Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #1)

Chair: Jennifer Nielson
Judge: Jennifer Nielson
Judge: Ryan Kelly
Location: JKB 1102
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAnna V NielsenAdam Woolley
Solid Phase Extraction and Fluorescent Labeling of Preterm Birth Biomarkers in 3D Printed Microfluidic Devices
08:30 AMJiuzhi GaoDaniel Austin
Peak Amplitude vs. Peak Area: which better measures charge in CDMS?
08:45 AMNitish BhardwajJaron Hansen
Source Apportionment Study in the Bountiful Region
09:00 AMMichael BeauchampAdam Woolley
High resolution 3D printed microfluidic devices for particle trapping, on-chip reactions, and detector interfacing
09:15 AMElaura GustafsonDaniel Austin
Electrospray ionization: mimicking Martian dust for charge detection mass spectrometry
09:30 AMRobert HansonAdam Woolley
Combining Sequence-Specific DNA Hybridization with Single-Molecule Detection to improve Treatment of Sepsis
09:45 AMAndrew ArslanianDavid Dearden
Dependence of CRAFTI cross-sections on ion-neutral center-of-mass kinetic energy and ion dissociation energy
10:00 AMDhruv ShahMatthew Linford
Uniform, Thermal ALD of Al2O3 and ZnO on Zirconia Particles

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #2)

Chair: Emily Patterson
Judge: Emily Patterson
Judge: Lee Hansen
Location: JKB 1102
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJamir ShresthaDavid Dearden
Determining topologies of alkylammonium complexes of Cucurbit[6]uril using multiCRAFTI techniques in an FTICR mass spectrometer.
10:45 AMMichaela McCownRyan Kelly
Sam Payne
Developing a simple data management system
11:00 AMDaniel BallifAdam Woolley
Methyl Methacrylate Based Photopolymerizing Resin for 3D Printing Microfluidic Devices
11:15 AMBenjamin GeorgeAdam Woolley
Conditions for Fluorescent Labeling of Preterm Birth Biomarkers
11:30 AMHalle MurrayDaniel Austin
Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry with Printed Circuit Boards for Analysis of Mars Dust Particles
11:45 AMHanna BurginJaron Hansen
Increases in Anaerobic Digestion Biomethane Production Following Pretreatment with Caldicellulosiruptor bescii
12:00 PMSean ChapmanMatthew Linford
Mathematical Analysis of Capillary Electropherograms of Autologously Doped and Undoped Blood
12:15 PMKylie LytleSteven Goates
Lowering SERS limit of Detection to Measure Insulin Levels

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #3)

Chair: James Moody
Judge: Kenneth Christensen
Judge: James Moody
Location: JKB 1104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMTheresa SmithBarry Willardson
The Role of the Cytosolic Chaperonin CCT in folding RPE65
08:30 AMRichard CarsonJohn Price
Calorie Restriction Conditions May Modulate Aging Rates by Altering Ribosomal Maintenance and Quality
08:45 AMChrissy EgbertJoshua Andersen
A ubiquitin mediated mechanism of TNK1 activity and stability
09:00 AMJeremy TsangKenneth Christensen
Capillary Morphogenesis gene 2 mediates multiple pathways of growth factor-induced angiogenesis by regulating endothelial cell chemotaxis
09:15 AMJonard Corpuz ValdozPam Van Ry
4-dimensional cell imaging for disease modeling
09:30 AMHsien-Jung LinJohn Price
Using protein stability as a matric of protein quality in protein homeostasis
09:45 AMTsz Yin ChanJoshua Andersen
A novel 14-3-3ζ-dependent mechanism of TNK1 regulation that promote cancer tumorigenesis
10:00 AMMary VallecilloPam Van Ry
Galectin-1 Protein Therapy Decreases Disease Pathology in Cell Models of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2B

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #4)

Chair: Kenneth Christensen
Judge: Steven Graves
Judge: Kenneth Christensen
Location: JKB 1104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMEranga Roshan Balasooriya Loku BalasooriyageJoshua Andersen
14-3-3z mediated mechanisms of cancer cell survival in hypoxia
10:45 AMShelby HarrisRichard Watt
Cellular Iron Regulation: Blessing and Bane
11:00 AMMatthew TeynorPam Van Ry
Galectin-1 protein therapy increases the membrane repair capacity in cell models of LGMD2B
11:15 AMSean ZoccaBarry Willardson
Structure of the mLST8-CCT Folding Complex
11:30 AMKristina KohlerJoshua Andersen
TNK1 reveals a novel autoinhibitory function of the UBA domain
11:45 AMDavid TrippKenneth Christensen
Required Post-Translational Modifications of Capillary Morphogenesis Gene 2 for Co-Localization of ß-arrestin Upon Treatment of Anthrax Toxin
12:00 PMRyan MoorePaul Savage
Ceragenins: A New Option in Orthopedic Surgery
12:15 PMSteven YorkRichard Watt
Homocysteinylation of Transferrin Reduces Iron Binding Efficiency

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #5)

