Loku BalasooriyageJoshua Andersen
UBA-ubiquitin mediated activation mechanism of oncogenic ACK1
09:30 AMNathan ZunigaJ.C. Price
Dietary Protein to Carbohydrate ratio impacts concentration and turnover rate of ribosomal proteins
09:45 AMTyler BensonWalter Paxton
pH-Responsive Fatty Acid Vesicles Modified Through Enzyme Catalysis
10:00 AM

Chem & Biochem # 4B - biochem (graduate)

Chair: Barry Willardson
Judge: Brad Naylor
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMRusty DentonJ.C. Price
Progress towards Developing a Brain Lipidome Metabolism Workflow
10:45 AMShelby HarrisRichard Watt
Furin as a target for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
11:00 AMParag GajjarJames Moody
Structural characterization of the hydrogenase maturase protein complex
11:15 AMDallin ScottWalter Paxton
Characterizing and optimizing carbohydrate fuel cell by quartz crystal microbalance and electrochemistry
11:30 AMRebecca BurlettJ.C. Price
Targeted Analysis of Proteome Turnover in the Mouse Brain
11:45 AMAshley ChangPam Van Ry
Testing Therapeutic Dosages for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Chem & Biochem # 5A - biochem (graduate)

Chair: David Hansen
Judge: John Price
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMSteven ChristiansenRichard Watt
How Glutathione and Homocysteine Modulate Iron Metabolism During Oxidative Stress
08:30 AMTheresa SmithBarry Willardson
Investigating how SARS-CoV-2 hijacks the host cell chaperone system
08:45 AMJosh TsengJames Moody
A Radical Cyclization Reaction Catalyzed by a Computationally Redesigned Radical SAM Enzyme
09:00 AMHsien-Jung Lavender LinJ.C. Price
A Novel Assay using Iodination To track changes of protein fold stability of human serum proteins in proteome
09:15 AMMary VallecilloPam Van Ry
Treatment with galectin-1 modulates NFk-B pathway and improves membrane repair in dysferlin-deficient models
09:30 AMAndikan NwosuRyan Kelly
Spatially resolved proteome profiling of FFPE tissues
09:45 AMTrevor GodfreyRichard Watt
Cellulose Oxidized Materials in Bio-diagnostic Tests
10:00 AM

Chem & Biochem # 5B - biochemistry

Chair: John Price
Judge: David Hansen
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMIsabella JamesJ.C. Price
The Folding Stability of Serotransferrin
10:45 AMCollin NelsonBarry Willardson
Inhibition of Molecular Chaperones in Cancer Cells
11:00 AMEthan SmithJ.C. Price
Analysis of Ribosomal Protein Turnover via Heavy Isotope Labeling and Mass Spectrometry
11:15 AMBraydan BezzantJames Moody
TELSAM-target protein fusions can form diffraction-quality crystals without direct inter-polymer contacts
11:30 AMLorenzo MartinezPaul Savage
Carbohydrate-based vaccine of Staphylococcus aureus 8
11:45 AMSeth GarfieldPam Van Ry
Methods of electronic microscopy for use in studying limb girdle muscular dystrophy and the Galectin-1 treatment.
12:00 PMAlexis GardnerRichard Watt
Effect of Nelfinavir on Markers of Inflammation in Breast Cancer
12:15 PMRiley EastmondJoshua Andersen
Regulation of the Stabilization and Degradation of Prostate Tumor Overexpressed I

Chem & Biochem # 6A - biochemistry

Chair: Joshua Andersen
Judge: Grant Ludlam
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMSydney JohnsonWalter Paxton
Reconstitution of Bacteriorhodposin
08:30 AMShi LiangJames Moody
The interaction of Hydrogenase E, G, and F and the Maturation of Hydrogenase [Fe-Fe] Cluster
08:45 AMKeegan PitchfordBarry Willardson
Role of Chaperonin-Containing Tailless Complex Polypeptide 1 (CCT) In Assembly of SARS-CoV-2 Polymerase
09:00 AMJoshua YoungsJoshua Andersen
The regulation of ATG9A-mediated autophagy by an ULK1-independent ATG13-ATG101 sub-complex
09:15 AMDean SlocumPam Van Ry
An Innovative Treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
09:30 AMNoah MoranJ.C. Price
Isolation and Preparation of Ribosomal Constituents
09:45 AMRachel GillespieDavid Michaelis
Effects of Ketones on Brain Function
10:00 AMJacob LuddingtonPam Van Ry
Galectin-1 therapeutic dose for LGMD2B in the BLAJ mouse model

Chem & Biochem # 6B - biochemistry

Chair: Ryan Kelly
Judge: Theresa Smith
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMKen VirginJ.C. Price
In Situ Lipid Analysis in Alzheimer Mouse Brain Model
10:45 AMBridger WoodsJames Moody
Bacterial three-hybrid system for directed evolution of enzymes
11:00 AMEthan CarterBarry Willardson
Probing the Gβγ-Nsp7 Interaction
11:15 AMAna MedellinRichard Watt
Effect of Nelfinavir on MCF7 Cells
11:30 AMKimberly WagstaffJ.C. Price
Diet Effect on Ribosomal Maintenance
11:45 AMKatherine McCormackJoshua Andersen
Improvement in 14-3-3 Binding Site Prediction
12:00 PMRebekah YiPaul Savage
Stem Cell Migration
12:15 PMBenjamin JohnsonPam Van Ry
Lung Organoid Culture with Perfusable Vasculature

Chem & Biochem # 7A - biochemistry

Chair: Steven Wood
Judge: Colton McEwan
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDaniel HartWalter Paxton
pH Responsive Poly(ethylene oxide)-Poly(methyl acrylate)
08:30 AMBrandon HemeyerPam Van Ry
Effects of soluble ECM in the formation of a lung-like lumina in a triculture
08:45 AMJoseph BohmanBarry Willardson
Measuring Folding in the CCT:Gβ5 Complex
09:00 AMGrant FlindtRichard Watt
Reduction of Cancer Cell Viability through Furin Inhibition
09:15 AMDerick BunnJames Moody
Functionality of Radical TELSAM Enzymes in Protein Crystallography
09:30 AMWilliam ThompsonJ.C. Price
Protein Fractionation and Alzheimer\'s Disease
09:45 AM
10:00 AMPreston HumphriesWalter Paxton
Carbohydrate Fuel Cells with Tethered Electrocatalysts: Effects from Catalyst and Carbohydrate Structures

Chem & Biochem # 7B - biochemistry

Chair: Ken Christensen
Judge: Colton McEwan
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMNicholas FranksPam Van Ry
Vascularization in Lung Organoids
10:45 AMJacob ParkerRichard Watt
The Role of Furin in Iron Homeostasis
11:00 AMChad QuillingJ.C. Price
Progress in generating lipidomic synthesis and degradation rates though modification of existing software
11:15 AMEmily GardnerPaul Savage
Nasal Splint Antibiotic Coatings
11:30 AMKristina KohlerJoshua Andersen
Potential Roles of TNK1 in Innate Cancer Immunity and Autophagy
11:45 AMHolden KellyJ.C. Price
Analyzing Kinetic Changes in Mice Brains
12:00 PMChristian ArnoldPam Van Ry
Galectin-1 Treatment in LGMD2B
12:15 PMEthan DodsonPam Van Ry
Modeling Cancer Metastasis in Lung Organoids

Chem & Biochem # 8A - biochemistry

Chair: Josh Price
Judge: John Johanson
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMTessa LarsenPaul Savage
CSA Pacemaker Envelope
08:30 AMTrent JohnsonWalter Paxton
Controlling the Surface Charge of Hybrid Lipid/Polymer Vesicles
08:45 AMDaniel PoulsonPam Van Ry
Galectin-1 as a therapeutic for LGMD2B
09:00 AMPreston SmithRichard Watt
COVID-19 Saliva Lateral Flow Tests
09:15 AMDavid ParkinsonJ.C. Price
Increased Protein Coverage Using Weak-anion Exchange Chromatography as a Precursor to Mass Spectrometry Analysis
09:30 AMBraden KartchnerPam Van Ry
Probing for Upregulation of Gal-1 in Dysferlin-deficient Models
09:45 AMElliot SherrenPaul Savage
Ceragenin Efficacy in Coatings
10:00 AMJi Sun ParkJ.C. Price
Measurement of folding stability of the TTR protein

Chem & Biochem # 8B - biochemistry

Chair: Paul Savage
Judge: Josh Price
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTanner HeatonPaul Savage
Synthesis and activity of CSA-148
10:45 AMMaren KenisonPam Van Ry
Scan Analysis and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Therapeutic Delivery Methods
11:00 AMEsteban ColmanRichard Watt
Furin Inhibition As a Treatment For Various Diseases
11:15 AMKendell WhitePaul Savage
Development of anti-glycan vaccines against Streptococcus pneumoniae
11:30 AMAnna EverettJordan Yorgason (Life Sciences)
Exploration of Michaelis-Menten kinetics of the dopamine transporter in the striatum using iontophoresis
11:45 AMKatie BrownJ.C. Price
The Effects of Diet on Ribosome Makeup and Maintenance
12:00 PMAndrew CohenRichard Watt
Simple, Empowering SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Testing
12:15 PMAaron ZauggPaul Savage
Ceragenins, LL-37, and Bone Repair

