Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #1)

Chair: Walter Paxton
Judge: Ken Christensen
Judge: Walter Paxton
Location: JKB 1102
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBasu AryalAdam Woolley
Fabrication and Characterization of DNA Origami-Based Metal-Semiconductor Junctions
08:30 AMJamir ShresthaDavid Dearden
Determining Topologies of Alkylammonium Complexes of Cucurbit[6]urils Using Multi-CRAFTI Techniques in an FTICR Mass Spectrometer
08:45 AMTahereh Gholian AvvalMatthew Linford
Application of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Low Energy Ion Scattering (LEIS) in Determination of Surface Silanol Density of Chemically and Thermally Fused Silica
09:00 AMDulashani R. RanasingheAdam Woolley
Metal nanomaterial synthesis and placement on DNA nanotubes to make electrically conductive wires
09:15 AMYiran LiangRyan Kelly
A low-cost pipetting platform for automated preparation of nanoscale and single-cell proteomic samples
09:30 AMKeith WillesWalter Paxton
Mixed Lipid-Polymer Bilayers: pH-Mediated Interactions Between Hybrid Vesicles and Borosilicate Glass
09:45 AMAndikan NwosuRyan Kelly
10:00 AMDhruv ShahMatthew Linford
Uniform, Thermal ALD of Al2O3 and ZnO on Zirconia Particles

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #2)

Chair: Daniel Mortensen
Judge: Daniel Mortensen
Judge: Walter Paxton
Location: JKB 1102
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AM
10:45 AMTabitha CaldwellDaniel Austin
Separation and Implementation of Mars Dust
11:00 AMKealani CreechRichard Watt
Protein Pens: A New Diagnostic Instrument
11:15 AMEnoch CouncillRyan Kelly
Modification of a commercial liquid handling robot for automated preparation of proteomic samples within nanoliter volumes
11:30 AMDaniel HartWalter Paxton
Synthesizing pH responsive polymer vesicles
11:45 AMCarson BatemanJaron Hansen
Efficient Conversion of Waste Streams to Biomethane
12:00 PMMaggie OsterhausKenneth Christensen
Utilizing Kinetic Flow Cytometry to Analyze Kinetoplastid Metabolism
12:15 PM

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #3)

Chair: Pam Van Ry
Judge: Pam Van Ry
Judge: David Hansen
Location: JKB 1104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMTsz Yin ChanJoshua Andersen
Negative regulation of TNK1 oncogenic tyrosine kinase activity by 14-3-3
08:30 AMMary VallecilloPam Van Ry
rHsGal-1 Improves Membrane Repair Capacity in LGMD2B
08:45 AMNaomi FlindtRichard Watt
The Role of \"Other Metals\" in Chronic Inflammation
09:00 AMSupeshala Dilrukshi Sarath NawarathnageJames Moody
Polymer driven protein crystallization chaperones
09:15 AMNathan ZunigaJ.C. Price
Tissue specific changes in protein metabolism associated with Alzheimer’s risk
09:30 AMDaniel CallKenneth Christensen
Understanding the connection between AMPK and glucose perception in Trypanosoma brucei
09:45 AMJonard Corpuz ValdozPam Van Ry
Novel Bioengineered Models for the Human Lung: Angiogenesis, Fibrosis, and Cancer Metastasis
10:00 AMTrevor GodfreyRichard Watt
The Effect of Gold Nanoparticles on Inflammatory and Metabolic Pathways

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #4)

Chair: Steven Wood
Judge: Steven Wood
Judge: Jaron Hansen
Location: JKB 1104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMConnor HolmanJ.C. Price
ApoE Isoforms: The Altered Lipidome of Alzheimer\'s Disease
10:45 AMAustin EllisKenneth Christensen
Cell migration, the connection between Rho signaling and CMG2.
11:00 AMAndy BennettSteven Graves
Identifying Gender Specific Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in Serum Using a LCMS Approach
11:15 AMElizabeth CliveJoshua Andersen
Identifying 14-3-3 binding sites
11:30 AMDean SlocumPam Van Ry
An Innovative Treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
11:45 AMJacob OwenJoshua Andersen
Characterization of TNK2 activation through regulation of the UBA domain
12:00 PMJoseph BohmanBarry Willardson
Structural Determination of the CCT:PhLP1:Gβ5 folding complex
12:15 PMAlessandra HoopesPam Van Ry
Jeremy Johnson
Identifying Fibrotic Tissue using THz Spectroscopy

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #5)

Chair: Ray West
Judge: Matt Linford
Judge: Daniel Austin
Location: JKB 1106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDhananjay PatelMatthew Linford
Fabrication of novel, high capacity, coated SPME fibers by sputtering and thin film deposition
08:30 AMAndrew ArslanianDavid Dearden
Comparison of Leucine-enkephalin Precursor and Product Ion Conformations in the Same Experiment
08:45 AMYesman AkuokoAdam Woolley
Sequence-Specific Detection of Fluorescently labeled Bacterial DNA using a Microfluidic Chip
09:00 AMRadhya Weligama GamageDaniel Austin
The effects of electrode misalignment on the performance of a linear wire ion trap
09:15 AMThy TruongRyan Kelly
High throughput NanoPOTS
09:30 AMJoule EseneAdam Woolley
3D-printed integrated microfluidic devices for preterm birth risk assessment (PTB) using electrophoresis separation
09:45 AMWai Ning ChanRoger Harrison
Preconcentration and Separation of Perrhenate by Ion Exchange Chromatography
10:00 AMJacob NielsenAdam Woolley
Analysis of thrombin‐antithrombin complex formation using microchip electrophoresis and mass spectrometry

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #6)

Chair: Adam Woolley
Judge: Adam Woolley
Judge: Santosh Misal
Location: JKB 1106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMVictoria CarverMatthew Linford
Zeolite and Cuttlebone by Near-Ambient Pressure XPS
10:45 AMBrandon ChamberlainKenneth Christensen
Organoid-on-a-3D-Printed-Chip: New Methods for Organoid Testing
11:00 AMKaryna HowellAdam Woolley
Immunoaffinity Extraction of Thrombin Anti-Thrombin in 3D printed Microfluidic Devices
11:15 AMJared SimmonsRyan Kelly
Proteomic Analysis with NanoPOTS and Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Biological Tissues
11:30 AMLindsey DaemsJaron Hansen
Efficient Conversion of Organic Waste into Biomethane
11:45 AMNoah MismashDavid Dearden
222 Cryptand & Peptide Side Chain Selectivity
12:00 PMJacob GillRyan Kelly
Single-Cell Lipidomics in Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
12:15 PMJansen EngelbrechtAdam Woolley
Melting Temperature Differences in Blood Clotting Gene Mutation

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #7)

Chair: Hal Chase
Judge: Steven Goates
Judge: David Dearden
Location: JKB 1126
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDallin ParkerAdam Woolley
Integration of Microvalves in 3D-Printed Microfluidic Devices for Preterm Birth Prediction
08:30 AMMatthew HyerKenneth Christensen
Designing genetically-encoded, fluorescent biosensors to investigate dynamic intraglycosomal pH change in bloodstream form Trypanosoma brucei
08:45 AMAndrew JensenKenneth Christensen
Analyzing Capillary Morphogenesis Gene protein 2 using Microfluidics
09:00 AMKaitlynn BakerAdam Woolley
Multiplexed Solid Phase Extraction of DNA Sequences
09:15 AMCaleb TinsleyDavid Dearden
Conformational Switching Upon Metal Binding: Complexes of Cucurbit(6)uril with Alkylammonium and Alkali Metal Ions
09:30 AMShelby HarrisRichard Watt
Inhibiting Furin Across Disease Models
09:45 AMCallum FlowerdaySteven Goates
Thermal Gradient Application in Solvating Gas Chromatography
10:00 AMAnnie ArmitsteadRichard Watt
Protein Pens: A New Diagnostic Instrument

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #8)

Chair: Steven Goates
Judge: Steven Goates
Judge: Stacey Smith
Location: JKB 1126
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBenjamin GeorgeAdam Woolley
Perfluorinated Resin for 3D Printing Droplet Microfluidic Devices
10:45 AMMariah PayDavid Dearden
Binding Prospects for Cucurbit[5]uril, Cucurbit[6]uril, and Decamethylcucurbit[5]uril With and Without Guests
11:00 AMSkylar Van HorneJaron Hansen
Alkalinity Tracking by Titration in Pretreated Anaerobic Digestion
11:15 AMAustin KerrDaniel Austin
Printed Circuit Board Analyzer for Characterizing Martian Dust
11:30 AMNicholas ChartrandKenneth Christensen
3D Printed Microfluidics for Cell-Based Assays
11:45 AMMichaela McCownRyan Kelly
Sam Payne
Tracking Cancer Evolution
12:00 PMGabriele PintoMatthew Linford
Errors in XPS Peak Fitting in Published Journal Articles
12:15 PMSamuel SquiresRyan Kelly
Optimization of Sample Preparation Technique for Single Cell Proteomics

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #9)

Chair: Richard Watt
Judge: Richard Watt
Judge: Steven Wood
Location: JKB 1101
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMChristina EgbertJoshua Andersen
Identification of a unique regulatory mechanism of TNK1 via interactions with 14-3-3 and ubiquitin
08:30 AMMatt RathgeberPam Van Ry
Galectin-1 reduces NF-kappaB inflammation in LGMD2B in vitro models
08:45 AMHsien-Jung Lavender LinJ.C. Price
Quantifying Proteostasis: An In Vivo Protein Quality Assay Based On Fold Stability
09:00 AMParag GajjarJames Moody
Structural characterization of radical SAM enzyme complexes
09:15 AMAshley MarkhamPam Van Ry
Proteomic Analysis for Treatment of Limb-Girdle Muscular Type 2B Model with Galectin-1
09:30 AMJosh TsengJames Moody
A Radical Cyclization Reaction Catalyzed by a Computationally Redesigned Radical SAM Enzyme
09:45 AMEranga Roshan Balasooriya Loku BalasooriyageJoshua Andersen
Regulation of the oncogenic tyrosine kinase ACK1 through a novel ubiquitin-dependent mechanism
10:00 AMRebecca ViazzoPam Van Ry
avB6 Inhibitor Improves Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Outcomes