Chair: Matt Linford
Judge: Matt Linford
Judge: Rebecca Sansom
Location: JKB 1106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAbraham De la CruzDaniel Austin
Experimental Design of a Rotor Induce Collision Cell (RICC) to study Racemization of Amino Acids at Hypervelocity Impacts Prior to Mass Analysis in Space.
08:30 AMIsabella JamesJohn Price
Paul Farnsworth
Desorption Electrospray Ionization (DESI) and Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Lipid Metabolism in Alzheimer’s Disease
08:45 AMBasu AryalAdam Woolley
Development of Gold-Tellurium Junctions on Single DNA Templates and Study of Their Electrical Properties
09:00 AMMatt HyerKenneth Christensen
Developing fluorescent biosensors to investigate how intraglycosomal pH affects regulation of glycolysis in BF trypanosoma brucei
09:15 AMJames OtaniMatthew Linford
Improving SPME (Solid Phase Microextraction) Through the Study of Films
09:30 AMYonghoo JoKenneth Christensen
Optimization of the fluorescent ATP/ADP ratio sensor PercevalHR in vivo in Trypanosoma brucei
09:45 AMLara GretherRichard Watt
Simple Empowering Lateral Flow Immunoassay
10:00 AM

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #6)

Chair: Adam Woolley
Judge: Matt Linford
Judge: Adam Woolley
Location: JKB 1106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDavid HarrisAdam Woolley
Optimizing conditions for the capture, enrichment, labeling and detection of DNA from antibiotic resistant genes in sepsis
10:45 AMRadhya Weligama GamageDaniel Austin
The effects of electrode misalignment on the performance of a Linear Wire Ion Trap
11:00 AMJoseph WilsonDavid Dearden
The Effects of Neutral Guest in Cucurbit[5]uril Complexes Containing Various Metals on Its CRAFTI Collision Cross Sections
11:15 AMJessica RichardsJaron Hansen
Air Sampling Study of Particle Formation
11:30 AMNathan GiauqueSteven Goates
Low-volume Detection in Spectroscopy
11:45 AMKaren MembrenoMatthew Linford
David Allred
Al Oxidation as Function of Ultrathin MgF2 Coatings
12:00 PMDiana CalvopinaAdam Woolley
Metallization of self-assembling DNA nanotubes to create conductive gold nanowires
12:15 PMJeff ChapmanMatthew Linford
ToF-SIMS Analysis of Glass Surfaces

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #7)

Chair: Steven Goates
Judge: Steven Goates
Judge: Shila Chatterjee
Location: JKB 1108
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMHaifa AlmughamsiAdam Woolley
Development of immunoaffinity extraction monoliths for preterm birth biomarkers in 3D printed microfluidic devices.
08:30 AMEmily BurrellJaron Hansen
Computational and Experimental Study of the Kinetics and Thermodynamics of New Particle Formation
08:45 AMCarson BatemanJaron Hansen
Efficient Conversion of Waste Streams to Biomethane
09:00 AMJacob NielsenAdam Woolley
Analysis of Thrombin-Antithrombin Complex Formation using Microchip Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry to Facilitate Preterm Birth Risk Diagnosis
09:15 AMGrant KlinglerDaniel Austin
Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry
09:30 AMJacob ShanerDavid Dearden
Kinetic Energy Dependence on CRAFTI Measurements: Reaching the Sweet Spot
09:45 AMEnoch CouncillRyan Kelly
Modification of a commercial liquid handling robot for automated preparation of proteomic samples within nanoliter volumes
10:00 AMJeffrey CoombsSteven Goates
Quantitative Measurement of Blood Insulin with Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Analytical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #8)

Chair: Steph Burt
Judge: Steven Goates
Judge: Steph Burt
Location: JKB 1108
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDulashani Ruwanthika Ranasinghe WeerakkodigeAdam Woolley
Metal nanomaterial synthesis and placement on nanoscale DNA structures to make electrically conductive nanowires
10:45 AMDhananjay PatelMatthew Linford
Fabrication of Novel, High Capacity, Coated SPME Fibers by Sputtering and Thin Film Deposition.
11:00 AMElaine LazaldeAdam Woolley
Detecting Sepsis Related DNA Using Fluorescence
11:15 AMNoah MismashDavid Dearden
Use of computational chemistry to predict ion-neutral collision cross-sections and understand ion chemical behavior
11:30 AMMariah PayDavid Dearden
Cucurbit[6]uril Structure with Alkylammonium and Ion Cap.
11:45 AMKate ThorpeJaron Hansen
Pretreatment of Biomass for Biofuel Conversion
12:00 PMRyan RutterJaron Hansen
Anaerobic Digestion: From Lab to Pilot Scale
12:15 PMLandon FisherMatthew Linford
ToF-SIMS Analysis of Surface Hydroxyls on Multicomponent Display Glass Surfaces

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #9)