Chem & Biochem # 9A - analytical

Chair: Daniel Mortensen
Judge: Jeffrey Macedone
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCallum FlowerdayJaron Hansen
Steven Graves
Experimental Study of the Kinetics of Particle Formation
08:30 AMBecky McDowellMatthew Linford
Silica fluidized-bed reactor
08:45 AMAlexis BarrettSteven Goates
Insulin Determination by SERS
09:00 AMNaomi DebaeneDaniel Austin
A Verified Simulation Method for Image Charge Detection with Non-cylindrical Electrodes
09:15 AMSara SchenkJaron Hansen
The Role of Caldicellulosiruptor bescii as a Predigestion Mechanism in Carbon Conversion Efficiency
09:30 AMJoseph CiconRoger Harrison
Characterization of Resorcinarene Aggregates
09:45 AMCollin JacobsenMatthew Linford
Building an Apparatus for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) on Capillary Tubes
10:00 AMJoshua WeatherfordJ.C. Price
Robotics within Protein Folding

Chem & Biochem # 9B - analytical

Chair: Steven Goates
Judge: Matt Linford
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSamuel ParryAdam Woolley
Microfluidic Immunoaffinity Extraction of Preterm Birth Predictor Biomarkers
10:45 AMTucker BatemanJaron Hansen
Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure by Pre-digestion with an Anaerobic Thermophile
11:00 AMDavid AkagiMatthew Linford
Carbon Nanofuses in Semiconductor Applications
11:15 AMRoger WoolleyRichard Watt
Fast Flow Immunoassay System for Simple Point of Care Diagnostics
11:30 AMEvan ChadwickSteven Goates
Heat Gradient Application in Solvating Gas Chromatography
11:45 AMLindsey DaemsJaron Hansen
Quantifying C. bescii\'s Secreted Proteins During Biowaste Pre-Digestion
12:00 PMAlex ReedMatthew Linford
XPS Peak Fitting
12:15 PM

Chem & Biochem # 10A - bio-analytical

Chair: Ken Christensen
Judge: Ryan Kelly
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKaitlynn MitchellAdam Woolley
Multiplex Capture of DNA Targets on a Monolith Column in PMMA Devices
08:30 AMJacob DavisRyan Kelly
Katana - an autosampler
08:45 AMNicholas ChartrandKenneth Christensen
Development of a 3D Printed Cell Chemotaxis Assay
09:00 AMPeyton BishopRyan Kelly
NanoPOTS and Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry to Determine Erythrocyte Age
09:15 AMElaine LazaldeAdam Woolley
Magnetic Bead Capture and Fluorescence Detection of DNA Related to Antibiotic Resistance in Sepsis
09:30 AMRonald A ZegarraKenneth Christensen
Multiplex flow cytometry Assay
09:45 AMJansen EngelbrechtAdam Woolley
Melting Temperature Differences in Blood Clotting Gene Mutation
10:00 AMFletcher SmithRyan Kelly
Optimizing NanoLC Column Preparation Techniques for Single-Cell Proteomics

Chem & Biochem # 10B - bio-analytical

Chair: Walter Paxton
Judge: Daniel Mortensen
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSebastian ZapataRyan Kelly
Automation for High-Throughput Single-Cell Proteomics
10:45 AMKaryna HowellAdam Woolley
Immunoaffinity Extraction of Thrombin Anti-Thrombin in 3D-printed Microfluidic Devices
11:00 AMJared SimmonsRyan Kelly
3D-Printing for Applications in Single-Cell Proteomics
11:15 AMConnor RoperKenneth Christensen
Integrated 3D Printed Microfluidic Devices for Hydrogel-based Cell Invasion Assays
11:30 AMSeth WhiteRyan Kelly
Single Cell Picking Automation
11:45 AMMadalyn OsterhausKenneth Christensen
Utilizing kinetic flow cytometry to analyze kinetoplastid metabolism in Trypanosoma brucei
12:00 PMBrianna SmithAdam Woolley
Optimization of Fluorescent Labeling of Preterm Birth Biomarkers in 3D Printed Microfluidic Devices
12:15 PMSamuel SquiresRyan Kelly
Optimization of Sample Preparation Technique for Single Cell Proteomics

Chem & Biochem # 11A - inorganic

Chair: Roger Harrison
Judge: David Michaelis
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKate PetersenDavid Michaelis
Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction Using Aryl Chlorides
08:30 AMAbigail BartholomewRoger Harrison
Chiral Recognition Using Cavitands
08:45 AMKatrina LuceDavid Michaelis
Slow Releasing Gibberellic Acid Polymers
09:00 AMBenjamin BohmanDavid Michaelis
The Unique Reactivity of a Bi-Rhodium Catalyst
09:15 AMWhitney JonesDavid Michaelis
Seed Coating Technology
09:30 AMMaureen CartwrightDavid Michaelis
Innovative Seed Coatings Containing GA3
09:45 AMTrevan AsayRoger Harrison
Synthesis of an Arginine Cavitand
10:00 AMRachel OwensDavid Michaelis
The Space Molecule

Chem & Biochem # 11B - inorganic

Chair: David Michaelis
Judge: Roger Harrison
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSydney FullerDavid Michaelis
Suzuki-Miyaura Cross Coupling of Aryl Chlorides
10:45 AMColin SmithKara Stowers
Ceria Doped Catalysts in ODH Production of Ethylene
11:00 AMconnor barlowDavid Michaelis
Terahertz Generating Crystals
11:15 AMCaleb BarksdaleDavid Michaelis
Development of Substrate Scope for Buchwald-Hartwig Amination Using a Novel Pd(I) Dimer Catalyst
11:30 AMRhen DavisDavid Michaelis
Bimetallic catalysis of heterocycles from allene substrates
11:45 AMJoshua DaumRoger Harrison
Aggregation of Glutamic Resorcinarenes
12:00 PMBrittan HunterDavid Michaelis
New Yellow Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystals for THz Generation
12:15 PMChris BaldwinRoger Harrison
Quantification and Chiral Recognition of PFAS Using Novel L-Arginine Resorcinarene Cavitand Stationary Phase in Ion Chromatography

Chem & Biochem # 12A - organic

Chair: Todd Bronson
Judge: Shenglou Deng
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCourtney DawesSteven Castle
Stabilization of Peptides by Incorporation of Dehydroamino Acids
08:30 AMEmma StevensPaul Savage
Pseudaminic Acid Derivative
08:45 AMDakota JonesSteven Castle
Microwave-Promoted Iminyl Radical Cyclizations to form Complex Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles
09:00 AMHarrison TrumanMerritt Andrus
Synthesis of Chiral and Achiral Acetamide Intermediates
09:15 AMGavin MorrisPaul Savage
Carbohydrate Based Vaccines for SA-5 and SA-8 Infection Treatment
09:30 AMPaul MikaMerritt Andrus
Preparation of Hydrazones for cyclopropanation reactions
09:45 AMTyson MorrisPaul Savage
Synthesis of Distal Sugar in Trisaccharide for the Development of Carbohydrate-based Vaccines
10:00 AMAustin LeSueurSteven Castle
Synthesis of Hexafluoro Dehydrovaline

Chem & Biochem # 12B - organic

Chair: Shenglou Deng
Judge: Joshua Andersen
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTanner NelsonSteven Castle
Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles via Microwave-Promoted Radical Cyclization
10:45 AMShawn GublerPaul Savage
Synthesis and Immunostimulatory Activity of Pentasaccharide Repeating Unit of R. Gnavus
11:00 AMAlexander CampMerritt Andrus
Oxazolidinone Guided Asymmetric Synthesis of Anticancer Agent Deoxypodophyllotoxin
11:15 AMJoel ChristophersonPaul Savage
Large Scale Synthesis of CSA-255 to be Used as an Application in Sutures
11:30 AMAlexander DaumRoger Harrison
Glutamic Acid Based Resorcinarenes
11:45 AMNathan SteeleMerritt Andrus
Synthetic Utility of a Chiral Acetamide
12:00 PMAkwasi Ansah AntwiPaul Savage
Synthesis of trisaccharide repeating unit of polysaccharide from Staphylococcus aureus 8 for development of carbohydrate-based vaccine
12:15 PMTaylor TalentinoSteven Castle
Investigation into New Serine Ligation Method

Chem & Biochem # 13A - materials

Chair: Jim Harper
Judge: Maliheh Tameh
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBruce Wayne PalmerDavid Michaelis
08:30 AMClaire RaderJeremy Johnson
Combining Terahertz Pulses
08:45 AMAsami EhlertAdam Woolley
Fine-tuning the Synthesis of Gold and Tellurium Nanowires
09:00 AMMaren RawlinsKara Stowers
Effect of Varying Concentrations on MOF Crystal Formation
09:15 AMJoel WoolleyJeremy Johnson
Terahertz Frequency Nonlinear Electron Dynamics in Gallium Arsenide and Germanium
09:30 AMCaleb TinsleyRoger Harrison
Impregnation of Zeolites with Zinc Oxide for Sulfur Absorption
09:45 AMNatalie GreenJeremy Johnson
David Michaelis
Narrowband Terahertz Generation Setup with Tunable Center Frequency
10:00 AMJoseph WilsonBrian Woodfield
Thermogravimetric Analysis of Layered Double Hydroxides