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #10)

Chair: James Moody
Judge: Richard Watt
Judge: James Moody
Location: JKB 1101
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJoshua McPhieJ.C. Price
Detection of Cysteine-to-Thiazole Modifications on Engineered Peptides
10:45 AMBlake NordbladKenneth Christensen
Identifying the Interaction between CMG2 and Collagen VI in Blood Vessel Development and Disease
11:00 AMCollin NelsonBarry Willardson
Inhibition of Molecular Chaperones in Cancer Cells
11:15 AMIsabella JamesJ.C. Price
Measuring the Folding Stability of the Proteome
11:30 AMMadison FreyJoshua Andersen
14-3-3 Binding Controls TNK1-Driven Oncogenic Signaling
11:45 AMRonald ZegarraPam Van Ry
Construction of dGal-1
12:00 PMMolly Thornton
Joshua Andersen
Identifying 14-3-3 binding sites
12:15 PMDallin J. JacobsPam Van Ry
3D printed PEGDA for 3D cancer metastasis assay

Organic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #11)

Chair: Steve Castle
Judge: Steve Castle
Judge: Paul Savage
Location: JKB 1103
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMConcordia LoSteven Castle
The Total Synthesis of Yaku\'amide A
08:30 AMJacob ParkmanDavid Michaelis
Collision sampling method
08:45 AMDiego MoyaSteven Castle
Synthesis of Yaku\'amide A analogues
09:00 AMPeter MpaataMerritt Andrus
Double Activation Intramolecular Styryl Diels Alder Reaction: A strategy for synthesis of anticancer agent deoxypodophyllotoxin
09:15 AMDaniel JoaquinSteven Castle
Impact of Dehydroamino Acids on the Structure and Stability of 3-10 Helical Peptides
09:30 AMReuben DassMatt Peterson
Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines: Discovery of a selective inhibitor of JAK1 JH2 pseudokinase and VPS34
09:45 AMAlexander RamosSteven Castle
Synthesis of Yaku\' Amide Analog EVV
10:00 AMKimberlee SternJosh Price
Folding of a helix bundle is stabilized by a solvent exposed non-covalent interaction

Organic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #12)

Chair: Josh Price
Judge: Steve Castle
Judge: Josh Price
Location: JKB 1103
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMichael NielsenDavid Michaelis
Development of an Enzyme-inspired Bis-thiourea Catalyst
10:45 AMJoey ZambranoPaul Savage
Anti-glycan vaccines against Streptococcus pneumoniae
11:00 AMGarrison NickelSteven Castle
Microwave-promoted radical cyclizations of oxime ethers
11:15 AMNathan SteeleMerritt Andrus
Synthetic Utility of a Chiral Acetamide
11:30 AMJoseph ChanthakhounSteven Castle
Synthesis of Bulky Alpha,Beta-dehydroamino acids
11:45 AMCaleb BarksdaleDavid Michaelis
A New Sampling Method
12:00 PMQuinn GleavePaul Savage
Vaccination Carbohydrate Synthesis
12:15 PMTaylor LoftusJosh Price
Stabilization of Helix Bundles with Solvent-Exposed Residues

Inorganic & Physical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #13)

Chair: Jeremy Johnson
Judge: Kara Stowers
Judge: Jeremy Johnson
Location: JKB 1105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBrittany KnightonJeremy Johnson
Picking out Nonlinear Couplings with 2D Terahertz Spectroscopy
08:30 AMAbraham De la CruzDaniel Austin
Eric Sevy
Investigating Hypervelocity Surface Induced Racemization Reactions Prior to Ionization & Mass Analysis of Gas Phase Amino Acids During Flyby Sampling
08:45 AMLuther WangJames Harper
Thermal Ellipsoids for NMR Crystallography
09:00 AMClayton MossJeremy Johnson
Terahertz-Driven Nonlinear Dynamics of GaAs: Metamaterials and 2D Spectroscopy
09:15 AMShane DrakeJames Patterson
Enhanced Insulin Detection Limit via SERS by Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Self-assembly Technique
09:30 AMJosh WheelerDaniel Ess
Dynamic Mechanisms of Transition Metal Mediated Beta-Hydrogen Transfer
09:45 AMNicholas PrestwichEric Sevy
Determination of Energy Transfer Probability Distribution Function
10:00 AMGabriel ValdiviaDavid Michaelis
Jeremy Johnson
Controlling materials for THz generation

Materials (Chem & Biochem #14)

Chair: Kara Stowers
Judge: Kara Stowers
Judge: Randall Shirts
Location: JKB 1105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBenjamin HeinerJeremy Johnson
Finding Enhancement Factors of Micron-scale Metamaterials by the Finite Elemental Method
10:45 AMIsaac TangenJeremy Johnson
David Michaelis
Optimization of BNA as a THz Emitter
11:00 AMAustin EdwardsRoger Harrison
ZnO Nanoparticle for H2S Removal
11:15 AMCharles BahrDavid Michaelis
Jeremy Johnson
Improving Terahertz generation through layered optical structures
11:30 AMMatthew DicksonBrian Woodfield
Zeolites below 10 K: Exploring coordination chemistry through low-temperature heat capacity
11:45 AMGrace NeilsenBrian Woodfield
Detecting Oxygen Vacancies in Singly and Co-Doped Cerium Oxides
12:00 PMZac ZaccardiDavid Michaelis
Research into crystal growth methods
12:15 PMBrittan HunterDavid Michaelis
Modeling and Building Layered Crystal Structures for Broadband Terahertz Generation

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #15)

Chair: Barry Willardson
Judge: Barry Willardson
Judge: John Price
Location: JKB 1107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJames WoodsJoshua Andersen
14-3-3 regulates the localization and stability of PTOV1
08:30 AMBraydan BezzantJames Moody
Chaperone Assisted Protein Crystallization of TELSAM
08:45 AMNicholas A. FranksPam Van Ry
Tracking metastasis in novel 3D lung model
09:00 AMChad QuillingJ.C. Price
Progress in generating lipidomic synthesis and degradation rates though modification of existing software
09:15 AMScott HerrodKenneth Christensen
Monitoring AMPK Levels in Response to Low Glucose Conditions in Trypanosoma Brucei
09:30 AMJacob LuddingtonPam Van Ry
Murine Muscle Isolation for Laser Injury
09:45 AM
10:00 AM

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #16)

Chair: John Price
Judge: Barry Willardson
Judge: John Price
Location: JKB 1107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMCody RobertsKenneth Christensen
Increased Antiangiogenic Effect of PASSSR through CMG2 Degradation
10:45 AMEkow AmakyeJ.C. Price
11:00 AMBraden KartchnerPam Van Ry
Design of Dimeric Galectin-1 as a Therapeutic for LGMD2B
11:15 AMKristina KohlerJoshua Andersen
Ubiquitin-regulated Mechansim of TNK1 Activation in Cancer
11:30 AMOlivia FisherRichard Watt
Effects of Protease Inhibitors on Liver Fibrosis
11:45 AMPhil SmitRichard Watt
Furin Inhibition: A Potential Treatment for Liver Fibrosis
12:00 PMStephen HarrisRichard Watt
Inhibition of Furin in Fibrosis
12:15 PMGrant FlindtRichard Watt
Effects of Nelfinavir and Darunavir on the Morphology of Inflamed Cells

Inorganic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #17)

Chair: Roger Harrison
Judge: Roger Harrison
Judge: David Michaelis
Location: JKB 1115
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJohn StanleyDaniel Ess
Chromium Catalyst Design for Ethylene Oligomerization
08:30 AMKyle GassawayDavid Michaelis
Exploring the Scope of a Bimetallic-Catalyzed Ketone Arylation Reaction
08:45 AMEmma OrcuttKara Stowers
Characterization and kinetic study of bimetallic copper catalysts derived from metal organic frameworks
09:00 AMDavid FooteRichard Watt
Triferic as a Treatment for ACI
09:15 AMTrevan AsayRoger Harrison
Determination of Perfluoroalkyl Carboxylic Acid Concentrations
09:30 AMLindsey AlderKara Stowers
Mn and Cr Catalysts in CO2 ODH of Ethane
09:45 AMJoseph CiconRoger Harrison
Application of resorcinarene micelles to delayed drug release.
10:00 AM

Inorganic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #18)

Chair: David Michaelis
Judge: Roger Harrison
Judge: David Michaelis
Location: JKB 1115
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMikayla TwiggsRoger Harrison
Dicopper Complexes as Influenza M2 Inhibitors
10:45 AMKelsey CanizalesKara Stowers
Brian Woodfield
Dinuclear Heteroatomic Catalysts for the Reduction of Nitrophenol
11:00 AMBenjamin ChipmanKara Stowers
Ammonia Borane Dehydrolysis by Metal Organic Framework Catalysis
11:15 AMStephen PattersonRoger Harrison
Detection of Perfluoroalkyl Carboxylic Acids in Groundwater
11:30 AMRobert SteagallDaniel Ess
Cr catalyst design for ethylene Oligomerization
11:45 AMBenjamin BohmanDavid Michaelis
Bi-Rhodium Catalysis
12:00 PMMichael EllsworthRoger Harrison
Economically filtering hydrogen sulfide
12:15 PM

Organic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #19)

Chair: Merritt Andrus
Judge: Merritt Andrus
Judge: Josh Price
Location: JKB 1117
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMPeter FullmerMerritt Andrus
Chiral Acetamide Utilization
08:30 AMJATINDER SINGHSteven Castle
Synthesis of Functionalized Pyrrolines via Microwave Promoted Iminyl Radical Cyclizations
08:45 AMParker JarmanDavid Michaelis
Peptide backbone augmented catalysis
09:00 AMAustin LeSueurSteven Castle
Exploration of α,β-Dehydroamino Acid Synthesis Methods
09:15 AMDakota JonesSteven Castle
Iminyl Radical Cyclizations of Oxime Ethers
09:30 AMKendell WhitePaul Savage
Anti-glycan vaccines against Streptococcus pneumoniae
09:45 AMJoel ChristophersonPaul Savage
Synthesis of Staphylococcus aureus Serotype 5 Trisaccharide Antigen
10:00 AMStacy AllingtonDavid Michaelis
Peptide Synthesis and its Effect on Dual-Catalyst Systems