Chair: Pam Van Ry
Judge: Barry Willardson
Judge: Pam Van Ry
Location: JKB 1101
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAshley MarkhamPam Van Ry
Biologic Therapeutic for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
08:30 AMConnor HolmanJohn Price
Investigating Modified Lipid Metabolism in Brain Tissue Associated with Varying Isoforms of Apolipoprotein in Relation to Alzheimer\'s Disease
08:45 AMAustin EllisKenneth Christensen
The role of hyaline fibromatosis mutations in Capillary Morphogenesis Gene 2 loss of function.
09:00 AMJames WoodsPam Van Ry
The Role of Gastroesophageal Reflux in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
09:15 AMDavid FooteRichard Watt
Triferic as a Treatment for Anemia of Chronic Inflammation
09:30 AMAndy BennettSteven Graves
Gender Specific Lipid Biomarkers for Alzheimer\'s Disease
09:45 AMAlexandra ThornockJoshua Andersen
LIMD1 and Atg9 Interaction in Autophagy
10:00 AMJuliana MorrisonSteven Graves
Lipid Biomarkers to Diagnose Early-Stage Alzheimer\'s Disease

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #10)

Chair: Barry Willardson
Judge: Barry Willardson
Judge: Pam Van Ry
Location: JKB 1101
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMWilliam TenneyJoshua Andersen
C-Terminus Truncation of TNK1 Promote Kinase Activity
10:45 AMSpencer HayesPam Van Ry
Galectin-1 Reduces Inflammation Signaling in Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2B
11:00 AMZachary HamiltonKenneth Christensen
Endocytosis as an alternative glucose uptake mechanism in Trypanosoma brucei
11:15 AMKyle CutlerJohn Price
Deuterater: An Analyte-Agnostic Refactoring of Kinetic Analysis Software for Deuterium-Labeled Metabolomics
11:30 AMTheo Stoddard-BennettRichard Watt
Applying HIV Protease Inhibitors to Lower Inflammatory Hepcidin Production
11:45 AMMark GoldKenneth Christensen
Identification of Capillary morphogenesis gene protein-2 binding motif and Putative Binding Sites in Collagen VI
12:00 PMMisael LazaroJoshua Andersen
ATG9A and ULK1 mechanisms in Autophagy
12:15 PMTaylor LundgrenSteven Graves
Developing Serum Diagnostic for Endometriosis by a Peptidomic Approach

Organic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #11)

Chair: David Michaelis
Judge: Steve Castle
Judge: David Michaelis
Location: JKB 1103
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMIsaac SmithMerritt Andrus
Acetamide [3 + 2] cycloaddition for the synthesis of MDR Reversal Pyrrolidinoindoles
08:30 AMKelton ForsonDavid Michaelis
Boron templated cyclization of allylic alcohols
08:45 AMDaniel JoaquinSteven Castle
Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Yaku\'amide A Analogues
09:00 AMSteven DraperJosh Price
Polyethylene Glycol and the Hydrophobic Effect
09:15 AMConcordia LoSteven Castle
Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Yaku\'amide A
09:30 AMKimberlee SternJosh Price
Context Dependence of Non-covalent Interactions
09:45 AMReuben DassMatt Peterson
Synthesis of Potential Anticancer Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
10:00 AMClinton KingDaniel Ess
CH activation by antimony pentafluoride

Organic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #12)

Chair: Steve Castle
Judge: Steve Castle
Judge: Shenglou Deng
Location: JKB 1103
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMGrant LofgreenDavid Michaelis
Novel Peptide Catalyst Stapling
10:45 AMGarrison NickelSteven Castle
Microwave-promoted cyclization of oxime ethers
11:00 AMRyan SelfaisonSteven Castle
Iminyl Radical Cyclization Reactions
11:15 AMNathan LyonsDavid Michaelis
Boron-Templated Dimerization of Alkenes and Hydrolysis
11:30 AMThomas KnappPaul Savage
Efficacy of Ceragenin Cationic Steroid Antibiotic Coated Surgical Pins
11:45 AMconnor yostPaul Savage
SA Vaccines
12:00 PMLindsey MeserveyPaul Savage
Finding a Link Between Impetigo and Rheumatic Heart Disease
12:15 PMJared NeeleyMerritt Andrus
Production of Pyrroloindolines through 3+2 Cycloaddition reactions

Inorganic & Physical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #13)

Chair: Dan Ess
Judge: Dan Ess
Judge: Jeremy Johnson
Location: JKB 1105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJonathan LynchRoger Harrison
Syntheses and Crystal Structures for Three Cu(II)-cyclen complexes
08:30 AMKaylee RellafordJames Patterson
Optical Characterization of Stressed Aerospace Grade Aluminum
08:45 AMBrittany KnightonJeremy Johnson
Simple Two-dimensional Terahertz Measurements and Energy Flow Pathways
09:00 AMDoo-Hyun KwonDaniel Ess
Computationlly Directed Molecular Catalyst Design
09:15 AMClayton MossJeremy Johnson
Multi-Beam Plasma Terahertz Generation
09:30 AMKyle ClarkDaniel Ess
Matt Asplund
David Michaelis
Density Functional Theory Investigation of Heterodinuclear-Catalyzed Hydrostannylation
09:45 AMNaomi FlindtRichard Watt
Quantification of Iron in Biological Samples using XRF
10:00 AMRyan CarlsenDaniel Ess
Paddleball Dynamics in a Rhodium Methyl Hydride Complex

Physical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #14)