Chem & Biochem # 13B - organic

Chair: Matt Peterson
Judge: Isaac Smith
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSamuel MansfieldSteven Castle
Synthesis of Peptides containing Novel Dehydroamino Acid Residues
10:45 AMMorgan CoombsDavid Michaelis
Helical Peptides Backbones to Mimic Enzymatic Activity in Catalysis
11:00 AMJaden BarfussSteven Castle
Synthesis of Dehydroamino Acid-containing peptides by Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis
11:15 AMNicholas DalleyJosh Price
Generalizing a Thermodynamic Stability Trend in Dimer, Trimer, and Tetramer Model Systems.
11:30 AMparker JarmanDavid Michaelis
Peptide backbone augmented catalysis
11:45 AMZachary JonesJosh Price
Developing Criteria to Stabilize Coiled Coil Systems via PEG Stapling
12:00 PMJoseph ChanthakhounSteven Castle
Synthesis of Dehydrophenylalanine-incorporated Peptides
12:15 PMDallin AshtonJosh Price
Expanding the Scope of the Interhelical PEG Staple in Peptide Stabilization

Chem & Biochem # 14A - materials

Chair: Stacey Smith
Judge: Shusen Chen
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMZac ZaccardiDavid Michaelis
Research into crystal growth methods
08:30 AMDaisy HarmonJeremy Johnson
Difference Frequency Generation With Organic Crystals
08:45 AMRobert EllisKara Stowers
Ammonia Borane Hydrolysis via Cu and Ni MOF catalysts on GO
09:00 AMJosue DominguezJeremy Johnson
2D Terahertz Spectroscopy
09:15 AMKelsey HeatonBrian Woodfield
ZIF-8 MOF and SC-XRD Study
09:30 AMMatthew LutzJeremy Johnson
David Michaelis
Optimization of Damage Threshold for Terahertz Generating Crystals
09:45 AMBenjamin KarlinseyRoger Harrison
Impregnation of Zeolite with ZnO for the Sorption of Hydrogen Sulphide.
10:00 AMPeter RosenBrian Woodfield
Thermodynamic Evidence of Gas-Induced Structural Changes in Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework 8

Chem & Biochem # 14B - materials

Chair: Matt Asplund
Judge: Justin Kirkland
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMEmma NelsonJeremy Johnson
Eric Sevy
Internal Energy Transfer Between Vibrational Modes
10:45 AMSpencer ShumwayBrian Woodfield
Heat capacity of Zeolite Na-A at varying levels of hydration.
11:00 AMCoriantumr WaymentDavid Michaelis
Synthesis of Terahertz Producing Organic Crystals
11:15 AMAlexa UrreaJeremy Johnson
Pam Van Ry
Terahertz Bioimaging
11:30 AMPaige PetersenDavid Michaelis
Synthesis of Terahertz Generating Crystals
11:45 AMLindsey AlderKara Stowers
Copper and nickel based MOF catalysts in AB hydrolysis reaction
12:00 PMGrace NeilsenBrian Woodfield
Water and Cation Relocation Observed in RHO Zeolites through Heat Capacity Measurements
12:15 PMDallin ArnoldJeremy Johnson
Identifying Biomarkers of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Using THz-TDS

Chem & Biochem # 15A - physical

Chair: James Patterson
Judge: Bo Yang
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMLauren DavisJeremy Johnson
Predicting 2D THz Spectra with First-Principles Calculations
08:30 AMSavannah PorterDavid Dearden
3 Positive Charges on Cucurbiturils
08:45 AMNathan MorganDaniel Ess
Quantum-Chemical Calculations Reveal New Mechanism in Aza-Quasi-Favorskii Rearrangement
09:00 AMJacob NicholsJames Patterson
Studying Polymer Structure with Nonlinear Optics
09:15 AMSamuel HimesDavid Michaelis
Calculating the Transition State of Palladium Bimetallic Catalyzed Reactions
09:30 AMEmma CarlsenJames Patterson
Non-Linear Optical Characterization of Polymorph Crystalline Forms
09:45 AMBrett SorensenDaniel Ess
Quantum-Chemical Study of Iodine-Induced Methane C-N Functionalization
10:00 AM

Chem & Biochem # 15B - physical

Chair: Randy Shirts
Judge: James Patterson
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSpencer JohnsonDavid Dearden
Determining Energy Barriers for the Extraction of Halide Anions from Cucurbit[5]uril
10:45 AMTaylor NielsonDaniel Ess
Development and application of a Python program for automated transition state searching
11:00 AMMadison RhoadesEric Sevy
Comparison of Vibrational State Density to Energy in Fluorobenzene to Determine Gateway Modes
11:15 AMGabriel MeyerJames Patterson
Use of Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy to Correlate Molecular Changes with Physical Properties of HDPE
11:30 AMNicole IssacEric Sevy
Collisional Energy Transfer in Collisions Between Pyrazine and N2O
11:45 AMMatthew TeynorDaniel Ess
Milo: A Python Program for Quasiclassical Direct Dynamics with Solvent
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Computer Science #1A

Chair: Evan Child
Judge: Sean Warnick
Judge: Xinru Page
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBerkeley AndrusNancy Fulda
Simulating User Interactions in Online Communities of Creators
08:30 AMAlden HiltonCasey Deccio
Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Remedying the NXNS Attack via Large-Scale Notifications
08:45 AMJoseph Clark
Kevin Seppi
Automatic Metalearning Pipeline Metadata Generation
09:00 AMDaniel Ekpo

David Wingate
Holodeck: A High-Fidelity Simulator for Reinforcement Learning
09:15 AMFranklin YuanKent Seamons
Intel SGX Lightning Tour
09:30 AMSterling Long
Frank Jones
The Purposeful Gaming Framework
09:45 AMJoseph BillsDennis Ng
Matching Autistic Adults with Employers
10:00 AMMichael HollandBryan Morse
Project OPAL AI

Computer Science # 1B

Chair: Jered Skousen
Judge: Kent Seamons
Judge: Christopher Archibald
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSara BerriosXinru Page
Privacy and Social Media
10:45 AMSamuel Giraud-CarrierSeth Holladay
Retiming Volumetric Simulation Using Machine Learning
11:00 AMBogdan MukhametkalievSean Warnick
Efficiency and Speed in High-Frequency Directional Trading
11:15 AMBen Cullen

Nancy Fulda
Dynamic Knowledge Graphs for Enhanced Story Generation
11:30 AMShaylee Kartchner

Ryan Farrell
Edge AI: Monitoring Populations with a Network of Visual and Acoustic Sensors
11:45 AMBrandon SchoenfeldKevin Seppi
Metalearning by Exploiting Granular Machine Learning Pipeline Metadata
12:00 PMConor SearingSeth Holladay
Parris Egbert
Building a Breakable City
12:15 PMNathan Driggs

Xinru Page
Nancy Fulda
Observing cross-cultural privacy on social media platforms between the United States and India by finding differences in social relationships

Computer Science # 2A

Chair: Steve Summers
Judge: Seth Holladay
Judge: Ryan Farrell
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMichael WhitneyBryan Morse
Parameter Selection of Classic Computer Vision Algorithms Using Deep Learning
08:30 AMNathaniel RobinsonNancy Fulda
Towards Neural Programming Interfaces
08:45 AMDerek BenhamChris Archibald
Learning to Communicate: Adapting Language Models in Codenames
09:00 AMMatt Christensen
Eric Mercer
Daniel Zappala
Formal Verification of TLS Properties in the Secure Socket API
09:15 AMLevesson De Oliveira BatistaDennis Ng
“Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”: Analyzing Emotional Traits on Children Books
09:30 AMTarun Kumar YadavKent Seamons
FIDO2 Hardware Security Key: Attacks and Defenses
09:45 AMSean FlynnParris Egbert
Techniques for Artist-Friendly Fluid Simulation in the Entertainment Production Environment
10:00 AMDavid HartBryan Morse
Parris Egbert
Fast Seam Carving

Computer Science # 2B

Chair: test
Judge: Dennis Ng
Judge: Kimball Germane
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMRiki Kuniyuki-Hirahara

Seth Holladay
Streamlining Character Animation
10:45 AMMichael DeBuseSean Warnick
Automated Plot Extraction and the Visualization of Story Flow
11:00 AMMeredith Von Feldt
Michael Jones
What is Outdoors
11:15 AMSpring Cullen
Xinru Page
Affordances of Social Media for Individuals with Autism
11:30 AMJenika Wimmer

Seth Holladay
BYU Animation 2021 Senior Film: Stowaway
11:45 AMJacob KullbergParris Egbert
Lego Creation: Using Deep Learning to create 3D Models
12:00 PMXin Zhao
Mark Transtrum
Sean Warnick
Kent Gee
Crowd Noises Classification
12:15 PMJohn DamonSeth Holladay
The Simulation of Oceans in Computer Graphics

Computer Science # 3A

Judge: Mike Jones
Judge: Angela Jones
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMGarrett SmithKent Seamons
Simplifying the 2FA Setup Process through Automation
08:30 AMPuneet Jain
Mike Goodrich
Solving the Best-M-of-N Problem with Swarms using Graph-based DTMCs
08:45 AMSiqi GaoDennis Ng
A Personalized Book Recommender System for Teenagers
09:00 AMNathan TibbettsNancy Fulda
Introducing GridTrees for Data Visualization and File Explorers
09:15 AMJames ConnersDaniel Zappala
Let’s Authenticate
09:30 AMNatalie Farnsworth

Daniel Zappala
Implementation of the Let’s Authenticate Project
09:45 AMJoseph Corey

Xinru Page
Mediation Tactics for Social Media Use of People on the Autism Spectrum
10:00 AMXuan CaoMike Goodrich
Jacob Crandall
Eric Mercer
Computing Agent Competency In First Order Markov Processes