Organic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #20)

Chair: Paul Savage
Judge: Paul Savage
Judge: Merritt Andrus
Location: JKB 1117
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDavid DelgadoDavid Michaelis
Functionalized Peptides
10:45 AMAndrew AtoaPaul Savage
Kinetics of Antimicrobial Peptide Mimics Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria and Fungi
11:00 AMSpencer TaylorMerritt Andrus
Chiral and achiral acetamide synthesis and reactivity
11:15 AMZachary JonesJosh Price
Extending Proteolytic Stability Using Inter-helical PEG Stapling Techniques
11:30 AMTaylor TalentinoSteven Castle
Synthesis of Building Blocks for Yaku\'amide A Analogues
11:45 AMtanner heatonPaul Savage
synthesis of vaccinations of various bacterium
12:00 PMSeth EarlJosh Price
The Effects of PEGylation on Hydrogen Bonding
12:15 PMDallin AshtonJosh Price
Interhelical stapling using PEG

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #21)

Chair: Joshua Andersen
Judge: Steve Graves
Judge: Joshua Andersen
Location: JKB 1119
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKyle CutlerJ.C. Price
Modernization of Deuterater, an Open Source Biomolecular Rate Analysis Software Tool
08:30 AMWilliam ThompsonJ.C. Price
Effects of Protein Structure on Rheumatoid Arthritis
08:45 AMMoriah LonghurstJames Moody
Polymer-Forming Protein Crystallization Chaperones
09:00 AMDaniel PoulsonPam Van Ry
Isolation Techniques for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2B
09:15 AMEmily GardnerPaul Savage
Synergy of Antimicrobial Peptide Mimics and Amphotericin B Against Fungi
09:30 AMSpencer HayesPam Van Ry
Galectin-1 Protein Therapy Increases the Membrane Repair Capacity in Cell Models of LGMD2B
09:45 AMDaniel PooleJoshua Andersen
The regulation of ATG9A-mediated autophagy by an ULK1-independent ATG13 complex
10:00 AMSeth GarfieldPam Van Ry
Vascularized Organotypic Lung Model

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #22)

Chair: Steve Graves
Judge: Steve Graves
Judge: Joshua Andersen
Location: JKB 1119
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMColin MuirJoshua Andersen
14-3-3ζ binding regulates PTOV1 localization and stability
10:45 AMVance WillisKenneth Christensen
Investigating glycosomal pH regulation in bloodstream form Trypanosoma brucei
11:00 AMMaren KenisonPam Van Ry
Gastroesophageal Reflux: A New Model for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
11:15 AMJoshua YoungsJoshua Andersen
The regulation of ATG9A-mediated autophagy by an ULK1-independent ATG13 complex
11:30 AMHailie GillPam Van Ry
Effects of Galectin-1 on Myogenesis in Dysferlin-Deficient Cells of LGMD2B
11:45 AMJi Sun Stella ParkJ.C. Price
Optimizing a proteome scale measurement of protein fold stability
12:00 PMMonica BergJ.C. Price
Protein Stability Data Analysis Workflow Software Development
12:15 PMEthan DodsonPam Van Ry
Organoid Vascularization promotes airspace formation

Physical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #23)

Chair: Eric Sevy
Judge: Eric Sevy
Judge: James Patterson
Location: JKB 1127
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMErika JacksonDavid Michaelis
Jeremy Johnson
Stacey Smith
Designing Non‐Centrosymmetric Molecular Crystals: Just One Carbon Away
08:30 AMRichard HardyJeremy Johnson
Understanding and Optimizing Models of Ultrafast Polarization Reversal in Ferroelectric LiNbO3
08:45 AMJacob DavisMatt Asplund
FTIR Spectroscopy of Bimetallic Catalysts
09:00 AMDallin SmithJames Patterson
Spectroscopic characterization of the effects of fabrication conditions and strain rate of high-density polyethylene
09:15 AMAlex FarnsworthJames Patterson
Sum frequency generation analysis of polymer supported lipid bilayers
09:30 AMMadison RhoadesEric Sevy
Comparison of Vibrational State Density to Energy in Fluorobenzene to Determine Gateway Modes
09:45 AMCameron CarpenterJames Patterson
Second-Harmonic Generation as a Nondestructive Testing Method for Various Metals
10:00 AMLauren Rawlings DavisJeremy Johnson
The Potential Energy Surface of Lithium Niobate

Physical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #24)

Chair: James Patterson
Judge: Eric Sevy
Judge: James Patterson
Location: JKB 1127
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDaniel BrockDavid Michaelis
Synthesis of Terahertz Generating Crystals
10:45 AMConnor SchroederEric Sevy
Energy Transfer Probability of H2O with Pyrazine
11:00 AMEmma CarlsenJames Patterson
Characterization of Intermolecular Interactions in Water and Simple Alcohols Using Impedance Spectroscopy
11:15 AMJacob NicholsJames Patterson
Characterization of Polymers Using Optical Techniques
11:30 AMDallin ArnoldJeremy Johnson
Terahertz Imaging for Detecting Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
11:45 AMJordan JohnsonEric Sevy
Rate Constants of Energy Transfer Between Pyrazine and N2O
12:00 PMHoon LeeJames Patterson
Controlling errors from laser fluctuations
12:15 PMClaire RaderJeremy Johnson
Increasing Terahertz Electric Field by Minimizing Spotsize

Computation/Simulation (Chem & Biochem #25)

Chair: Matt Asplund
Judge: Matt Asplund
Judge: Jim Harper
Location: JKB 1125
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJames CoombsDaniel Ess
Using Density Functional Theory to Understand the Spin Crossover Mechanism for Dinuclear Nickel Catalysis
10:45 AMAnna SchoutenDaniel Ess
Trajectory Study of Tungsten η2-Arene – Aryl Hydride Equilibria
11:00 AMMadison PorterDavid Michaelis
Collision-Sampling and Peptide-Catalysis
11:15 AMAlex SheppertDavid Michaelis
CYANA Verification of a Novel Computational Sampling Method
11:30 AMMatthew TeynorDaniel Ess
Beyond the DFT Energy Landscape
11:45 AMTyler BatemanEric Sevy
N2O and Pryazine Collisions
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Computer Science Session #1

Chair: Parris Egbert
Judge: Jacob Crandall
Judge: Jonathan Sillito
Location: JKB 3112
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAlyssa CrezeeSean Warnick
Natural-Language Event Extraction Tool & Corpus
08:30 AMJonathan ArmknechtKent Seamons
A Developer Usability Study of TLS Libraries
08:45 AMAlexia DeloreyDavid Wingate
Basics of Deep RL
09:00 AMTarun Kumar YadavKent Seamons
Automatic Detection and Prevention of Fake Key Attacks in Signal
09:15 AMJoshua GreavesDavid Wingate
Learning Inductive Biases With AutoRL
09:30 AMJordan JenkinsKent Seamons
Using Key Transparency to Detect Fake Key Attacks in Signal
09:45 AMMichael DeBuseSean Warnick
Plot Extraction and the Assessment of Event Importance in Stories
10:00 AMKolby NottinghamDavid Wingate
Using Logical Specifications for Multi-objective Reinforcement Learning

Computer Science Session #2

Chair: Brian Hill
Judge: Frank Jones
Judge: Chris Archibald
Location: JKB 3112
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMichael Simmons

Jacob Crandall
Human-Robot Cooperation in a Resource Sharing Scenario
10:45 AMSamuel Giraud-CarrierSeth Holladay
Retiming Smoke Simulation using Machine Learning
11:00 AMLevi PikeMike Goodrich
Social Network Swarms
11:15 AMMichael WhitneyBryan Morse
Deep Learning Assisted GrabCut
11:30 AMFanqing LinTony Martinez
Two-hand 3D Pose Estimation using Monocular RGB
11:45 AMJacob DavisCasey Deccio
DNS Privacy in Practice and Preparation
12:00 PMMatthew Christensen
Eric Mercer
Daniel Zappala
Formal Methods of Verification
12:15 PM

Computer Science Session #3

Chair: Dan Ventura
Judge: Seth Holladay
Judge: Ryan Farrell
Location: JKB 3106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMChris Sypherd
David Wingate
Commonsense Inference Using Large Language Models
08:30 AMBlake MossSean Warnick
Probabilistic Modeling of the 911 Emergency Response Process
08:45 AMDanny AllenKent Seamons
Casey Deccio
Analyzing Handshake - a blockchain-based supplement to DNS
09:00 AMJackson HuntFrank Jones
Overcoming learning curves through interactive media
09:15 AMJonathan DutsonKent Seamons
Help, My Phone’s Been Stolen! Automating Two-factor Setup Using Password Managers
09:30 AMMax Robinson

David Wingate
Holodeck: a High-Fidelity Simulator for Deep Reinforcement Learning
09:45 AMWilson ReddDavid Wingate
Leveraging Deep Learning to Identify Cervical Cancer: Finding Hay in a Haystack
10:00 AM

Computer Science Session #4

Chair: Kevin Seppi
Judge: Cory Barker
Judge: Nancy Fulda
Location: JKB 3106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMEric BrewerDennis Ng
Age-Suitability Prediction for Literature Using Deep Neural Networks
10:45 AMJames ConnersDaniel Zappala
Let\'s Authenticate!
11:00 AMKimball LeavittCasey Deccio
Where do my DNS queries go?
11:15 AMSean BrownEric Mercer
Detecting information flow via symbolic execution
11:30 AMAndrew CarrDavid Wingate
NMT exploration of knots and their invariants
11:45 AMLogan McBride
Mike Goodrich
Multi-User Swarm Interaction
12:00 PMDongguk JeonMark Clement
Correlation between Computer Science Class Grades
12:15 PM