Chair: Stacey Smith
Judge: Matt Asplund
Judge: Stacey Smith
Location: JKB 1105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJosh WheelerDaniel Ess
Density Functional Theory Study of Sn(IV) Mediated Benzene C-H Activation
10:45 AMJames CoombsDaniel Ess
Using Density Functional Theory to Understand the Spin Crossover mechanism for Dinuclear Nickel Catalysis
11:00 AMAlessandra HoopesJeremy Johnson
Identifying Fibrotic Tissue Using THz Spectroscopy
11:15 AMPeter RosenBrian Woodfield
Heat Capacity of Crystalline Forms of the Metal-Organic Framework Zinc 2-methylimidazolate in Vacuum and Under Pressure
11:30 AMTsung-Chiang Johnny HuangDaniel Ess
Development and Use of the DynSuite Program for Quasiclassical Direct Molecular Dynamics Simulations
11:45 AMEmma CarlsenJames Patterson
Spectroscopic Analysis of Chemically Stressed Naval Grade Aluminum
12:00 PMCharles BahrJeremy Johnson
David Michaelis
Heterogeneous Structures for Improved THz Generation
12:15 PMGabriel ValdiviJeremy Johnson
David Michaelis
Optimal packing for molecular terahertz generation crystals: just one carbon away

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #15)

Chair: John Price
Judge: Richard Watt
Judge: John Price
Location: JKB 1107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAshari KannangaraJoshua Andersen
A BioID approach reveals a network of ATG9A interactions, including an ULK1-independent ATG13 subcomplex that regulates ATG9A trafficking from endosomes
08:30 AMMargaret GrangerJeremy Johnson
Pam Van Ry
Terahertz Imaging of Fibrotic Tissue
08:45 AMCecilia FosterPam Van Ry
Creating a New Mouse Model for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Using Acid Reflux
09:00 AMElizabeth WuerchJohn Price
Analyzing phenotype and the effect of genetic drift between Mice Companies
09:15 AMSariah DorianScott Burt
Decellurization of Porcine Hearts for Pharmaceutical Research
09:30 AMCody RobertsKenneth Christensen
The Role of CMG2 Cytosolic Tail in Mediating Endocytosis
09:45 AMMichael MannBarry Willardson
Structural and functional analysis of the role of the chaperonin CCT in mTOR complex assembly
10:00 AMKimberly CoronadoSteven Graves
Alzheimer Disease Lipid Biomarkers Gender Cases VS Controls

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #16)

Chair: Richard Watt
Judge: Richard Watt
Judge: John Price
Location: JKB 1107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDaniel PooleJoshua Andersen
Degradation of Processing Bodies is Mediated by LIMD1-Dependent Autophagy
10:45 AMEddie LeeKenneth Christensen
Capillary Morphogenesis gene 2 mediates extracellular matrix uptake and targets it for degradation to maintain ECM homeostasis
11:00 AMColten McEwanJoshua Andersen
Identifying LRBA as a Novel ATG9A Trafficking Regulator
11:15 AMJessie PayneKenneth Christensen
CMG2 in Angiogenesis
11:30 AMR. Alejandro ZegarraPam Van Ry
Basic 3D Lung Model for Lung Diseases
11:45 AMJoseph CreeryJohn Price
Identifying ApoE isoform dependent changes for protein turnover in the brain
12:00 PMConnor KnightPam Van Ry
Cellular Transformation is Evident in the Induction of Lung Fibrosis
12:15 PMRobert FenderJoshua Andersen
14-3-3zeta Mediation of PTOV1 in Oncogenic Pathways

Inorganic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #17)

Chair: Roger Harrison
Judge: Roger Harrison
Judge: Christine Ackroyd
Location: JKB 1115
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJoshua DaumRoger Harrison
Aggregation of Glutamic Resorcinarenes
08:30 AMLindsey AlderKara Stowers
CO2 ODH Catalyst XRD Characterization
08:45 AMDallin ArnoldJeremy Johnson
Levitating Nanoparticles in an Optical Trap
09:00 AMTeiresias DowningRoger Harrison
Bismuth Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Synthesis
09:15 AMEmma OrcuttKara Stowers
Oxidative Dehydrogenation using Hydrogen Oxidant
09:30 AMCameron JacksonDaniel Ess
Using Computational Tools to Create Organometallic Reaction Animations
09:45 AMBen VestalRoger Harrison
Separating Pertechnetate From Common Water Sources
10:00 AMEthan DamronRoger Harrison
Copper (II) N-(-2-aminoethyl)glycine and its Adamantane Analogs as Influenza Inhibitors

Inorganic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #18)

Chair: John Lamb
Judge: Roger Harrison
Judge: John Lamb
Location: JKB 1115
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSpencer LeeKara Stowers
Oxidative Dehydrogentation of Ethane to Ethylene
10:45 AMKelsey CanizalesKara Stowers
Brian Woodfield
Catalysis of the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane
11:00 AMJefferson BourdeauDavid Michaelis
Using Bimetallic complexes to promote coordination and site selectivity in Transition Metal Catalyzed CH and CC activation Reactions
11:15 AMMikayla TwiggsRoger Harrison
2-Copper(II) 2,6-bis(N-methylglycine)-4-methylphenol as an Influenza M2 Inhibitor
11:30 AMCamille JacksonKara Stowers
Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane
11:45 AMDaniel JohnstonRoger Harrison
Copper Complexes as Influenza Inhibitors
12:00 PMJacob WarrenRoger Harrison
Detecting and Preconcentrating Pertechnetate in Aqueous Environments
12:15 PMZachary EvansRoger Harrison
Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials for H2S Desulfurization