Computer Science # 3B

Judge: Mark Clement
Judge: Phil Windley
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMOrion WellerKevin Seppi
Exploring the Relationship Between Algorithm Performance, Vocabulary, and Run-Time in Text Classification
10:45 AMTess Mika
Xinru Page
Reducing Psychosocial Barriers to Social Media Use
11:00 AMMatthew Walker

Seth Holladay
Improving Technologies in Animated Films
11:15 AMJacob DavisCasey Deccio
A Peek Into the DNS Cookie Jar: An Analysis of DNS Cookie Use
11:30 AMAnthony HallParris Egbert
Pointwise Monte Carlo Solutions to Physical Differential Equations in Computer Graphics.
11:45 AMAlyssa Crezee

Sean Warnick
Dissecting Plot Through Artificial Intelligence
12:00 PMBeth Morrell

Seth Holladay
Big Monster in the Big City: Using Art and Technology to Solve Visual Problems for BYU Animation’s Latest Video Game Character
12:15 PMMatt PopeJonathan Sillito
Quartermaster: A Tool for Modeling and Simulating System Degradation

Computer Science # 4B

Chair: Brian Hill
Judge: Tony Martinez
Judge: Paul Roper
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDaniel Ekpo
Ryan Farrell
Correspondence with a Blindfold: Unsupervised Discovery of Kinetic Parts
10:34 AMElliot LaytonMark Clement
The Debilitating Process of NER
10:38 AMLexi DeloreyDavid Wingate
Learning about Neural Nets and PyTorch
10:42 AMChris Sypherd
David Wingate
New Baselines for RL Research
10:46 AMIsrael LopezMike Goodrich
Swarms Simulator
10:50 AMJoseph SteedMark Clement
Continuous Integration and Delivery with Monitoring for Researchers Using Cloud Infrastructure
10:54 AMBenjamin WintersEric Mercer
Towards verifying SHA256 in OpenSSL with the Software Analysis Workbench
10:58 AMJc WhiteFrank Jones
Virtual Reality Keyboard Speed and Comfort Improvements
11:02 AMAdam WarnickMark Clement
Named Entity Recognition Applications to Family History
11:06 AMTrevin AveryCasey Deccio
Identifying DNS Server OSes With Random Port Selections
11:10 AMAadesh NeupaneMike Goodrich
Goal based decomposition of Linear Temporal Logic to Behavior Trees
11:14 AMBen ZobristFrank Jones
Typing Mandarin with DOTKey on iOS
11:18 AMHazar HandalNancy Fulda
Harnessing Accurate Bias
11:22 AMCorban AndersonMark Clement
Machine Learning Techniques on French Record Datasets and United States 1940 Census Records
11:26 AMAndrew Pulsipher
Jacob Crandall
Junior High Game: Unifying Concepts of the Social Sciences
11:30 AMMomoka MatsushitaNancy Fulda
Emotion Classification Using BERT
11:34 AMBrandon SouthwickMark Clement
Reconfiguring Wheel of Family Fortune
11:38 AMMichael HoweCasey Deccio
Self-test Security
11:42 AMAllison LambertDavid Wingate
Cervical Cancer Detection in Whole Slide Images with a CNN
11:46 AMTaylor EnglishMark Clement
Fixing Something Old and Gaining New Skills
11:50 AMPaul SpencerKent Seamons
Simplifying 2FA through Automation
11:54 AMBradley TaylorCasey Deccio
Exploratory Research on Anomalous DNS Behavior
11:58 AMAdam Teuscher
Ryan Farrell
Have Fun Storming the Castle(s)!
12:02 PMTaylor ArchibaldTony Martinez
Towards Inter— Neural Network Communication and Resolution
12:06 PMJacob HarrisMark Clement
Automating Indexing of Genealogical Records
12:10 PMNathaniel BennettCasey Deccio
Email Validation in the Wild
12:14 PMPiper ArmstrongKevin Seppi
Evaluating Understanding
12:18 PMKyle FrazierJonathan Sillito
Summarizing and Simulating Software System Failures
12:22 PMArthur JuddMark Clement
Memri - Social Geneology Networking
12:26 PMRyan Echols

Ryan Farrell
Computational Jigsaw Puzzle Solving
12:30 PMMichael Bronson
Mike Goodrich
Dynamic Infection Resistant Networks
12:34 PMKevin KinneyMark Clement
Implementing Infrastructure as Code
12:38 PMMcKayla KreutzkampXinru Page
The Facebook Privacy Project
12:42 PMPaden Allsup
Jacob Crandall
Human-Robot Interaction and Robot Proficiency

Geological Sciences Session # 1A

Chair: Greg Carling
Judge: Steve Nelson
Judge: Kevin Rey
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBenjamin BartonSteve Nelson
Gradational Weathering of Molokai, Hawaii: Geophysical Study of Hawaiian Lateritic Weathering Profiles
08:30 AMIsaiah SpringSteve Nelson
Mineralogic and chemical analysis of basalt weathering compared to rainfall.
08:45 AMLeeza WellsSteve Nelson
Scanning Electron Microscopy to Evaluate the Attachment of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria to Mineral Surfaces
09:00 AMRichard WilliamsSteve Nelson
Anthropogenic Effects on Eutrophication of Utah Lake, Utah Since European Settlement
09:15 AMRachel DrapeauBarry Bickmore
Improving QXRD Analysis Accuracy through Machine Learning
09:30 AMAaron ReidBarry Bickmore
Automated Phase Subtraction for Quantitative X-ray Diffraction Analysis.
09:45 AMSpencer NelsonBarry Bickmore
Automated Phase Addition for Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction Analysis
10:00 AMAlexa JacksonEric Christiansen
Basalts from the Mountain Home core (MH-2) are distinctive compared to those from the eastern Snake River Plain of southern Idaho

Geological Sciences Session # 1B

Chair: Barry Bickmore
Judge: John McBride
Judge: Josh LeMonte
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAbby MangumRon Harris
Using Dutch Historical Documents and MASW to Assess Seismic Risk in Ambon, Indonesia
10:45 AMRachel WillmoreRon Harris
Chemical analysis of island arc basalts, Banda Neira, Indonesia
11:00 AMTed MorganRon Harris
Data Parameters of Major Earthquake events on the Flores Thrust to Reconstruct Past Seismic Events.
11:15 AMBrierton SharpRon Harris
Identifying Tsunami Deposits in the Indonesian Islands
11:30 AMCameron CordnerGreg Carling
Geochemical characterization of groundwater sources and potential contaminants in a historic mining district, Eureka, UT
11:45 AMMicah MarcyGreg Carling
Rare-earth Element Distribution in Atmospheric Deposition along the Wasatch Front
12:00 PMAlyssa PopeGreg Carling
Analyzing spring water for possible mercury contamination in the East Tintic Mining District, Eureka, UT
12:15 PMJoshua LeavittGreg Carling
Comparing near-surface soil chemistry with spring water and bedrock chemistry of the East Tintic Mountains, UT.
12:30 PMEli LopezJohn McBride
3D Characterization of a Pleistocene Lake Bonneville Spit to serve as an Analog for Large-Scale Lacustrine Deposits

Geological Sciences Session # 2A

Chair: Jani Radebaugh
Judge: Brooks Britt
Judge: Mike Dorais
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMRowan HuangJani Radebaugh
Eric Christiansen
Quantitative Analysis of Caldera Shape on Earth, Mars, and Io
08:30 AMDelaney RoseJani Radebaugh
Dune length, orientation and spacing in the Shangri La Sand Sea, Titan
08:45 AMJonathon SevyJani Radebaugh
Yardangs In The Argentine Puna: Using Dedos And Cap Slopes To Understand Yardang Morphology
09:00 AMBrandon TheurerBrooks Britt
But wait, there’s more!—New osteological details of the forelimb for the Saints & Sinners Quarry (Nugget Sandstone, NE Utah) drepanosaurid
09:15 AMAlan KetringEric Christiansen
Titanite in Pebble Dikes in the East Traverse Mountains, central Utah, and its Implications for intrusive and hydrothermal sequencing in the Little Cottonwood Intrusive complex
09:30 AMPeter Van Katwyk

Sam Hudson
Geochemical Source Rock Analysis of the Mowry Shale in the Wind River and Hannah Basins, WY
09:45 AMJavier MatosMike Dorais
10:00 AMAnnie SmootSam Hudson
Reservoir Characterization of the Cretaceous Nanushuk Formation, North Slope, Alaska through Facies Distribution Analysis

Mathematics Session # 1A

Chair: Blake Barker
Judge: Shue-Sum Chow
Judge: Chris Grant
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMingyan ZhaoBlake Barker
Emily Evans
Web-based Application for Ecological Data Engineering
08:30 AMJake SnowEmily Evans
Blake Barker
Methods for Cleaning and Modifying Wildfire-related Ecological Data
08:45 AMAmber OldroydBlake Barker
Emily Evans
Automating Identification of Extreme Phenomena in Stream Data
09:00 AMMatthew DawBlake Barker
Time Series Data Cleaning and Analysis
09:15 AMHunter LybbertEmily Evans
Blake Barker
Mathfire Research Overview
09:30 AMJalen MorganBlake Barker
Emily Evans
Obtaining Wildfire Perimiters From Satellite Imagery
09:45 AMWalker HughesBlake Barker
Wildfire Perimeter Estimation Through Image Segmentation
10:00 AMTyler JonesBlake Barker
Emily Evans
Modeling Wildfire Spread through Stochastic Agent Based Models

Mathematics Session # 1B

Chair: Emily Evans
Judge: Tyler Jarvis
Judge: Michael Griffin
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJason TullisEmily Evans
John Dallon
Collagen Lattice Modeling Strategies
10:45 AMKelly ChangJohn Dallon
Emily Evans
Modeling Collagen with a Radial-Circumferential Configuration
11:00 AMDaniel PetersonJohn Dallon
Emily Evans
Modeling Biomechanical Collagen and Fibroblast Interactions.
11:15 AMSamuel DaileyEmily Evans
John Dallon
Creating a Working Model for the Biomechanics of Fibroblast Cells in the Extracellular Matrix
11:30 AMNathaniel NeubertJohn Dallon
Emily Evans
How different microstructures impact biopolymer stiffness
11:45 AMTanner HarrisonJennifer Brooks
An Extremal Problem for Homogeneous Polynomials
12:00 PMMikelle RogersEmily Evans
A Comparison of Effective Resistance and Katz Distance for Certain Families of Graphs
12:15 PMReagan HowellLennard Bakker
The N-Body Problem: Hip Hop Orbits
12:30 PMMatthew HagueLennard Bakker
Investigations into orbital regimes using syzygy crossings.