Computer Science Session #5

Chair: Casey Deccio
Judge: Mike Goodrich
Judge: Daniel Zappala
Location: JKB 3104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMGarrett SmithKent Seamons
Measuring the Usability of YubiKey
08:30 AMjunseong AhnDavid Wingate
Inpainting Edge of High Resolution Images under control
08:45 AMJC WhiteFrank Jones
Mandarin Application of DOTKey
09:00 AMSean LaneSean Warnick
Case Study in Vulnerabilities of Infrastructure Systems
09:15 AMSterling LongFrank Jones
Purposeful Gaming
09:30 AMBogdan MukhametkalievSean Warnick
Testing the Hypothesis of Constant/IID Short-Term Price Movements in Financial Markets
09:45 AMMichael ClarkKent Seamons
Unlock your Brain Wallet by playing this one simple game
10:00 AM

Computer Science Session #6

Chair: Thomas Purdy
Judge: Paul Roper
Judge: Kent Seamons
Location: JKB 3104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSamuel NeffSean Warnick
Regularization Techniques in Reinforcement Learning Based on Bellman Residual Minimization and Least Squares Temporal Difference Learning
10:45 AMAlden HiltonCasey Deccio
DNS Cache Protection by Network Ingress Filtering
11:00 AMWesley AckermanTony Martinez
Semantic-driven Cross-domain Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
11:15 AMJoseph BillsDennis Ng
An Information Efficient Query Suggestion Approach Based on Implicit Structure of the Corresponding Corpus
11:30 AMCharles JohnsonSean Warnick
Graph Theoretic Foundations of Cyclic and Acyclic Linear Dynamic Networks
11:45 AMBerkeley AndrusNancy Fulda
Immersive Gameplay via Improved Natural Language Understanding
12:00 PMTolex GregorySean Warnick
Can a Machine Learn to Play Coup?
12:15 PM

CS 3-Minute Session #7

Chair: Geoff Nielsen
Judge: Michael Jones
Judge: Kimball Germane
Location: JKB 3108
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTsung-Chiang Johnny HuangCasey Deccio
Analysis and Potential Vulnerabilities on BIND9’s Implementations to Handle Errors
10:34 AMBlaine Johnson

Daniel Zappala
Tech Transfer of the Secure Socket API
10:38 AMJosh RobinsonDavid Wingate
Unsupervised Action Space Learning
10:42 AMBenjamin Ogles
Eric Mercer
Proving an Efficient Data Race Detection Algorithm Correct
10:46 AMAndrwe Pulsipher
Jacob Crandall
Junior High Game: Unifying Concepts of the Social Sciences
10:50 AMClinton McCardellKent Seamons
Simpler 2FA: Assessing Automated Second Factor Authentication Enrollment
10:54 AMPiper ArmstrongKevin Seppi
The Importance of Importance: Improving Cross-Reference Candidate Suggestion with PageRank
10:58 AMLuther TuckerMark Clement
FHTL Alexa
11:02 AMXuan CaoMike Goodrich
A Sample-Based Approach for Measuring Autonomous Agents Competency: Preliminary Results
11:06 AMNatalie TurleyNancy Fulda
Universal Decoder
11:10 AMTaylor Archibald
Tony Martinez
Scan, Attend, Recover: A Deep Encoder-Decoder Network to Recover Handwritten Strokes from Images
11:14 AMCassandra Boyce
David Wingate
Creating the Digital Pathologist for Rural India
11:18 AMMichael BriggsCasey Deccio
Security Through Source Port Randomization
11:22 AMKristi BrescianoMark Clement
Motif Discovery in Antimicrobial Peptides
11:26 AMNeal MunsonDavid Wingate
Asynchronous Dynamic Neural Networks
11:30 AMJacob HarrisMark Clement
Comparison of CNN Models in Handwriting Recognition
11:34 AMAadesh NeupaneMike Goodrich
Learning from Linear Temporal Logic based Goal Formulation
11:38 AMJames WassonEric Mercer
Lazy Transformation in a C Source Level Interpreter
11:42 AMTorsten Gang
Casey Deccio
IPv4 vs IPv6 Usage Statistics
11:46 AMDaniel WilkinsMark Clement
11:50 AMPuneet JainMike Goodrich
Representation of Swarm Optimization using Bi-Partite Graphs
11:54 AMJacob RohdeCasey Deccio
Survey of SPF Policy Adherence
11:58 AMJoseph Clark
Kevin Seppi
Automatic Semantic Type Detection Through Natural Language Processing
12:02 PMAdam WarnickMark Clement
Findings in Named Entity Recognition--Part of the HWR Pipeline
12:06 PMNajma MathemaMike Goodrich
Predicting Plans and Actions in Two-Player Repeated Games
12:10 PMMeredith Von FeldtMichael Jones
Understanding the Role of Video and Data in User Interfaces for Annotation of Activities in Sensor Data
12:14 PMAndy HallParris Egbert
Physically based learning for directable simulation in animation
12:18 PMEvan PetersonKevin Seppi
Hooked on Phonics with Deep Learning: Learning to Phonemicize Text with Attentive Sequence-to-Sequence Models
12:22 PMAndrew MerrillRyan Farrell
AI at the Edge for Species Detection and Classification

Geological Sciences Session #1

Chair: Tom Chidsey
Judge: Mike Dorais
Judge: John McBride
Location: JKB 3024
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMClaire AshcraftRon Harris
Field investigations, numerical modeling and Bayesian analysis of earthquake, tsunami and landslide risk in eastern Indonesia
08:30 AMAbby MangumRon Harris
Using Historical Documents to Assess Seismic Risk in Ambon, Indonesia
08:45 AMIan BellRon Harris
Comparing MASW measurements with previous earthquake data in Lombok Indonesia
09:00 AMGarret CarverJared Whitehead
Ron Harris
East Java tsunami hazard
09:15 AMBryce BerrettRon Harris
Tsunami Least Cost Path Evacuation Model & Online Application
09:30 AMBenjamin BartonSteve Nelson
Using HVSR and MASW to determine saprolite thickness on Oahu, Molokai, and Hawaii islands.
09:45 AMIsaiah SpringSteve Nelson
Geophysical Measurements of Weathering Profiles Thickness in the Hawaiian Islands
10:00 AMJoseph TolworthySteve Nelson
A Solute flux mass balance model of Waimea River Watershed, Kauai, USA

Geological Sciences Session #2

Chair: Eric Christiansen
Judge: John McBride
Judge: Tom Chidsey
Location: JKB 3024
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMPatricia Ascanio-PellonEric Christiansen
Do Yellowstone Basalts Have a Wet, Subduction-Zone Signature? Evidence from Plagioclase and Olivine Compositions
10:45 AMKatie BartonEric Christiansen
Links between eruptive styles, magmatic evolution, and morphology of shield volcanoes: Snake River Plain, Idaho
11:00 AMCamille CowanEric Christiansen
Detailed Topographic Maps of Shield Volcanoes Derived from Photogrammetry
11:15 AMPorter HenzeBart Kowallis
Eric Christiansen
Exploring igneous titanite textures and implications for geologic histories of the Little Cottonwood stock and Notch Peak granite, Utah.
11:30 AMRowan HuangJani Radebaugh
Eric Christiansen
Quantitative Analysis of Caldera Shape: Earth, Mars, and Io
11:45 AMRyan McCraryBarry Bickmore
Machine Learning and Full-Pattern Fitting Methods For Geochemical Analyses
12:00 PMAlan KetringJeff Keith
Titanite in Pebble Dikes in the East Traverse Mountains, central Utah, and its Implications for the formation of Mo-W deposits
12:15 PMJavier MatosMike Dorais
Deciphering the petrogenesis of two A-type granites: the Mount Osceola and the Conway granites, White Mountain Batholith, New Hampshire
12:30 PMHaley MosherEric Christiansen
Composition and texture of titanite in mafic enclaves in the Oligocene Little Cottonwood stock, Utah reveal its crystallization history

Geological Sciences Session #3

Chair: Dave Noble
Judge: Brooks Britt
Judge: Keryn Ross
Location: JKB 3016
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCameron CordnerGreg Carling
Spring water hydrochemistry holds clues to mineral exploration and influence of structural groundwater flow paths, East Tintic Mountains, UT
08:30 AMNathan GunnellSteve Nelson
Isotopic and Elemental Analysis of the Anthropogenic Impact in Farmington Bay
08:45 AMAlyssa PopeGreg Carling
Understanding health concerns from dust through fine particulate matter sampling of PM10, PM2.5, and TSP in Provo, UT
09:00 AMDelaney RoseGreg Carling
Examining the impact of melting glaciers on rivers and streams in Alaska
09:15 AMForrest StrechGreg Carling
An initial hydrochemical analysis of streams and springs derived from the tropical glacier of Coropuna, Peru
09:30 AMRichard Williams

Steve Nelson
Human Impacts on the Provo Lake From Freeze Core Analysis
09:45 AMRachel DrapeauBarry Bickmore
Reducing user error in QXRD analysis using machine learning
10:00 AMJake VoorheesRon Harris
Precambrian collisional metamorphism, submarine sliding, and low-angle normal faulting in the Beaver Dam Mountains, SW UT.