Organic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #19)

Chair: Merritt Andrus
Judge: Matt Peterson
Judge: Merritt Andrus
Location: JKB 1117
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAlexander RamosSteven Castle
Synthesis of Simplified Yaku\'amide A Analogues
08:30 AMWendy BillingsJosh Price
Dennis Della Corte
Using molecular dynamics to structurally characterize cooperative protein interactions
08:45 AMBraden KartchnerMerritt Andrus
Optimization of Synthesis of Antiviral F4-4
09:00 AMAshley HoldawayDaniel Ess
Computational Models for Sn(IV) Mediated Benzene C-H Activation
09:15 AMKyle GassawayDavid Michaelis
Exploring the Abilities of a Boron-Templated Cascade Reaction
09:30 AMAaron ZauggPaul Savage
Proteomic Analysis of Chlorhexidine Resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
09:45 AMAlexandra LarsonDavid Michaelis
Synthetic Process and Application of AP20187
10:00 AMJohn WilsonPaul Savage
Ex Vivo Study of Synergistic Activity of Ceragenins with Caspofungin and Amphotericin B

Organic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #20)

Chair: Matt Asplund
Judge: Merritt Andrus
Judge: Matt Asplund
Location: JKB 1117
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJatinder SinghSteven Castle
Rendering Helical Peptides More Suitable as Anti-Cancer Agents
10:45 AMShannon SmithDavid Michaelis
Selective Stapling of Natural, Unprotected Amino Acids to Induce Helicity and Increase Peptide Stability
11:00 AMMichael LeeSteven Castle
Substitution of Bulky Dehydroamino Acids in 310 Helices
11:15 AMJordan TretbarDavid Michaelis
Peptide Crystals
11:30 AMTanner BrinleyMerritt Andrus
Pyrroloindoline synthesis
11:45 AMDallin LowderPaul Savage
Vaccine Targeting Pneumonia Disease, Glycolipid Synthesis
12:00 PMSeth LeCatesPaul Savage
Q-Beta particle and adjuvant conjugant.
12:15 PMShawn GublerPaul Savage
SA Vaccines

Organic Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #21)

Chair: Paul Savage
Judge: Steven Wood
Judge: Paul Savage
Location: JKB 1119
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDiego MoyaSteven Castle
Synthesis of Yaku\'amide A Analogues
08:30 AMNick RollinsDaniel Ess
Combining Quassiclassical Direct Dynamics and Machine Learning for Thermal Deazetization
08:45 AMChristopher JensenDavid Michaelis
Heterobimetallic Palladium Ligand for C-C activation
09:00 AMAndrew AtoaPaul Savage
Efficacy of CSAs in Wound Treatments Against Hypochlorous Acid Solutions
09:15 AMMillicent CampbellDavid Michaelis
Using molecular modeling to optimize the enzyme-like reactivity of a bifunctional helical peptide catalyst
09:30 AMBrooke PlilerMerritt Andrus
Synthesis of Englerin Desmethyl Mimic
09:45 AMJordan CoburnPaul Savage
Synergy of Ceragenins with Caspofungin and Amphotericin B Against Candida species
10:00 AMStephen WhiteScott Burt
Synthesis of Analogues of Yaku\'amide A

Biochemistry (Chem & Biochem #22)

Chair: Steven Wood
Judge: Steven Wood
Judge: Paul Savage
Location: JKB 1119
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMRebecca ViazzoPam Van Ry
Improvements in Cell and Animal Models of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis using Pepsin
10:45 AMColin MuirJoshua Andersen
14-3-3zeta Interacts with TAK1 Under Hypoxic Conditions to Regulate Cell Survival in Cancer
11:00 AMDaniel PoulsonPam Van Ry
Using Acid Reflux to Cause Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in Mice
11:15 AMHenry GoldJoshua Andersen
LRBA Deficiency and its affect on autophagy and ATG9A trafficking
11:30 AMStephen HarrisRichard Watt
The Role of TIMPs in Fibrosis
11:45 AMNathan ZunigaJohn Price
Protein Stability: Determining C1/2 via Chemical Labeling Method
12:00 PMGarrett ParkerKenneth Christensen
Glucose Uptake Inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei
12:15 PMJohn WheelwrightKenneth Christensen
Identifying the Effects of Phosphorylation on the Cytosolic Tail of CMG2

Physical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #23)