Mathematics Session # 2A

Chair: Ben Webb
Judge: John Dallon
Judge: Scott Glasgow
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMErik HannessonBen Webb
Nontrivial Equitable Partitions: A Hallmark of Real-World Networks
08:30 AMJordan SellersBen Webb
Comparing Equitable Partitions in Theoretical Network Models
08:45 AMEthan WalkerBen Webb
Network Specialization and the Emergence of Synchronizing Communities
09:00 AMJacob MurriBen Webb
Stability of Stochastic Switched Systems
09:15 AMBenson MannerBen Webb
Involving Time Delays in Gradient-Based Optimization Methods
09:30 AMJoseph HendersonBen Webb
Equitable Decompositions and the Fourier Similarity Transform
09:45 AMDarren LundBen Webb
The Undriected and Directed Fourier Similarity Transform
10:00 AMJoseph DrapeauBen Webb
Real Fourier Similarity Transforms

Mathematics Session # 2B

Chair: Michael Dorff
Judge: Xian-Jin Li
Judge: Jared Whitehead
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSamuel CarpenterBen Webb
Modeling Taylors Law with Migration Networks
10:45 AMClark BrownBen Webb
Proof of Taylor’s Law for Exponential Growth Models with Migration
11:00 AMNathaniel CallensBen Webb
Taylor\'s Law holds for an Open Dense set of Migration Networks
11:15 AMJoseph JamiesonBen Webb
Reservoir Computing on the Lorenz Attractor
11:30 AMJoseph WilkesBen Webb
Reservoir Computing Optimization on the Lorenz Attractor
11:45 AMIsaac Becker PardoBen Webb
DynamicRobot Estimation Using Reservoir Computer Networks
12:00 PMJonathan HaleVianey Villamizar
Iterative Numerical Method for Multiple Scattering
12:15 PMDylan ParkDavid Cardon
Real-Rooted Solutions of Differential-Difference Equation
12:30 PM

Mathematics Session # 3A

Chair: Curtis Kent
Judge: Stephen Humphries
Judge: Eric Swenson
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMLiam AshtonCurtis Kent
Covering spaces of non-locally path-connected spaces Part 1
08:30 AMSheridan HardingCurtis Kent
Covering spaces of non-locally path-connected spaces part 2
08:45 AMJoseph CamachoCurtis Kent
Path Connected Inverse Limits
09:00 AMMatthew McGrathCurtis Kent
Analogs of the Hadwiger-Nelson problem
09:15 AMDahlia MaxwellMark Hughes
Finding Invariants from Petal Permutation of a Knot
09:30 AMSeth HallMark Hughes
Determining the slice genus of 12 crossing knots in R^4
09:45 AMTanner OsburnMark Hughes
Performing Band Surgeries on Knots Using C++
10:00 AMAmy EubanksMark Hughes
Using transformers to turn Jones polynomials into knots

Mathematics Session # 3B

Chair: Gregory Conner
Judge: Todd Fisher
Judge: Mark Hughes
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAlexander JohnsonGregory Conner
An Introduction to Persistent Homology
10:45 AMAlli WilkinsonGregory Conner
Data Collection for Graph Persistent Homology
11:00 AMAbigail BuggGregory Conner
The Use of Search Data in Analyzing Spread of COVID-19
11:15 AMBryce LuncefordGregory Conner
Finding the Truth in Noise
11:30 AMWilliam WrightGregory Conner
COVID Diagnosis from Analysis of Cough Sound
11:45 AMTaylor GledhillBen Webb
Robert Snellman
Persistent Homology and Family Networks
12:00 PMRaelynn WonnacottBen Webb
Robert Snellman
Persistent Homology and the Comparison of Real World Networks
12:15 PMAbby JenkinsBen Webb
Robert Snellman
Topological community detection in networks using persistent homology
12:30 PMRebecca FloresBen Webb
Robert Snellman
Modeling the Human Family Network

Mathematics Session # 4A

Chair: Nathan Priddis
Judge: Gary Lawlor
Judge: David Cardon
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMGordon Bridge
Nick Andersen
Arithmetic Modular Congruences in Partitions and Mock Theta Functions
08:30 AMEthan Palenske
Nick Andersen
Arithmetic Modular Congruences in Partitions and Mock Theta Functions
08:45 AMAmy Woodall
Nick Andersen
Non-convex geometry of numbers and continued fractions, part 1
09:00 AMZach Hacking
Nick Andersen
Non-convex geometry of numbers and continued fractions, part 2
09:15 AMAnnabelle ClawsonNathan Priddis
A Generalized Map for Landau-Ginzburg Mirror Symmetries
09:30 AMCaroline Bouwhuis
Nathan Priddis
Landau-Ginzburg Mirror Map
09:45 AMDaniel SouthMichael Griffin
Jensen Polynomials for Holomorphic Functions
10:00 AMAbigail JonesMichael Griffin
Quadratic Forms and the Galois Group of Singular Moduli

Mathematics Session # 4B

Chair: Darrin Doud
Judge: Jasbir Chahal
Judge: Nick Andersen
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJason GardinerMark Hughes
Seifert Surfaces of Petal Knots
10:45 AMXueming HuiGregory Conner
Lattice of knot groups and solenoid embeddings
11:00 AMMiriam BeazerPaul Jenkins
Prime Power Congruences for Coefficients of Half-integer Weight Modular Forms
11:15 AMNicholas BastianStephen Humphries
Wedderburn Decomposition of Terwilliger Algebras Over Dihedral Groups
11:30 AMRebecca JonesEmily Evans
Identifying Roles in Dynamic Networks through Machine Learning
11:45 AMPablo RodriguezDarrin Doud
Quadratic Extensions of D_5 Extensions Ramified at One Prime
12:00 PMXue LiuKening Lu
Exponential Decay of Random Correlations for Random Anosov Systems Mixing on Fibers
12:15 PMDevin McGhieScott Glasgow
Why is QED not a non-abelian SU(4) gauge theory?
12:30 PMRebeca PaulsenStephen Humphries
Weak Cayley Table Groups of Crystallographic Groups

Mathematics Session # 5A

Chair: Paul Jenkins
Judge: Kening Lu
Judge: Vianey Villamizar
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAnnika King
Tyler Jarvis
Ensemble Methods and Mixing for Quantifying Gerrymandering
08:30 AMJacob MurriTyler Jarvis
Evaluating Gerrymandering Metrics in Utah
08:45 AMDaniel ChristensenTyler Jarvis
Asymptotic Complexity of an Eigenvalue Rootfinder
09:00 AMLukas EreksonTyler Jarvis
The Performance of State-of-the-Art Numerical Rootfinding Algorithms
09:15 AMKate WallTyler Jarvis
Stability of an Eigenvalue Root-finding Algorithm
09:30 AMIsaac SorensenJared Whitehead
Expanding Capabilities of Historical Tsunami Reconstruction Program: A Case Study for the 1820 Sulawesi Event
09:45 AMNick FreemanLennard Bakker
Continuation of Periodic Solutions into the 4-Body Problem
10:00 AMSam CochranLennard Bakker
Periodic solutions to the planar 5-body problem with two free bodies

Mathematics Session # 5B

Chair: Lennard Bakker
Judge: Shue-Sum Chow
Judge: Mark Allen
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMIsaac JensenScott Glasgow
Quantum Electrodynamics with a Positron and Electron and the Coulomb Term
10:45 AMReece RobertsonScott Glasgow
The Necessity of the S-matrix in Scattering Theory
11:00 AMMalorie KasparianScott Glasgow
Two-particle Wave Function in 3D
11:15 AMEthan GibsonScott Glasgow
Numerical Renormalization of Infrared Divergence for Pair-Production in QED
11:30 AMRyan ScottScott Glasgow
Proving Second Quantization in Quantum Field Theory Preserves Causality
11:45 AMJared ColemanScott Glasgow
Electron-electron scattering in QED
12:00 PMClay Whiffen
Jennifer Brooks
Michael Dorff
Zeros of Complex Harmonic Polynomials, Part 1
12:15 PMAlexandra Hudson
Jennifer Brooks
Michael Dorff
Zeros of Complex Harmonic Polynomials: Part Two
12:30 PMDaniel South
Jennifer Brooks
Michael Dorff
Zeros of Complex Harmonic Polynomials part 3