Geological Sciences Session #4

Chair: Dave Noble
Judge: Keryn Ross
Judge: Kevin Rey
Location: JKB 3016
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMEli LopezJohn McBride
Characterization of a Lake Bonneville spit to serve as a depositional model for large scale lacustrine deposits.
10:45 AMKevin LukeBrooks Britt
Testing sauropod neck flexibility hypotheses using 3-dimensional photogrammetric models of cervical vertebrae of Apatosaurus
11:00 AMNicole OrtizBrooks Britt
The impact of a virtual dinosaur excavation project on student academic performance in an introductory, university-level course about dinosaurs.
11:15 AMBrandon TheurerBrooks Britt
Honey, I Didn’t Blow Up the Bones: Using micro computed tomography to extract 3D digital renderings of drepanosaur bones from the Saints and Sinners Quarry
11:30 AM
11:45 AM
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Geological Sciences Session #5

Chair: Jani Radebaugh
Judge: Eric Christiansen
Judge: Kevin Rey
Location: JKB 3012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJoseph PhillipsSam Hudson
Building a Predictive Model for Stratigraphic Transitions and Lateral Facies Changes in the Cretaceous Almond Formation, Wyoming
08:30 AMAnnie SmootSam Hudson
Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Albian-Cenomanian Nanushuk Formation, North Slope, Alaska
08:45 AMPeter Van Katwyk

Sam Hudson
Geochemical source rock characterization of the Mowry Shale in the Wind River and Hannah Basins, Wyoming
09:00 AMAlexander YangScott Ritter
Reservoir Characterization and 3D Modeling of Aneth Carbonate Reef, Paradox Basin
09:15 AMAmarelda VoigtJohn McBride
David Tingey
Scott Ritter
Report on the GPR Imaging and Sedimentology of Holocene Strand Line Deposits, Crooked Island, Bahamas
09:30 AMDelaney RoseJani Radebaugh
Dune Length, Spacing and Direction in the Shangri La Sand Sea on Titan
09:45 AMJonathon SevyJani Radebaugh
10:00 AM

Mathematics Session #1

Chair: Eric Swenson
Judge: John Dallon
Judge: Chris Grant
Location: JKB 2111
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMErik HannessonBen Webb
Network Synchronization, Structure, and Specialization
08:30 AMEthan WalkerBen Webb
Network Specialization and Synchronizing Communities
08:45 AMAdam FidlerBen Webb
Modeling Communities in Real World Networks
09:00 AMJordan SellersBen Webb
An Evaluation of Theoretical Network Models
09:15 AMAbigail JenkinsBen Webb
A Network Study of Family Trees
09:30 AMTaylor GledhllBen Webb
Family Connections: A Graph Theoretic Approach
09:45 AMRomney NoelBen Webb
A network approach to improving the Family search database
10:00 AMClark BrownBen Webb
Modeling Taylor’s Law with Exponential Growth and Migration

Mathematics Session #2

Chair: Emily Evans
Judge: Shue-Sum Chow
Judge: Todd Fisher
Location: JKB 2111
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMReilly BeckstrandBen Webb
Equitable Decompositions and the Graph Fourier Transform
10:45 AMJoseph DrapeauBen Webb
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Graph
11:00 AMIsaac BeckerBen Webb
Stability for Linearized and Discretized Model Predictive Control (MPC)
11:15 AMJalen MorganBlake Barker
Parameterization method for nonlinear manifolds of PDEs.
11:30 AMSam Dailey
Emily Evans
John Dallon
Creating a Working Theory for the Biomechanics of Fibroblast Cells in the Extracellular Matrix
11:45 AMMikelle RogersEmily Evans
A Comparison of Effective Resistance and Katz Distance for Certain Families of Graphs
12:00 PMAdam Knudson
Resistance Distance in Flower Graphs
12:15 PMDongsheng WuXian-Jin Li
Eigenvalues of differential operators and zeros of L-functions
12:30 PMTaylor PaskettBlake Barker
Computer-Assisted Proof of Stability of Traveling Waves in Compressible Gas

Mathematics Session #3

Chair: Mark Hughes
Judge: Blake Barker
Judge: Michael Griffin
Location: JKB 2113
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMVanessa RicoJasbir Chahal
Coloring Geographic Maps Part 1
08:30 AMThomas FackrellJasbir Chahal
Coloring Geographic Maps - Part 2
08:45 AMJennifer CanizalesJasbir Chahal
Coloring Geographic Maps Part 3
09:00 AMMatthew HagueCurtis Kent
A variation on the Hadwiger-Nelson graph coloring problem
09:15 AMMatthew McGrathCurtis Kent
A topological version of Hadwiger-Nelson
09:30 AMJoshua Faught
Mark Kempton
Resistance Distance in Flower Graphs
09:45 AMTyler JonesMark Kempton
Random walks, page rank, and non-backtracking random walks
10:00 AMCory Glover
Mark Kempton
Spectral Properties of Non-backtracking Random Walks

Mathematics Session #4

Chair: Curtis Kent
Judge: Rodney Forcade
Judge: Stephen Humphries
Location: JKB 2113
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTrevor GarrityCurtis Kent
Path-connectedness of regular fibrations
10:45 AMAndrea BartonMark Hughes
Defining invariants from petal diagrams of knots
11:00 AMBrevan EllefsenMark Hughes
Khovanov Homology and the Jones Polynomial
11:15 AMThomas LiddleMark Hughes
Using Reinforcement Learning to find the slice genus
11:30 AMJared SloneMark Hughes
Combining Reinforcement learning ideas to solve complex problems
11:45 AMJoshua FullwoodNathan Priddis
An Overview of the Theory of K3 Surfaces with Elliptic Fibration
12:00 PMClara HuberNathan Priddis
Construction of the Landau-Ginzburg Model
12:15 PMKyle NiendorfNathan Priddis
Mirror Symmetry B-model Construction Comparison
12:30 PM

Mathematics Session #5

Chair: Tyler Jarvis
Judge: Nathan Priddis
Judge: Mark Kempton
Location: JKB 2110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMNicholas BastianStephen Humphries
On Schur Rings over Infinite Groups
08:30 AMRebeca PaulsenStephen Humphries
Weak Cayley Table Groups of Crystallographic Groups
08:45 AMJason DayTodd Fisher
Topological Mixing of Suspension Flows with Dense Periodic Points
09:00 AMXueming HuiTodd Fisher
09:15 AMHayden RingerTyler Jarvis
Multivariate Rootfinding Using Chebyshev Approximation and Möller-Stetter Matrices
09:30 AMTyler MoncurTyler Jarvis
Hyperparameters in Dense Neural Networks
09:45 AMWilliam WrightGregory Conner
Coordinated Persistent Homology in Analysis of Avian Vocalizations
10:00 AM

Mathematics Session #6

Chair: Darrin Doud
Judge: Pace Nielsen
Judge: Nick Andersen
Location: JKB 2110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMjunseong AhnTyler Jarvis
School Bus Route Generation with Stop Selection
10:45 AMSeong-Eun ChoTyler Jarvis
Image encoding of English sentences
11:00 AMLukas EreksonTyler Jarvis
A Numerical Method for Multivariate Rootfinding
11:15 AMSuzanna StephensonTyler Jarvis
Dimensionality Reduction in Multivariate Rootfinding
11:30 AMNatalie LarsenTyler Jarvis
Checking Existence of Roots in Numerical Root-finding
11:45 AMCristina LangeTyler Jarvis
Gerrymandering in Utah: Relevance and Leveraging Data
12:00 PMAnnika KingTyler Jarvis
Gerrymandering in Utah: Markov-Chain Monte Carlo
12:15 PMJacob MurriTyler Jarvis
Gerrymandering in Utah: Markov-Chain Monte Carlo Methods with Gibbs Sampling
12:30 PMDaniel ChristensenTyler Jarvis
Macaulay Matrix Reduction for a Numerical Root-finding Algorithm

Mathematics Session #7

Chair: Paul Jenkins
Judge: Kening Lu
Judge: Robin Roundy
Location: JKB 2112
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAmy Woodall
Nick Andersen
Shortcuts in Diophantine Approximations, Part 1
08:30 AMZachary Hacking
Nick Andersen
Shortcuts in Diophantine Approximations, Part 2
08:45 AMMiriam BeazerPaul Jenkins
Prime power congruences for coefficients of half-integer weight modular forms
09:00 AMRyan KeckPaul Jenkins
Congruences for coefficients of modular functions in levels 3, 5, and 7 with poles at 0
09:15 AMJonathan HalesMichael Griffin
Modular Parameterizations of Elliptic Curves
09:30 AMAbigail JonesMichael Griffin
Quadratic Forms
09:45 AMDaniel SouthMichael Griffin
Jensen Polynomials for Holomorphic Functions
10:00 AMElizabeth MelvilleDarrin Doud
Can we hear the shape of a fractal? Spectral consideration in the context of self-similar sets

Mathematics Session #8

Chair: Lennard Bakker
Judge: Steve McKay
Judge: David Cardon
Location: JKB 2112
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSpencer GiddensJared Whitehead
Optimization of LDPC Codes of Small Block Length
10:45 AMRyan Hilton

Jared Whitehead
Ron Harris
Identifying Tsunamis using Boulder Imbrication
11:00 AMHayden RingerJared Whitehead
Reconstructing Historical Seismic Events Using Bayesian Monte Carlo Methods
11:15 AMAdam Robertson

Jared Whitehead
Ron Harris
Combining Topography Files for Tsunami Wave Back-propagation Estimation
11:30 AMMingyan ZhaoMark Allen
Blake Barker
Resolving the gap for a free boundary on a cone
11:45 AMJacob MurriLennard Bakker
Collinear Equilibria in a Simplified 4-Body Problem
12:00 PMNicole HavensLennard Bakker
A Simplified Four-body Problem with Binary Asteroids
12:15 PMGarret CarverLennard Bakker
Study of local behavior at the colinear equilibrium of the restricted 4-body problem
12:30 PM

Mathematics Session #9

Chair: Mark Allen
Judge: Xian-Jin Li
Judge: Vianey Villamizar
Location: JKB 2114
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJonathan HalesPace Nielsen
Paul Jenkins
Michael Griffin
Spoof Odd Perfect Numbers
08:30 AMShelby Gold
Jennifer Brooks
Michael Dorff
Zeros of Complex Harmonic Polynomials Part 1: An Introduction and Visual Exploration
08:45 AMAlexander LeeJennifer Brooks
Michael Dorff
Zeros of Complex Harmonic Polynomials, Part 2: Proof of a Special Case
09:00 AMAlexandra Hudson
Jennifer Brooks
Michael Dorff
Zeros of Complex Harmonic Polynomials Part 3: Future Directions
09:15 AMSpencer TaylorGary Lawlor
The Triple Spatial Bubble Problem in R^3
09:30 AMJosh LinnellRodney Forcade
Multilattice Simplex Covering Problem
09:45 AMAaron LarsenShue-Sum Chow
Finite Difference Solution to the Bagley-Torvik Equation
10:00 AM