Chair: Matt Asplund
Judge: Matt Asplund
Judge: Stacey Smith
Location: JKB 1121
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMRichard HardyJeremy Johnson
Modeling ultrafast reversal of the ferroelectric polarization in LiNbO3
08:30 AMMadison RhoadesEric Sevy
Comparison of Vibrational State Density to Energy in Fluorobenzene to Determine Gateway Modes
08:45 AMMatthew DicksonBrian Woodfield
A new method for studying carbon dioxide absorption through heat capacity measurements
09:00 AMJordan JenkinsDaniel Ess
Python Tools for Analysis of Direct Molecular Dynamics Simulations, and Application to the Dynamics of Rhodium Reductive Coupling
09:15 AMDallin SmithJames Patterson
Spectroscopic Effect of Polymer Strain Rate
09:30 AMDallin AshtonJosh Price
Thermodynamic Effects of Site Specific PEGylation Near Solvent Exposed Nonpolar Residues
09:45 AMJacob DavisMatt Asplund
IR spectroscopy of bimetallic catalysts
10:00 AMErika JacksonDavid Michaelis
Jeremy Johnson
Centrosymmetric versus non-centrosymmetric crystals for terahertz generation: Just one carbon away

Physical Chemistry (Chem & Biochem #24)

Chair: Eric Sevy
Judge: Eric Sevy
Judge: James Patterson
Location: JKB 1121
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMLauren RawlingsJeremy Johnson
Terahertz Waveform Considerations for Nonlinearly Driving Lattice Vibrations
10:45 AMSamuel PughDaniel Ess
Using Machine Learning to Predict Dynamical Product Ratios from Quasiclassical Direct Dynamics Simulations
11:00 AMSteven JacobsenDavid Michaelis
Guiding the Synthesis of Enzyme-Like Peptide Catalysts Using Computational Modeling
11:15 AMBenjamin HeinerJeremy Johnson
Generation of Terahertz Light Using a Water Plasma
11:30 AMAldair AlejandroJeremy Johnson
Using High-field Terahertz Spectroscopy to Measure Anharmonicity and Collisional Energy Transfer in Mono-fluorobenzene
11:45 AMMegan NielsonJeremy Johnson
Analysis of Terahertz Phonon Modes in beta-Barium Borate
12:00 PMSpencer JeppsonJames Patterson
Normalizing Second-Harmonic Generation Spectroscopy Signals
12:15 PM

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #25

Chair: Rebecca Sansom
Judge: Rebecca Sansom
Judge: Christine Ackroyd
Location: JKB 1123
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMPraneeth HettikankanangeDaniel Austin
Qualitative and Quantitative Characterization of Sticky Paper Spray Ionization for Analysis of Analytes in Powder Form
10:45 AMTaylor FishAdam Woolley
Development of Immunoaffinity Extraction of Lactoferrin in 3D-Printed Microfluidic Devices for Preterm Birth Diagnosis
11:00 AMVictoria CarverMatthew Linford
The Measurement of silanol (SiOH) Groups on Chemically Treated Fused Silica Surfaces by ALD.
11:15 AMSkylar Van HorneJaron Hansen
Acetate and Lactate Produced by C. bescii Treatment of Biomass
11:30 AMAnna SchoutenDaniel Ess
Evaluating Perceptions, Motivation, and Knowledge from Industrial Organic Chemistry
11:45 AMErica SuhRebecca Sansom
Developing Student Process Skills in a Freshmen Chemistry Laboratory
12:00 PMDavid SchvaneveldtSteven Goates
Stability of Nalbuphine
12:15 PMKarissa KenneyDavid Michaelis
Terahertz Generation

Computer Science Session #1

Chair: Frank Jones
Judge: Tony Martinez
Judge: Frank Jones
Location: JKB 2110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDanny AllenKent Seamons
Adapting Centralized Reduced-Trust Public Key Infrastructure to a Permissionless Blockchain
08:30 AMCade DanielCasey Deccio
Quantification and Identification of Obstacles to Strict DNS Cookie Enforcement in the Domain Name System
08:45 AMKolby Nottingham

David Wingate
Holodeck: a High-Fidelity Simulator for Deep Reinforcement Learning
09:00 AMTravis GrahamMichael Jones
Using Augmented Reality to aid in the Development Workspace
09:15 AMChristie PartingtonQuinn Snell
Social Media as a Plaftorm for Mental Health Campaigns
09:30 AMRiley NortonSean Warnick
(Not) Learning Demand for Dynamic Pricing
09:45 AMDavid HartBryan Morse
Style Transfer for Light Field Photography
10:00 AMWilson Redd
David Wingate
But how do you detect a cancerous cell?

Computer Science Session #2

Chair: Steve Richardson
Judge: Daniel Zappala
Judge: Kimball Germane
Location: JKB 2110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMWesley AckermanTony Martinez
Cross-Domain Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
10:45 AMAshton LarkinMike Goodrich
Dynamically Feasible, Energy-Efficient Planning With RRT*
11:00 AMNancy FuldaDavid Wingate
Linguistic Embeddings as a Common-Sense Knowledge Repository: Challenges and Opportunities
11:15 AMHannah Boekweg
Sean Warnick
Network Reconstruction for Biochemical Reaction Networks
11:30 AMBrandon SchoenfeldKevin Seppi
David Wingate
Mark Clement
A Dynamic Neural Architecture (DNA) for Transferable Metalearning over Machine Learning Pipelines
11:45 AMJonathan ArmknechtKent Seamons
Comparing the Setup of Five Two-Factor Authentication Methods
12:00 PMJoseph Johnson

Jacob Crandall
The Junior High Game: Unifying Models of the Social Sciences
12:15 PM