Mathematics Session # 6A

Chair: Mark Kempton
Judge: Jasbir Chahal
Judge: Rodney Forcade
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKellon SandallMark Kempton
Unicyclic Graphs and Distance Squared Matrices
08:30 AMAdam KnudsonMark Kempton
Braess Edges and 1 Separations
08:45 AMJohn TolbertMark Kempton
Isospectral Reductions and Unfoldings
09:00 AMAlice OvesonMark Kempton
Non-backtracking Random Walks and the PageRank Algorithm
09:15 AMSpencer DurhamTodd Fisher
Minimality for iterated function systems of circle diffeomorphisms
09:30 AMAndrea BartonStephen Humphries
Strong Gelfand pairs of SL(2,p)
09:45 AMMcKay Holmes
Stephen Humphries
Relative DRAD Difference Sets
10:00 AMIan MonkGary Lawlor
The art of dissecting a triangle

Mathematics Session # 6B

Chair: Pace Nielsen
Judge: Rodney Forcade
Judge: Chris Grant
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMElizabeth MelvilleNathan Priddis
Introduction to Mirror Symmetry and State Spaces
10:45 AMKyle NiendorfNathan Priddis
Non-Abelian Mirror Symmetry
11:00 AMJoshua FullwoodNathan Priddis
A Brief Introduction to Elliptic K3 Surfaces
11:15 AMKameron LightheartJared Whitehead
Accelerate Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling for complex problems
11:30 AMClayton WilliamsNick Andersen
Ramanujan\'s 5th Order Mock Theta Functions
11:45 AMEric SteadmanCurtis Kent
Necessary conditions for a fundamental group as a topological group
12:00 PMSamantha SandbergJennifer Brooks
Zeros of a Harmonic Polynomial
12:15 PMCory GloverMark Kempton
Non-backtracking random walks

Mathematics Education # 1A

Chair: Kate Johnson
Judge: Dan Siebert
Judge: Steve Williams
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMichelle BagleyDan Siebert
Changing Students\' Approach to Mathematics
08:30 AMOlivia PayneBlake Peterson
Learning to Identify and Build on Student Thinking While Teaching in a Secondary Mathematics Classroom
08:45 AMLeilani FonbuenaSteven Jones
Developing Students\' Conceptual Understanding of U-Substitution
09:00 AMJennifer CanizalesBlake Peterson
Applying Visual Design Principles to Boardwork
09:15 AMRachel HansenDan Siebert
\'Social Outsider\' Participation in a Collaborative Mathematics Classroom
09:30 AMWebster WongKeith Leatham
Understanding LMS in the context of mathematics and OERs
09:45 AMErin Matthews
Keith Leatham
Blake Peterson
Simultaneity Errors when using Variables
10:00 AMNavy DixonKate Johnson
Teacher Preparation for Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice

Mathematics Education # 1B

Chair: Joe Wytiaz
Judge: Keith Leatham
Judge: Steve Williams
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMErin CarrollDawn Teuscher
Looking at types of teacher feedback through the lens of a growth mindset
10:45 AMKylie Ankeny
Keith Leatham
Blake Peterson
Why Students Feel the Need to “Make it Right”
11:00 AMSini GraffBlake Peterson
Views Regarding Board Use in Mathematics Classrooms
11:15 AMErika Crystal
Keith Leatham
Blake Peterson
Middle School Percentage Misconceptions
11:30 AMKamalani KaluhiokalaniDouglas Corey
A database for lessons applied in a Hawaiian context
11:45 AM
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Mathematics Education #2B

Chair: Kate Johnson
Judge: Dan Siebert
Judge: Steven Jones
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBrinley StevensSteven Jones
Developing the Definite Integral and Accumulation Function Through Quantitative Reasoning: A Hypothetical Learning Trajectory
10:45 AMLauren RigbyDan Siebert
Variational and Covariational Reasoning of Students with Disabilities
11:00 AMDana SteinhorstDan Siebert
Structure in Rational Expressions
11:15 AMBrittany HopperSteve Williams
The perception of at-risk students on caring student-teacher relationships and its impact on their productive disposition
11:30 AMEmily AdamsKate Johnson
Emotional Geographies of Beginning and Veteran Reformed Teachers in Mentor/Mentee Relationships
11:45 AM
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #1A

Chair: Scott Bergeson
Judge: Scott Bergeson
Judge: Dan Allen
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJosh NeweyMark Transtrum
Neuroscience Modeling
08:30 AMJoshua VawdreyDavid Allred
The Effect of Dust on HabEx\'s Starshade
08:45 AMMichael HoggBrian Anderson
High amplitude time reversal focusing of sound in a 1D pipe
09:00 AMDaniel MortensonTracianne Neilsen
Finding Optimal Spectrogram Size for CNN Seabed Classification
09:15 AMIan BaconScott Sommerfeldt
Sound power of vibrating curved plates using the radiation resistance matrix and a laser vibrometer
09:30 AMLuke CvetkoGus Hart
Using Potentials to Find the Heat Capacity
09:45 AMAbigail GrahamDarin Ragozzine
Surveying Hidden Planets in Kepler Multi-Transiting Systems Using TTVs
10:00 AMBenjamin SzamosfalviJean-Francois Van Huele
Verifying Silicon Photonic Optical Hybrid Designs through Simulation

Physics & Astronomy Session #1B

Chair: Brian Anderson
Judge: Brian Anderson
Judge: Matt Zachreson
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMKane FanningJohn Colton
Predicting the TE011 Resonant Mode of Cylindrically Symmetric Resonant Cavities
10:45 AMLogan PageDavid Allred
\"Stainless Uranium\" - Oxidation in UNb Alloys
11:00 AMGodofredo Bowdoin FajardoKarine Chesnel
Evolution of Magnetic Domains in Multilayered Thin Films Under Magnetization
11:15 AMZan AslettGrant Hart
Study of Nonlinear Soliton Behavior in a Simulated Non-Neutral Plasma
11:30 AMTanner RydalchDavid Allred
Steven Turley
Effects of Refrigeration on the Degradation of Lithium Flouride
11:45 AMNicholas AtkinsonJustin Peatross
Michael Ware
Nonlinear Thomson Scattering by Protons as a Means to Characterize Ultra Intense Lasers
12:00 PMCorbin MacielRichard Sandberg
How Low Can You Go? Lowering the Necessary Dosage for Diagnostic Radiography in Cancer Treatment
12:15 PMNaomi YoungDennis Della Corte
Computational Enzyme Design Methods: Progress and Obstacles

Physics & Astronomy Session #2A

Chair: Eric Hintz
Judge: Eric Hintz
Judge: Bert Weinstein
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMSawyer AllenDavid Neilsen
Modelling Binary Black Hole Mergers
08:30 AMJason SaundersJean-Francois Van Huele
Noiseless and Noisy Qubit Quantum Metrology with Limited Resources
08:45 AMHenry DavisRichard Vanfleet
Robert Davis
Controlled Bronze Infiltration of 3D Printed Stainless-Steel Parts: A Novel Approach for 3D Printing High-Temperature Microfluidic Devices
09:00 AMJared MillerScott Sommerfeldt
Using Machine Learning to Evaluate Audio Fidelity and Sound Quality
09:15 AMAiden HarbickMark Transtrum
Computational Study of The Field Enhancement Effect in Type II Superconductors
09:30 AMChristena OldhamRobert Davis
Rapid Bacterial Capture using Magnetic Nanoparticles for Sepsis Diagnosis
09:45 AMAlexander GuntherKent Gee
Measurements of Acoustic Soundscapes for Multiple Applications
10:00 AMColby WalkerKarine Chesnel
The effect of x-ray illumination on magnetic domain memory in [Co/Pd] / IrMn multilayers

Physics & Astronomy Session #2B

Chair: Michael Ware
Judge: Michael Ware
Judge: Chris Erickson
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMKandin AllenJustin Peatross
Michael Ware
Laser Upgrade to Further Relativistic Interactions with Free Electrons Research
10:45 AMLandon SchneblyRichard Sandberg
Identifying Prime Sites for Lensless Strain Imaging
11:00 AMSpencer GardinerDennis Della Corte
Density functional calculations and molecular dynamics simulations of the lipase-A hydrolysis mechanism
11:15 AMParker HamiltonBenjamin Frandsen
Comprehensive software for 3D magnetic pair distribution function analysis
11:30 AMMcKayla TownsendRichard Sandberg
X-ray Coherent Diffraction Imaging of Strain at the Nanoscale
11:45 AMTalmage PorterDennis Della Corte
Forcefield Optimization for Molten Salts
12:00 PMJake JensenEric Hintz
H-alpha color-magnitude diagram features
12:15 PMDevin LewisDavid Allred
Degradation of Lithium Fluoride Thin Films in Humid Environments

Physics & Astronomy Session #3A

Chair: Eric Hirschmann
Judge: Eric Hirschmann
Judge: Lawrence Barett
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMSam LiechtyJohn Ellsworth
Design of the BYU Laboratory Nuclear Astrophysics Research (LNAR) Beam
08:30 AMDallin SpencerDarin Ragozzine
Non-Keplerian Effects in Kuiper Belt Multiples
08:45 AMJoshua RasbandMark Transtrum
Reduced Neuronal Models
09:00 AMBrian PatchettBrian Anderson
Numerical Modeling of Time Reversal Focusing Experiments in Rooms
09:15 AMGrace McKayTracianne Neilsen
Comparing Different Acoustic Blast Waves Over a Porous Ground
09:30 AMAidan GillamJean-Francois Van Huele
Quantum Teleportation: From Concepts to Circuitry
09:45 AMGodofredo Bowdoin FajardoBenjamin Frandsen
Investigating the local structure of nuclear-relevant molten salts through pair distribution function analysis
10:00 AMIsa KohlsRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Printing Micro-channels