Mathematics Session #10

Chair: Scott Glasgow
Judge: Gary Lawlor
Judge: Robert Snellman
Location: JKB 2114
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJared ColemanScott Glasgow
Investigating Photon-Photon Interactions and Insights to the Nonlinearity of the Vacuum
10:45 AMMalorie Finch KasparianScott Glasgow
Quantum field theory unwelcomes the unphysical presence of self-interacting particles
11:00 AMKristen FunkScott Glasgow
Second Quantization of SU(3) Yang-Mills Hamiltonian
11:15 AMDevin McGhieScott Glasgow
Decay of a photon using a 1-D Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) Hamiltonian
11:30 AMSamuel CottamJohn Dallon
Cell Speed in Spring System Models
11:45 AMMary Ellen RosenJohn Dallon
Finding the Mean Squared Displacement for a Cell Motion Model
12:00 PMNathaniel NeubertJohn Dallon
Structural Impact on the Young's Modulus of Collagen Lattices
12:15 PMSpencer TalbotDenise Halverson
Modifications of Basic Zippered Tube Origami Patterns in the Design of Deployable Mechanisms
12:30 PM

Mathematics Education Session #1

Chair: Joe Wytiaz
Judge: Dan Siebert
Judge: Steve Williams
Location: JKB 2004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMPorter NielsenDawn Teuscher
Middle Grade Teachers\' Mathematical Meanings Regarding Geometric Reflections
08:30 AMAlicia HeningerKeith Leatham
Clarifiable Ambiguity
08:45 AMChelsey Van de MerweSteve Williams
Student use of mathematical content knowledge during proof production
09:00 AMEmma HoldawayKate Johnson
Identities of Students with Mathematics Learning Dis/abilities
09:15 AMNate SmithSteven Jones
Learning the Derivative Quantitatively
09:30 AMOlivia PayneBlake Peterson
Learning to Identify and Build on Student Thinking While Teaching in a Secondary Mathematics Classroom
09:45 AMKatelyn PyferDan Siebert
You Do Math Like a Girl: How Females Reason Quantitatively Outside of Formal and School Mathematics Contexts
10:00 AM

Mathematics Education Session #2

Chair: Steve Williams
Location: JKB 2004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBrinley StevensSteven Jones
Supporting Calculus Teachers in Teaching Quantitatively
10:45 AMLauren RigbyDan Siebert
Conceptual Understanding of Students with Disabilities
11:00 AMEmily AdamsKate Johnson
Beginning Teachers\' Journey to Reformed Practice
11:15 AMDana SteinhorstDan Siebert
Examining Student Algebra Errors
11:30 AMBrittany HopperSteve Williams
Math Labs as Intervention for At Risk Students
11:45 AM
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Mathematics Education Session #3

Chair: Joe Wytiaz
Location: JKB 2002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJanessa ClowardDawn Teuscher
Geometric Transformations: Alignment of Teachers’ Mathematical Goals to Research-Based Learning Trajectories
10:45 AMSarah Cox
Keith Leatham
Blake Peterson
Utilizing a public record in the mathematics classroom
11:00 AMKatie MelnykDawn Teuscher
Implication of students’ mastery of precalculus materials on their success in chemistry
11:15 AMCaleb LitsterDawn Teuscher
Geometric Transformations: Common Student Misconceptions with Rotations
11:30 AMCami MechamDawn Teuscher
The Gap in Student Understanding of Exponential Functions
11:45 AMShelby ThurgoodDawn Teuscher
Addressing Misconceptions in Mathematics
12:00 PMErin Matthews
Keith Leatham
Blake Peterson
Comparisons of Types of Public Records in a Classroom
12:15 PMCamilla PetersBlake Peterson
Keith Leatham
Critical usage of incorrect student thinking during mathematical instruction

Physics & Astronomy Session #1

Chair: Kenneth Woolley
Judge: David Allred
Judge: Paul Urie
Location: JKB 1020
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMRochelle SteeleJ. Ward Moody
Ramping it up: a new method of finding distances to galaxies
08:30 AMAaron GentillonKarine Chesnel
Magnetic domain patterns of Cobalt/Platinum thin films
08:45 AMParker HamiltonGus Hart
Nested sampling for high temperature phase diagrams
09:00 AMRJ CassRichard Vanfleet
Determining the Material Properties of Carbon Nanotube Structures Through Cantilever Resonances
09:15 AMAdam KingsleyBrian Anderson
Developing tools in LabVIEW for Time Reversal
09:30 AMCameron VongsawadTracianne Neilsen
Time-dependent characterization of an underwater acoustic measurement tank
09:45 AMTravis MaekawaMark Transtrum
Model Reduction of Wnt Pathway
10:00 AMChristena BentleyRobert Davis
Rapid Bacterial Capture Through Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles

Physics & Astronomy Session #2

Chair: Brian Anderson
Judge: Brian Anderson
Judge: Mark Lund
Location: JKB 1020
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMatthew LawyerJean-Francois Van Huele
Steps Towards Bohmian Quantum Information
10:45 AMJared DavidsonEric Hintz
Photometric analysis of the δ Scuti variable star GW Draconis
11:00 AMBenjamin ProudfootDarin Ragozzine
MultiMoon: A New Look at TNOs
11:15 AMEmma CampbellDenise Stephens
Helping TESS Find Exoplanets
11:30 AMKevin LeeteKent Gee
Coherence Analysis of a Simulated Jet at high Temperature
11:45 AMMerlin HartDavid Allred
Effect of Storage conditions for Thin Film reflectance
12:00 PMJacob FieldsDavid Neilsen
Gamma-ray Burst Afterglow Dynamics in Inhomogeneous Interstellar Media
12:15 PMKristi EppsMichael Joner
Flux Variability of an Active Galactic Nucleus

Physics & Astronomy Session #3

Chair: Scott Bergeson
Judge: Scott Bergeson
Judge: Clark Snelgrove
Location: JKB 1018
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMChad SamuelsonRichard Sandberg
Imaging strain at the nanometer scale with x-ray coherent diffraction imaging in order to make stronger materials
08:30 AMJohn ChristensenGus Hart
Why a Polygon is Mostly Pointless
08:45 AMJacob WardKent Gee
Spectral comparisons of noise from ground runup and flyover operations of a high-performance military aircraft
09:00 AMHenry DavisRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Spin-on Glass Sealing of Channel in Thermal Gradient Micro Gas Chromatography
09:15 AMKinamo WilliamsMark Transtrum
Bayesian Approach to Uncertainty Quantification of Interatomic Models in OpenKIM Database
09:30 AMAlex ShawBenjamin Frandsen
High Entropy Oxide Data Analysis
09:45 AMDallen PetersenRichard Sandberg
High-Precision Motorized Mirror Controller with 3D Printed Parts
10:00 AMLucas BarnesBrian Anderson
Optimization of the deconvolution time reversal process

Physics & Astronomy Session #4

Chair: Karine Chesnel
Judge: Karine Chesnel
Judge: Enoch Lambert
Location: JKB 1018
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAlexandra ChristensenJohn Colton
Brachytherapy implant evaluation using new isodose surface metrics
10:45 AMGabriel RichardsonDavid Allred
ZERODUR substrates for application of high-temperature protected aluminum far-ultraviolet coatings to future NASA missions
11:00 AMNathan StoneJean-Francois Van Huele
Use of Weak Value Amplification in Quantum Computing
11:15 AMTyler BennettScott Bergeson
Helical Resonator for a Dual-Species Hybrid Magneto Optical Ion Trap
11:30 AMSamuel BellowsTimothy Leishman
Modelling broad band radiation of tonal sound sources
11:45 AMBrittni PrattJustin Peatross
Measurement of Nonlinear Thomson Scattering
12:00 PMLogan MathewsKent Gee
Comparative Analysis of Three Falcon 9 Launches
12:15 PMMiranda MilesDenise Stephens
Identifying binary brown dwarf systems in HST archival data

Physics & Astronomy Session #5

Chair: Branton Campbell
Judge: Timothy Leishman
Judge: Branton Campbell
Location: JKB 1012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMHadassah MeyerMark Transtrum
Tracianne Neilsen
Identifying Sloppy Parameters in Simulated Transmission Loss
08:30 AMEthan GibsonBenjamin Frandsen
Antiferromagnetism in High Entropy Oxides
08:45 AMDaniel BerneckerRichard Sandberg
3 Dimensional Coherent Difraction Imaging
09:00 AMKristi EppsKent Gee
Validation of an Acoustic Dataset from a New Military Jet Aircraft
09:15 AMMargaret SmithTracianne Neilsen
Noise from Ground-based Exploding Balloons
09:30 AMCaleb GauntJ. Ward Moody
Control System for the ROVOR observatory
09:45 AMTalmage CoatesDennis Della Corte
Computational design of SAM enzymes
10:00 AMDaniel HodgeMichael Ware
Justin Peatross
Intensity Dependence of Radiation Scattered by Electrons in a Laser Focus

Physics & Astronomy Session #6

Chair: Dennis Della Corte
Judge: Dennis Della Corte
Judge: James Hart
Location: JKB 1012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMark AndersonKent Gee
Weather-robust System for Outdoor Acoustical Measurements
10:45 AMChanhyun PakJean-Francois Van Huele
Universal (N,M) Cloning in d dimensions.
11:00 AMKennen BrooksTimothy Leishman
11:15 AMNick AllenRobert Davis
Optical constants and thickness of ultrathin thermally evaporated iron films.
11:30 AMNicholas AtkinsonJustin Peatross
Michael Ware
Electron Motion in a High Intensity Laser Focus
11:45 AMElisabeth BanksEric Hintz
Preliminary Observations with the 5-inch Refracting Telescope at the Brigham Young University Observation Deck
12:00 PMStephen MaxfieldDavid Allred
Optical Constants of Aluminum Fluoride
12:15 PMCharles LewisJohn Colton
Neural Network Approximations for CdTe Temperature Sensors