Computer Science Session #3

Chair: Paul Roper
Judge: Paul Roper
Judge: Kevin Seppi
Location: JKB 2112
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCalen BufordSean Warnick
Do You Hear What I Hear? Behavioral Modeling of Crowd Acoustics
08:30 AMMelanie JensenMichael Jones
Math Learning Software for Speakers of Many Languages
08:45 AMGordon poon
Dennis Ng
Recommending Social-interactive Games for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
09:00 AMSean FlynnParris Egbert
Techniques for Artist-Friendly Fluid Simulation in the Entertainment Production Environment
09:15 AMJesse Williams

Mark Clement
Handwriting Recognition
09:30 AMPatrick HammondBryan Morse
Deep Synthetic Noise Generation for RGB-D Dataset Augmentation
09:45 AMZachary Brown

David Wingate
Democratizing Cancer Screening: Deep Methods for Reducing Costs in Low-Resource Communities
10:00 AM
10:15 AM

Computer Science Session #4

Chair: Brian Hill
Judge: Mark Clement
Judge: Jerod Wilkerson
Location: JKB 2112
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAdam HeningerSean Warnick
Greenhouse Irrigation Program Using an Adaptive Linear Model of Evapotranspiration Rate
10:45 AMEric Brewer
Dennis Ng
Personalized Scholarly Article Recommendations Based on the Recurrent Neural Network and Probabilistic Models
11:00 AMLevi PikeMike Goodrich
Multi-Human Management of a Hub-Based Colony: Efficiency and Robustness in the Cooperative Best-M-of-N Task
11:15 AMRoland LaboulayeKevin Seppi
Flow and Language Model based Embedding (FLaME)
11:30 AMEric SchofieldFrank Jones
DOTKey: Better Typing on Touchscreens
11:45 AMJoshua GreavesDavid Wingate
Sample-Efficient Distributional Policy Gradients
12:00 PMFanqing LinTony Martinez
Two-hand 3D Tracking using Monocular RGB
12:15 PM

Computer Science Session #5

Chair: Jacob Crandall
Judge: Scott Woodfield
Judge: Jacob Crandall
Location: JKB 2114
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKeaton Kimball
Sean Warnick
Fundamental Symmetries in the Security of Feedback Systems
08:30 AMAndrew CarrDavid Wingate
Graph Neural Processes: Towards Bayesian Graph Neural Networks
08:45 AMBrian DavisBryan Morse
Deep Visual Template-Free Historical Form Parsing
09:00 AMGeorge SpendloveDan Ventura
Inferring the Linguistic and Semantic Formats of Hierarchically Structured Creative Artifacts
09:15 AMSeth LamDennis Ng
CrsRecs: A Personalized Course Recommendation System for College Students
09:30 AMDevon HowardDaniel Zappala
Designing for Understanding: Helping Users of Signal to Understand the Authentication Ceremony
09:45 AMJonathan DutsonKent Seamons
User Attitudes About DUO Two-Factor Authentication at BYU
10:00 AMMadeline ReinhardSean Warnick
Objective Art: Analyzing Convolutional Neural Networks’ Ability to Identify Objects from Realistic to Abstract Paintings

Computer Science Session #6

Chair: Cory Barker
Judge: Cory Barker
Judge: Sean Warnick
Location: JKB 2114
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMNajma MathemaMike Goodrich
Modeling Human Behavior in Repeated Games
10:45 AMJared Neilson

David Wingate
Semi-Supervised Learning with UMAP Embeddings
11:00 AMBen Clough
Ryan Farrell
Eye Spy: Leveraging Human Eye Tracking in Computer Image Identification
11:15 AMMichael BrodieTony Martinez
Finetuning CoachGAN
11:30 AMBen MurdochDavid Wingate
Translating Multi-Agent Communication
11:45 AMMason PoggemannKevin Seppi
Transfer Learning with Meta Learning
12:00 PMErik HuckvaleFrank Jones
Applications of DOTkey
12:15 PM

Computer Science Session #7

Chair: Peter Aldous
Judge: David Wingate
Judge: Peter Aldous
Location: JKB 2111
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAndrew Hirschi

Mark Clement
Family History in virtual reality
08:30 AMMatthew HoltDaniel Zappala
After HTTPS: Indicating Risk on Deceptive Websites
08:45 AMSamuel Giraud-CarrierSeth Holladay
Automated Backward Smoke Simulation
09:00 AMElkin RomeroSean Warnick
How American Time Distribution Change According to Different Trends
09:15 AMMichael WhitneyBryan Morse
Deep Computer Vision Parameter Tuning
09:30 AMTarun YadavKent Seamons
Automating the Authentication Ceremony in Signal
09:45 AMAlyssa Crezee
Sean Warnick
Event Tagging for Narrative Reconstruction
10:00 AMCorey WoodfieldQuinn Snell
The Effect of Emotionally Charged Memes on the Human Mind

Computer Science Session #8

Chair: Quinn Snell
Judge: Quinn Snell
Judge: Evan Child
Location: JKB 2111
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMichael Simmons