Physics & Astronomy Session #3B

Chair: Kent Gee
Judge: Kent Gee
Judge: Jessica Morgan
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAlexandra GallionDavid Allred
Steven Turley
Using Ellipsometry to Characterize Lithium Flouride Degredation in Humid Environments
10:45 AMJade StevensBenjamin Frandsen
Modeling mPDF Data and Simulating Experimental Parameters
11:00 AMSavanah TurnerDenise Stephens
Finding Brown Dwarf Binary Systems Using Statistical Spectral Fitting
11:15 AMConnor MorrisDennis Della Corte
Protein Structure Refinement
11:30 AMEmma McClureJohn Colton
Neural network temperature predictions based on the optical properties of quantum dots
11:45 AMJames McKenzieBranton Campbell
Modeling Phase-Transition Induced Crystallographic Domain Defects with Coset Graphs
12:00 PMDaniel TvetenJustin Peatross
Analysis of the Poynting Vector at Locations in a Laser Beam where Photophoretic Trapping of Microscopic Particles Occurs
12:15 PMTaylor BuckwayRichard Sandberg
Progress on developing a tabletop extreme ultraviolet source for magnetic imaging.

Physics & Astronomy Session #4A

Chair: Berg Dodson
Judge: Berg Dodson
Judge: Hunter Standring
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDaniel McPhersonKarine Chesnel
Finding the Right Analysis Method for Magnetite
08:30 AMJoey EhlertMark Transtrum
Can a computer rediscover Newton\'s Law of Gravity?
08:45 AMGabriel FronkTracianne Neilsen
Acoustic Vector Intensity Measurements in Lab Underwater Environment
09:00 AMPaul ArgyleDavid Neilsen
Modelling Binary Black Hole Formation
09:15 AMConner CamachoJ. Ward Moody
Constraint on Change of the Fine Structure Constant over Time
09:30 AMAdam KingsleyBrian Anderson
Modeling Near-Field Resonators Using an Equivalent Circuit
09:45 AMJason TrumpJeannette Lawler
Planetarium Use in Introductory Astronomy Courses
10:00 AMMichael BassettKent Gee
Far-field acoutical measurements during GEM-63 static firings

Physics & Astronomy Session #4B

Chair: Jeannette Lawler
Judge: Jeannette Lawler
Judge: Mark Lund
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDaniel HodgeRichard Sandberg
Single-Shot Coherent Imaging of Laser Shocked Materials in Extreme Conditions
10:45 AMNathan SchwartzJohn Colton
Machine Learning Solutions to Resonance Cavities
11:00 AMMarcelo BighetiEric Hintz
Understanding the misconception of professional astronomy by middle and high school students
11:15 AMKatherine BurkeSteven Turley
Density of Fluoride-Lithium-Beryllium Molten Salts Using the Archimedean Dual-Sinker Method
11:30 AMKevin PetersenBenjamin Frandsen
Software for µSR Analysis
11:45 AMDonovan SmithDavid Allred
Retardation of Aluminum Mirror Oxidation with Low Oxygen and Cryogenic Storage
12:00 PMOlivia FisherDennis Della Corte
The Application of 3D Transformers to Molecular Dynamic Predictions
12:15 PMKevin HatchTimothy Leishman
Automated Directivity Measurement System

Physics & Astronomy Session #5A

Chair: Branton Campbell
Judge: Branton Campbell
Judge: Rachael Horvath
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAaron PeatrossMichael Ware
Justin Peatross
Preferred Locations in a Laser Beam for Photophoretic Trapping of Microscopic Particles
08:30 AMMayalen LakerJ. Ward Moody
The [OIII] Doublet Emission Ratio with Redshift
08:45 AMJustin TackettDavid Neilsen
Relativistic Dynamics through Post-Minkowski Approximations
09:00 AMLogan MathewsKent Gee
Evaluation of rocket noise models using modern measurements
09:15 AMHannah PfostRobert Davis
Sensing Glucose in Blood
09:30 AMMichael VakaKarine Chesnel
Magnetic Domain Morphological Phase Transitions in Co/Pt Thin Film
09:45 AMReese ClawsonMark Transtrum
Surface Effects on Ginzburg-Landau Simulations
10:00 AMEmily Golightly
Brian Anderson
Experimental Optimization of Scatterers to Achieve Super Resolution with Time Reversal

Physics & Astronomy Session #5B

Chair: David Neilsen
Judge: David Neilsen
Judge: Joshua Kacher
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMEthan EdwardsSteven Turley
Modeling Surface Imperfections on Diffraction Gratings for the Extreme Ultraviolet
10:45 AMAustin JarrettDennis Della Corte
James Moody
Novel Computational Approach for Redesign of Radical SAM Enzymes
11:00 AMKenan FronkDavid Allred
Storage of Al/AlF3 bilayer thin-films in 327 K Oven
11:15 AMHyrum TaylorRichard Sandberg
Reconstructing nanometer scale strain maps of metals using high performance codes on the Fulton Supercomputer
11:30 AMMahonri Romero CarranzaJustin Peatross
Michael Ware
Polarization Resolved Measurements of Nonlinear Thomson Scattering
11:45 AMSpencer KingJohn Colton
Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Growth in Ferritin
12:00 PMSam BellowsTimothy Leishman
Radiation of Sound from Musical Instruments
12:15 PMTimothy KeithScott Glasgow
First Quantization Of Open Strings In The Lightcone Gauge

Physics & Astronomy Session #6A

Chair: Justin Peatross
Judge: Justin Peatross
Judge: Richard Mason
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMRebekah SheffieldJean-Francois Van Huele
Trends in Temperature Dependence of Grain Boundary Mobility
08:30 AMJames HarknessRobert Davis
Connecting to a 3D printed stainless steel gas chromatography column by bronze infiltration
08:45 AMJay SpendloveGus Hart
Description and Machine Learning of Grain Boundary Systems
09:00 AMBraedon JonesMark Transtrum
Ginzburg-Landau simulations of Nb3Sn in large magnetic fields
09:15 AMAaron GentillonKarine Chesnel
Magnetic Domain Patterns in Multilayered Cobalt-Platinum Thin Films
09:30 AMKate HendricksonDarin Ragozzine
Modeling the Mutual Inclinations of Exoplanets
09:45 AMZackary WindhamDavid Neilsen
Many body Post-Minkowski simulation
10:00 AMEvan DodsonRichard Vanfleet
Robert Davis
Optimized Manufacture of Carbon-Infiltrated Carbon Nanotubes

Physics & Astronomy Session #6B

Chair: Ed Gholdston
Judge: Peter Brown
Judge: Ed Gholdston
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMCaleb DameBenjamin Frandsen
Improving magnetic model construction for magnetic pair distribution function analysis
10:45 AMBrooke CrookstonSteven Turley
Simultaneously Fitting XUV Reflectance and Transmission of Aluminum Fluoride Thin Films
11:00 AMRachel EdelmanTimothy Leishman
Guitar Amplifier Directivity
11:15 AMYance SunJustin Peatross
Michael Ware
Investigation of Coherence between Electrons Born from the Same Atom when Emitting Nonlinear Thomson Scattering
11:30 AMBrenden StarkDennis Della Corte
Using Consensus Docking to Improve the Effectiveness of Molecular Docking Programs
11:45 AMNick PorterRichard Sandberg
Ptycho-tomography: pushing the limits of lensless 3D microimaging
12:00 PMGabe RichardsonDavid Allred
Computational Development of a Miniature Quantum Dot Spectrometer
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #7A

Chair: Nathan Powers
Judge: Nathan Powers
Judge: Sam Bernards
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDaniel JonesDarin Ragozzine
PhoDyMM: The PhotoDynamical Multi-planet Model
08:30 AMJay CliftBrian Anderson
Observation of the spatial dependence of high amplitude time reversal focusing of sound
08:45 AMNick AllenRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Wearable Carbon Electrode Arrays for Bioimpedance to Monitor Hydration
09:00 AMScott JohnstunJean-Francois Van Huele
Bayesian Phase Estimation: Optimizing the Quantum Simulatino of Heisenberg-Type Evolution
09:15 AMScott OlsenRichard Vanfleet
Carbon nanotube Structure for extreme ultraviolet applications
09:30 AMNathaniel WellsScott Sommerfeldt
Improving Crosstalk Cancellation Filters Through the Use of a Filtered-x Algorithm
09:45 AMMichael MortensonTracianne Neilsen
Mark Transtrum
Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of Ocean Acoustic Models with Fisher Information
10:00 AMAdam FletcherMark Transtrum
Simplified Combustion Mechanisms Via Model Reduction

Physics & Astronomy Session #7B

Chair: Tracianne Neilsen
Judge: Tracianne Neilsen
Judge: Nicholas Harrison
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTalmage CoatesDennis Della Corte
Computational Redesign of Radical Enzymes
10:45 AMJarrod HansenDenise Stephens
Using Parallax Measurements to Search for Brown Dwarf Binary Systems
11:00 AMJacob FeltmanRichard Sandberg
11:15 AMMerlin HartDavid Allred
Viability of oxidation free aluminum storage
11:30 AMJared DavidsonEric Hintz
An Examination of the delta Scuti Variable GW Draconis from 20 years of data
11:45 AMJacob ChristensenBenjamin Frandsen
Visualizing magnetic correlations using the 3D magnetic pair distribution function
12:00 PMAcacia RicksSteven Turley
Maintaining and Refactoring Software for UV Reflectometry Data Acquisition
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #8A