Physics & Astronomy Session #7

Chair: John Colton
Judge: Eric Hintz
Judge: John Colton
Location: JKB 1010
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMScott OlsenRichard Vanfleet
Extreme Ultraviolet Application Of Carbon Nanotube Collimator
08:30 AMJames HarknessRobert Davis
3D printed metal micro columns for Thermal Gradient Gas Chromatography
08:45 AMJoshua RasbandMark Transtrum
Exploring the Behavior Space of the Hodgkin-Huxley Model
09:00 AMJake HughesBenjamin Frandsen
A new approach to traditional PDF symmetry mode calculations
09:15 AMEllyse TaylorMichael Ware
Justin Peatross
Microscopic Dust Particles Trapped in a Laser Beam
09:30 AMBenjamin WhettenRichard Sandberg
Wavenumber Error in Interference Pattern Structured Illumination Imaging
09:45 AMKira HowarthTracianne Neilsen
Effect of signal to noise ratio on a convolutional neural network
10:00 AMJessica MartinNathan Powers
Assessing Shifts in Lab Assistant Attitudes

Physics & Astronomy Session #8

Chair: Benjamin Frandsen
Judge: Benjamin Frandsen
Judge: Nicholas Harrison
Location: JKB 1010
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDallin HaslamTimothy Leishman
An archival database of high-resolution directivities
10:45 AMDavid AndersonBranton Campbell
Applying Symmetry Modes to Rietveld Refinement
11:00 AMKylie WolfeSteven Turley
Implementing Theta-2-Theta Measurements to Measure Mirror Reflectance
11:15 AMIsa KohlsDavid Neilsen
Robert Davis
Design of a Heater for use in Thermal Gradient Gas Chromatography
11:30 AMJarrod HansenEric Hintz
Identifying and Understanding Short Period Variable Stars Using All Sky Surveys
11:45 AMEvan DodsonRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Optimizing Carbon Nanotube Growth for Circuit Transfer
12:00 PMNathan SchwartzJohn Colton
Characterizing Thin Films through SEM Analysis
12:15 PMLogan PageDavid Allred
Production and Analysis of UO¬x and ThOx Thin Films

Physics & Astronomy Session #9

Chair: Grant Hart
Judge: Grant Hart
Judge: Dean Hutchison
Location: JKB 1008
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJared MillerScott Sommerfeldt
Evaluating acoustic simulation fidelity through machine learning
08:30 AMDanae StephensDennis Della Corte
Developing a reliable initial model for protein folding predictions.
08:45 AMTyler WestoverRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Miniaturized infrared spectrometer for wearable applications
09:00 AMDaniel MortensonTracianne Neilsen
Mapping the Ocean with Machine Learning
09:15 AMNathan FoulkGus Hart
Two-Dimensional Integration of Band Structure through Quadratic Interpolation
09:30 AMColby WalkerKarine Chesnel
The effect of x-ray illumination on magnetic domain memory in [Co/Pd] / IrMn multilayers]
09:45 AMEthan FletcherBenjamin Frandsen
Probing the Mott transition in V2O3 with Pair Distribution Function Analysis
10:00 AMJohn NigliazzoRichard Sandberg
Application and Design of a Single-shot Ptychographic System for Ultrafast Lensless Diffractive Imaging

Physics & Astronomy Session #10

Chair: Michael Joner
Judge: Michael Joner
Judge: Stuart Harper
Location: JKB 1008
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAlexandra GallionSteven Turley
Spectroscopic Analysis of Thin Film Mirror Coatings
10:45 AMJohn EberhardDenise Stephens
Statistical Spectral Fitting of Brown Dwarf Binary Candidates
11:00 AMAaron VaughnKent Gee
On the possibility of Mach reflections in shock-containing noise near tactical aircraft
11:15 AMDevin LewisDavid Allred
Thin film Al XUV mirror degradation over time measured by ellipsometry
11:30 AMEmma McClureJohn Colton
Optical Properties of Rhodamine B and Cadmium Telluride as Temperature Sensors
11:45 AMAdam SwaseyJohn Ellsworth
X-ray Spectroscopy for the Identification of Thorium Fuel Salt Constituents
12:00 PMPaul BaileyJean-Francois Van Huele
Universal Quantum Circuitry: Deutsch Gate Construction Using GaAs/InAs Quantum Dots
12:15 PMEthan RobinsonOvercoming the No-Superposition Theorem in Quantum Mechanics

Physics & Astronomy Session #11

Chair: Eric Hirschmann
Judge: Eric Hirschmann
Judge: Bailey Hsu
Location: JKB 1006
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJohnathon RackhamKarine Chesnel
Mark Transtrum
Branton Campbell
Modeling magnetic correlations in magnetite nanoparticle assemblies using x-ray magnetic scattering data
08:30 AMSarah OstergaardTracianne Neilsen
Directionality of Exploding Balloons as Scale-Model Volcanoes
08:45 AMMahonri RomeroMichael Ware
Justin Peatross
Gas Species Dependence of Nonlinear Thomson Scattering an Intense Laser Focus
09:00 AMYonatan KurniawanMark Transtrum
Uncertainty quantification of classical interatomic potentials in OpenKIM database
09:15 AMIan BaconScott Sommerfeldt
Determining acoustic sound power radiated from a flat plate using a vibration-based sound power method
09:30 AMAustin JarrettDennis Della Corte
Redesign of Radical SAM Enzyme
09:45 AMMayalen LakerJ. Ward Moody
A Test of the Strong Cosmological Principle Using the Flux Ratio of OIII Forbidden Transitions
10:00 AMHayden OliverGus Hart
Use of Moment Tensor Potentials as a high-throughput method for evaluating materials

Physics & Astronomy Session #12

Chair: J. Ward Moody
Judge: J. Ward Moody
Judge: David Conlee
Location: JKB 1006
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBryce SpencerGrant Hart
Improving Confinement of a Non-Neutral Plasma
10:45 AMCorbin MacielRichard Sandberg
Simple Optical Setup to Perform Coherent Diffraction Imaging
11:00 AMJake JensenEric Hintz
Balmer-line Photometric narrow-band observations of Open Star Clusters
11:15 AMFrancisco IrarrazabalKent Gee
Infrasonic microphone calibration project
11:30 AMJoshua VawdreyDavid Allred
Starshade\'s function in the HabEx mission
11:45 AMJason SaundersJean-Francois Van Huele
Beyond the Limits of Classical Measurement
12:00 PMJarrod HansenDenise Stephens
Examining Brown Dwarfs Using Data from the GAIA Satellite and Near-Infrared Sky Surveys
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #13

Chair: David Neilsen
Judge: David Neilsen
Judge: Caleb Goates
Location: JKB 1004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAmanda HowardRobert Davis
Rapid Separation of Bacteria from Blood Using Surface-Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles
08:30 AMXin ZhaoMark Transtrum
Crowd Noise Data-piping System
08:45 AMBrian PatchettBrian Anderson
Time reversal focusing of high amplitude sound in a reverberation chamber: Optimizing the placement of transducers
09:00 AMNick PorterRichard Sandberg
Etalon interference laser wavelength metrology using webcams
09:15 AMRaju BaralBenjamin Frandsen
A quantitative study of short-range correlations in triangular Ising antiferromagnet TmMgGaO4 via magnetic pair distribution function analysis
09:30 AMHannah CoonsRobert Davis
Monte Carlo Simulation of Light in the Wrist
09:45 AMBrayden BekkerGus Hart
Transferable Machine-Learned Interatomic Potential for Materials Discovery
10:00 AMMichael BassettKent Gee
Far-field acoustical measurements during GEM-63 static firings

Physics & Astronomy Session #14

Chair: Nathan Powers
Judge: Nathan Powers
Judge: Jacob Albretsen
Location: JKB 1004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMKenan FronkDavid Allred
Steven Turley
Determining Decay Models and Lifetimes of Aluminum Fluoride Thin Films in Relation to Temperature
10:45 AMEthan EdwardsSteven Turley
The Effects of Roughness on Reflection
11:00 AMJames EriksonJohn Colton
Photoluminescence Lifetime as an Indicator of Temperature in CdTe Quantum Dots
11:15 AMJames McKenzieBranton Campbell
Visualizing Phase Transitions and Coset Graphs
11:30 AMSpencer RobertsRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Mechanical characterization of Carbon Nanotube based Neural Probes
11:45 AMReese RasbandKent Gee
Employing digital pole-shifting filters to improve low-frequency response of sonic boom measurements
12:00 PMMatthew RicksChris Archibald
Imagining Magnetic Domains of Multilayered [Co/Pt] Thin Films
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #15

Chair: Bryan Peterson
Judge: Bryan Peterson
Judge: Dan Allen
Location: JKB 1002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBryce HedeliusDennis Della Corte
Inference of Protein Structure via Multidimensional Scaling of Deep Learning Predictions
08:30 AMDaniel JonesJ. Ward Moody
Testing the Stability of Fundamental Parameters with Time
08:45 AMNicolas DucharmeBenjamin Frandsen
Connections between magnetic correlations and local crystalline structure in two dilute magnetic semiconductors
09:00 AMCarson RichardsKarine Chesnel
Imaging Landau Closure Domains
09:15 AMTaylor BuckwayRichard Sandberg
Developing Tabletop Soft X-ray Source for Magnetic Imaging
09:30 AMPaige SimpsonBrian Anderson
Experimental analysis of the size and shape of time reversal chaotic cavities for nondestructive evaluation
09:45 AMKyle LarsenRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
David Miller
Bioimpedance spectroscopy for non-invasive health monitoring
10:00 AMBraedon JonesMark Transtrum
Ginzburg-Landau simulations of Nb3Sn in large magnetic fields