Chair: Joseph Smidt
Judge: Joseph Smidt
Judge: Aaron Vaughn
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMRJ CassRichard Vanfleet
Young\'s Modulus of Tungsten Infiltrated Carbon Nanotubes
08:30 AMMalissa AlleyScott Sommerfeldt
Characterizing the Acoustic Transparency of Mylar
08:45 AMJohnathon RackhamKarine Chesnel
Modeling magnetic correlations in magnetite nanoparticle assemblies using x-ray magnetic scattering data
09:00 AMZach WesthoffRobert Davis
Development of a microcontroller-based device for noninvasive biomedical sensing
09:15 AMLucas BarnesBrian Anderson
The physics of knocking over LEGO minifigures with time reversal focused vibrations
09:30 AMKinamo WilliamsMark Transtrum
Asymptotic and Bayesian approaches to uncertainty quantification of interatomic models
09:45 AMChanhyun PakJean-Francois Van Huele
Interdimensional Quantum Cloning
10:00 AMCameron VongsawadTracianne Neilsen
Underwater Acoustics Laboratory Measurement Tank Capabilities

Statistics Session #1A

Chair: Natalie Blades
Judge: Richard Warr
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBrandon CookShannon Tass
Estimation of Dune Width on Titan
08:30 AMAdam OttBrinley Zabriskie
Brian Hartman
Predicting Ambulatory Care Sensitive Emergency Department Admissions
08:45 AMMegan LouderScott Grimshaw
Predicting Box Office Revenue using Three Models
09:00 AMBrianne GurneyCandace Berrett
A Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Change Point Model for Detecting Change Points in the Slope of Daily Temperature Measurements over Time
09:15 AMMadeline MorrisMatthew Heaton
Fusing Two Approaches to Analyze Point Pattern Data for Computational Efficiency
09:30 AMSteven OrgillShannon Tass
Using NLP to Detect Suicidal Ideation

Statistics Session #1B

Chair: Brinley Zabriskie
Judge: Matthew Heiner
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMLynsie WarrMatthew Heaton
Validating Climate Data Products in High Mountain Asia using Spatially-varying Mixture Models
10:45 AMDaniel SheanshangPhilip White
Outlier Accommodation with Semiparametric Density Processes: A Study of Antarctic Snow Density Modelling
11:00 AMCason WightRichard Warr
Inference in Semi-Markov Models with Panel Data
11:15 AMDevin JohnsonDavid Dahl
Search Algorithms and Loss Functions for Bayesian Clustering
11:30 AMAngela LarkinGarritt Page
Assessing Missing Data Approaches
11:45 AMTom JensenRichard Warr
Shrinking a Partition Distribution Towards a Baseline Partition, With Applications to Dependent Partitions

Statistics Session #2A

Chair: William Christensen
Judge: Brian Hartman
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMatthew Morgan
Gilbert Fellingham
Optimization for WCC Women’s Volleyball
08:30 AMHayden SmithMatthew Heiner
William Christensen
Pollutant Sources Extracted from Lichens Across the Intermountain West Region
08:45 AMGideon Miller
Garritt Page
Gilbert Fellingham
Movement Prediction
09:00 AMTaylor GrimmMatthew Heiner
Bayesian Multivariate Receptor Modeling with Lichens as Biomonitors
09:15 AMSpencer KimballDennis Tolley
Examining Robustness of behavior in heavily parameterized Markov chain models

Statistics Session #2B

Chair: Lynne Nielsen
Judge: Garritt Page
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMCecelia FuRichard Warr
Applied Markov Chains
10:45 AMSam BlackburnRichard Warr
Analyzing Disguised Defensive Movements in NCAA Football
11:00 AMAdam JensenCandace Berrett
Identifying Transmission Probabilities of Covid-19
11:15 AMBenjamin Kinard

Brinley Zabriskie
Exact Meta-Analysis for Rare Events and Heterogeneity
11:30 AMPablo ZubeldiaDennis Tolley
Clinical Study of Preeclampsia

Statistics Session #3B

Chair: Dennis Eggett
Judge: David Dahl
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJared ClarkRichard Warr
A Convolutional Approach for the Exact Derivation of Bootstrap Distributions
10:45 AMConnie MuiMatthew Heiner
Predictions of amplitude in French rivers
11:00 AMCarly LundgreenCandace Berrett
Philip White
Examining Foreign Aid Donation Relationships in Malawi
11:15 AMTravis AndersenBrinley Zabriskie
Confidence distributions in meta-analysis
11:30 AMCamilla HandleyWilliam Christensen
11:45 AMMichael Shull

Robert Richardson
Brian Hartman
Using Bayesian Spatiotemporal Modeling to Understand Mortality Rates in the United States
12:00 PMSkyler GrayGarritt Page
Distribution Deviations: Linear Modeling with Poisson Data
12:15 PMMcKay GerrattMatthew Heaton
Analyzing Big Five Personality Test Using Clustering Algorithms

Interdisciplinary Data Science # 1A

Chair: Tracianne Neilsen
Judge: Bryan Morse
Judge: Robert Richardson
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDallin ClaytonSean Warnick
Automated summarization of video recordings of structured interactions
08:30 AMJesse MelvilleDaniel Ess
Machine learning approach to classification of quasiclassical trajectory outcomes for organic reactions
08:45 AMJace RitchieRichard Warr
Predicting using Dirichlet weight mixture models
09:00 AMJARED SLONEMark Hughes
Generative Adversarial Networks vs. The Jones Unknotting Conjecture
09:15 AMChristopher RyttingDavid Wingate
Data Echoes Its Creators: Harnessing Accurate Bias in Large-Scale Language Models
09:30 AMBraden WebbBen Webb
Fuzzy Matching of American Surnames through IPA Representation
09:45 AMJacob Stern
Dennis Della Corte
David Wingate
Generative Pre-training for End-to-end Protein Structure Prediction
10:00 AMDavid TeuscherMatthew Heaton
Irrigation Zone Delineation using Bayesian, Spatial Neural Network Models

Interdisciplinary Data Science # 1B

Chair: Steve Richardson
Judge: Dan Ess
Judge: Matthew Heaton
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBenjamin GrantDaniel Ess
Success and failure of machine learning to classify and understand deazetization trajectories
10:45 AMSamuel NeffSean Warnick
Subspace Identification and Prediction Error Methods for Learning Linear Systems from Data
11:00 AMBryce HedeliusDennis Della Corte
Learning interatomic forces with a SE(3)-Transformer
11:15 AMJoshua Faught
Mark Kempton
Resistance Distance and Braess\' Paradox
11:30 AMEnoch HoJeremy Johnson
Developing THz Generators Using a Data Mining Approach
11:45 AMNathaniel Robinson

Nancy Fulda
Beyond Target and Context: Embedding Combinations Reveal Patterns Across Algorithms and NLP Tasks
12:00 PMBrigham PerryDennis Tolley
Application of Imputed Growth curves to evaluating Rheumatic Heart Disease in Children.
12:15 PMKyle KeShannon Tass
Using deep-learning to predict health beliefs regarding COVID-19 and mask-wearing from Twitter data

Interdisciplinary Data Science # 2A

Chair: Trent Nelson
Judge: Shannon Tass
Judge: Dennis Della Corte
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMEmily LiuBrinley Zabriskie
Meta-Regression for Rare Events
08:30 AMShane HuangWilliam Christensen
Spatial and Data Science Analysis of COVID-19 Spread
08:45 AMChristian HowellMark Kempton
Distance Squared Matrices of Unicyclic Graphs
09:00 AMMatthew SteffenBen Webb
Defining Genetic Centralities on Family Networks
09:15 AMMitchell WassomDennis Tolley
Removing Bias of Multiple Group Effects
09:30 AMReid HamiltonDaniel Ess
How well can machine learning predict the outcome of complex organic reactions?
09:45 AMMitchell CutlerMark Transtrum
Clustering geospatial data for machine learning modeling of ambient soundscapes
10:00 AMGriffin HoltSean Warnick
Design & Construction of Real-Time Translator for the Bee \"Waggle Dance\"

Interdisciplinary Data Science # 2B

Chair: Scott Grimshaw
Judge: Sean Warnick
Judge: Blake Barker
Location: Zoom Individual Breakout Room
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMKennedy GiffordSteven Turley
A Cell Under Siege: the Mechanisms of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Infection
10:45 AMGarrett DuncanWilliam Christensen
Covid-19 Spread Feature Engineering
11:00 AMCal HargisDaniel Ess
Classification of quasiclassical organic reaction trajectories with Machine Learning
11:15 AM
11:30 AMNolan Cole
Brinley Zabriskie
The impact of sparsity, continuity corrections, and double zeros on heterogeneity estimators in rare event meta analysis
11:45 AMJacob AndrosDavid Dahl
Cluster Analysis via Random Partition Distributions
12:00 PMBenjamin BischoffMark Clement
Pre-Training Keras Layers to improve Handwriting Recognition in Tensorflow
12:15 PMBenjamin BischoffMark Clement
Pre-Training Keras Layers to improve Handwriting Recognition in Tensorflow
12:20 PMLawry SorensonMark Clement
Token-Level Decoding of CTC Neural Networks