Physics & Astronomy Session #16

Chair: Neil Rasband
Judge: Ron Ainsworth
Judge: Neil Rasband
Location: JKB 1002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMIan ClarkDenise Stephens
The Periods and Period Changes of ZZ Piscium
10:45 AMAlec PetersenRichard Sandberg
Muon spin spectroscopy
11:00 AMLandon SchneblyRichard Sandberg
Introduction and Overview to Coherent Diffractive Imaging
11:15 AMEmma RasmussenJohn Ellsworth
Modeling Electron Scattering within a Charged-Fermion Spectrometer
11:30 AMScott JohnstunJean-Francois Van Huele
Robustness of a quantum algorithm in the presence of noise
11:45 AMSpencer KingJohn Colton
Synthesis of P-type Zinc Oxide Thin Films
12:00 PMAbigail GrahamDarin Ragozzine
Orbital Resonance in Extrasolar Planetary Systems
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #17

Chair: Denise Stephens
Judge: Denise Stephens
Judge: Justin Peatross
Location: JKB 1013
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDerek HensleyGus Hart
Mapping Grain Boundary Metastable States with Unsupervised Learning
08:30 AMCarter DayRichard Sandberg
Shadow Effects in IPSII Imaging
08:45 AMDaniel McPhersonKarine Chesnel
Computational Analysis of Magnetite Nanoparticles
09:00 AMConnor MorrisDennis Della Corte
Dynamic Consensus Docking
09:15 AMChase VanfleetRobert Davis
Miniaturized x-ray collimators through tungsten infiltration of carbon nanotube microstructures
09:30 AMJacob NuttallMark Transtrum
Improving Methods of Understanding Complex Models
09:45 AMCarla WallaceBrian Anderson
High-amplitude focusing of ultrasound in air using time reversal
10:00 AMGabriel FronkTracianne Neilsen
Frequency-dependant characterization of an underwater acoustic measurement tank

Statistics Session #1

Chair: Dennis Tolley
Judge: Dennis Tolley
Judge: Phil White
Location: JKB 2011
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMatt DrewesNatalie Blades
Bayesian Variable Selection for Evaluating Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malaria
08:30 AMTimo PewRichard Warr
Justification for Considering Zero-Inflated Models in Intersection Safety Analysis
08:45 AMJeremy MeyerDavid Dahl
Richard Warr
The Attraction Indian Buffet Distribution (AIBD)
09:00 AMShelby TaylorMatthew Heaton
Predicting and Explaining Preadolescent Children\'s PM10 exposure
09:15 AMCeleste IngersollMatthew Heaton
Bayesian Approach to Real-time Spatiotemporal Prediction Systems for Respiratory Syncytial Virus
09:30 AMSpencer NewcombDavid Dahl
An Improved Merge-Split Sampler for Dirichlet Process Mixture Models
09:45 AM
10:00 AM
10:15 AM

Statistics Session #2

Chair: Scott Grimshaw
Judge: Dennis Eggett
Judge: Scott Grimshaw
Location: JKB 2011
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMRuo-Yun WangRobert Richardson
Comparison of Classification Models
10:45 AMAubrey OdomWilliam Christensen
Term Project: Methodology and Applications of Multi-Group Structural Equation Modeling
11:00 AMSpencer EbertShannon Tass
Natural Language Processing on Therapist Notes
11:15 AMZoe Gibbs

Robert Richardson
Brian Hartman
Using Bayesian Spatiotemporal Modeling to Understand Mortality Rates in the United States
11:30 AMHannah NyholmRobert Richardson
Computer Model Validation for Stress-Strain Curves
11:45 AMBrittany RussellDennis Tolley
Matthew Heiner
Garritt Page
Combining Data Sets with Bayesian Missing Data Models: An Analysis of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Samoa
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Statistics Session #3

Chair: Jonathan Blake
Judge: William Christensen
Judge: Garritt Page
Location: JKB 2009
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMegan LouderScott Grimshaw
Predicting Box Office Revenue
08:30 AMLynsie WarrMatthew Heaton
Validating Climate Data Products in High Mountain Asia using Spatially-varying Mixture Models
08:45 AMAdam Ott

Brinley Zabriskie
Brian Hartman
Improving Ambulatory Care Sensitive Emergency Department Admissions Predictions by Accounting for Spatial and Familial Correlation Structures
09:00 AMThomas JensenRichard Warr
Random Focal Partition Process
09:15 AMDevin JohnsonDavid Dahl
Summarizing Distributions of Latent Structures
09:30 AMSteven OrgillMatthew Heiner
Parameter Estimation of the Weibull Distribution
09:45 AM
10:00 AM

Statistics Session #4

Chair: David Dahl
Judge: David Dahl
Judge: Matt Heiner
Location: JKB 2009
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBrianne Gurney
Candace Berrett
Signal Processing for Noisy Multi-source Data
10:45 AMBrandon CookShannon Tass
A Nonstationary, Anisotropic Model for Sand Dune Data
11:00 AMMadeline MorrisMatthew Heaton
Mixture Model Approximation for Point Pattern Data
11:15 AMAngela LarkinGarritt Page
Predicting Cluster Membership in Patients with ACL Injuries
11:30 AMDaniel SheanshangPhilip White
Using a Heteroscdastic Spatially Varying Coefficients Regression Model to Estimate Below-Ground Temperatures
11:45 AMCason WightRichard Warr
Inference for semi-Markov models with panel data
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Statistics Session #5

Chair: Jonathan Blake
Judge: Lynne Nielsen
Judge: Brian Hartman
Location: JKB 2107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMPeter ShumwayDennis Tolley
Quantifying the carbon savings of non-utility solar and determining which statistical metrics should be used when determining which indigenous communities worldwide would benefit the most from non-utility solar.
10:45 AMPablo ZubeldiaDennis Tolley
Estimation of the Effects of Vaccination using a Natural Experiment
11:00 AMNicole Lant
Gilbert Fellingham
Predicting Body Motion
11:15 AMJared ClarkRichard Warr
Exploring Alternatives to the Monte Carlo Bootstrap
11:30 AMSam Blackburn
Richard Warr
Analyzing Disguised Defensive Movements in NCAA Football
11:45 AMReagan BurbankMatthew Heaton
Finding Important Factors in Rivers
12:00 PMDavid TeuscherGilbert Fellingham
MLB Offensive Performance with Bayesian Nonparametric Models
12:15 PMClark BlatterIdentifying Changes in Temperature Trends

Interdisciplinary Data Science #1

Chair: Dennis Della Corte
Judge: Shannon Tass
Judge: Brinley Zabriskie
Location: JKB 2104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMYajing ZhaoJared Whitehead
Predict Chaotic Models with Machine Learning
08:30 AMSamuel HimesDavid Michaelis
Generating Parameters for Biochemical Computational Studies
08:45 AMJacob Stern

David Wingate
Siamese Network Pre-training and Attention-based CNN for Whole-slide Medical Image Classification
09:00 AMMason AcreeTracianne Neilsen
Exploration of Convolution Neural Networks for Source Localization and Seabed Classification using tones on a VLA
09:15 AMDavid Van KomenTracianne Neilsen
Using multi-task deep learning to predict range and seabed type in the ocean
09:30 AMStephanie HerronTracianne Neilsen
Dictionary Learning for Sound Speed Profiles in Ocean Acoustics
09:45 AMDean SobczakGarritt Page
A Pairs Trading Approach
10:00 AM

Interdisciplinary Data Science #2

Chair: Pam Van Ry
Judge: Dan Ess
Judge: Sean Warnick
Location: JKB 2104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMatthew SteffenBen Webb
Family Networks and Measurements of Centrality
10:45 AMJoseph LeungBen Webb
Incorporating Social Connections in Predicting Sport Teams
11:00 AMCollin G. CribbsPam Van Ry
Mining the cancer databases to create a metastasis biosensor
11:15 AMZachary Brown
Nancy Fulda
Towards Neural Program Interfaces
11:30 AMNathaniel RobinsonNancy Fulda
Improved Word Representations Via Summed Weight Slices
11:45 AMMitchell CutlerMark Transtrum
Kent Gee
Using Machine Learning to Guide Geospatial Data Collection
12:00 PMNolan Cole
Brinley Zabriskie
Improving Clinical Trials Through Meta-Analysis: Estimating Heterogeneity in Meta-Analysis for Binary Outcomes.
12:15 PM

Interdisciplinary Data Science #3

Chair: Stephen Richardson
Judge: Candace Berrett
Judge: David Wingate
Location: JKB 2105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBrooks ButlerSean Warnick
On the Informativity of Visual vs. Acoustic Data for the Detection of Violence in Crowd Control
08:30 AMDallin ClaytonSean Warnick
Propaganda as Control: Theory and Insights
08:45 AMAdam KotterSteven Graves
Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis with lipid serum biomarkers
09:00 AMWilliam MelvilleSean Warnick
Including Batter Sprint Speed in the Calculation of the Intrinsic Value of a Batted Ball and Other Baseball Research
09:15 AMWendy BillingsDennis Della Corte
David Wingate
ProSPr: Protein Structure Prediction using Deep Learning
09:30 AMMichael NelsonTyler Jarvis
Predicting Optimal Learning Rates
09:45 AMDallen StarkMark Transtrum
Audio Feature Reduction of Basketball Crowd Noise
10:00 AM

Interdisciplinary Data Science #4

Chair: Quinn Snell
Judge: Ben Webb
Judge: Mark Transtrum
Location: JKB 2105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMCole A. LymanMark Clement
Discovering Genome Wide Association using the Polygraph
10:45 AMHayden RingerJared Whitehead
Reconstructing Historical Seismic Events Using Bayesian Monte Carlo Methods
11:00 AMHyejung LeeDennis Tolley
Detection of Analytes with Bivariate Absorbances in Liquid Chromatography
11:15 AMMitchell WassomDennis Tolley
Assessing, Monitoring, and Managing Bias
11:30 AMKennedy GiffordBrett (Life Sciences) Pickett
Understanding the Mechanisms of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Infection
11:45 AMCory Hunter

Michael Dorff
Robert Snellman
NCH Captial (Part 2): Anomaly Detection for 2016
12:00 PMRebecca Flores

Michael Dorff
Validating Metrics for Stock Cycle Prediction, Part 1
12:15 PM