Jacob Crandall
Robotic Proficiency Self-Assessment
10:45 AMEllie Van De GraaffKevin Seppi
Generating Meta Features to Best Select Learning Models
11:00 AMSterling LongFrank Jones
Purposeful Gaming Framework
11:15 AMPatrick SpencerSeth Holladay
Game Development on Avast Ye
11:30 AMMcKell WoodlandDavid Wingate
Unsupervised Creation of Robust Environment Representations for Reinforcement Learning
11:45 AMJoseph BillsDennis Ng
Targeting Therapeutic Games to Individual Needs of Adults with Autism Spectrum
12:00 PMJame WassonEric Mercer
Precise Pointer Arithmetic in Abstract Interpretation
12:15 PM

CS 3-minute session #9

Chair: Ryan Farrell
Judge: Mike Goodrich
Judge: Ryan Farrell
Location: JKB 2107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBrian BrownMark Clement
Fighting Germs with Machine Learning
08:19 AMKimball LeavittCasey Deccio
The DNS \"First Mile\"
08:23 AMKristi BrescianoMark Clement
3M - Motif Finding in Antimicrobial Peptides
08:27 AMCourtni ByunKevin Seppi
Michael Jones
Investigating Video Annotation by Non-Experts
08:31 AMAdam WarnickMark Clement
Form-Labeling: Using Machine Learning to Link Data on Scanned Documents
08:35 AMDallin PulsiperSeth Holladay
Hero\'s Life
08:39 AMJordan AndersenMark Clement
Creating a phylogenetic tree simulator with Horizontal Gene Transfer
08:43 AMTanner Norton
Casey Deccio
SPF Analysis
08:47 AMMike CrowtherMark Clement
08:51 AMSean BrownEric Mercer
A posteriori taint tracking with relative stack heights
08:55 AMJared CookMark Clement
Refining Virtual Pedigree
08:59 AMS. Jacob Powell
Eric Mercer
ZipperOTF: Automatic, Precise, and Simple Data Race Detection
09:03 AMChris ArnoldMark Clement
3M - Relative Finder
09:07 AMJames ConnersDaniel Zappala
Let\'s Authenticate: Authentication using certificates as an alternative to passwords
09:11 AMJeremy HodgesMark Clement
Family Calendar
09:15 AM
09:19 AM
09:23 AM
09:27 AM
09:31 AM
09:35 AM
09:39 AM
09:43 AM

CS 3-Minute Session #10

Chair: David White
Judge: Mike Jones
Judge: Bryan Morse
Location: JKB 2107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMStephen CowleyKevin Seppi
Cross-referencing using Fine-grained Topic Modeling
10:34 AMLance HaderlieScott Woodfield
Big Data Complexities in Family History Work
10:38 AMAustin KolanderKent Seamons
Performing a Fake Key Attack on Secure Messaging Apps
10:42 AMAaron ChanKent Seamons
Detecting Fake Encryption Keys in Secure Messaging Apps
10:46 AMJared RydalchRyan Farrell
Circle Intensity Ratio Descriptors
10:50 AMTaylor ArchibaldTony Martinez
An Autoregressive, Boundless Chirographer
10:54 AMAli Jessee
Frank Jones
Computer Science Curriculum Design
10:58 AMMeher ShaikhMike Goodrich
Intent-based Robotic Path Replanning: When to Adapt New Paths in Dynamic Environments
11:02 AMAlden HiltonCasey Deccio
DNS Cache Protection by Network Ingress Filtering
11:06 AMJacob LivingstonMike Goodrich
11:10 AMSamuel Litster
Scott Woodfield
Deep Data Cleaning: TreeSweeper
11:14 AMMadeleine Aydelotte
Scott Woodfield
A Probabilistic Approach to the Merging Problem
11:18 AMIsrael Lopez AltamiranoMike Goodrich
Effect of a 3D-Mixed-Reality Interface in Executing or Carrying Out User Intent.
11:22 AMDillon HarrisRyan Farrell
3D imaging for insect recognition in computer vision
11:26 AMTaylor SorensenRyan Farrell
Pose Alignment in Computer Vision
11:30 AMAadesh NeupaneMike Goodrich
Learning Swarm Behaviors using Grammatical Evolution and Behavior Trees
11:34 AM
11:38 AM
11:42 AM
11:46 AM
11:50 AM
11:54 AM
11:58 AM

Geological Sciences Session #1

Chair: Jeff Keith
Judge: Jeff Keith
Judge: Keryn Ross
Location: JKB 1125
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBryce BerrettRon Harris
Bamboo Seismic Retrofitting for Simple Indonesian Structures
08:30 AMAbby MangumRon Harris
Using Historical Documents to Assess Seismic Risk in Indonesia
08:45 AMTara NyeRon Harris
Modeling of stress accumulation along faults in Sumatra for use in seismic hazard evaluation
09:00 AMRachel WillmoreRon Harris
Seismic gap along Java Trench, Indonesia and implications for a 9.0 magnitude earthquake
09:15 AMNatalie BarkdullGreg Carling
Mercury contamination from four artisanal and small scale gold mining areas in Java, Indonesia
09:30 AMAlec MartinJeff Keith
Eric Christiansen
Swiss Army Titanite – A versatile indicator mineral in a Mo-W Porphyry Deposit
09:45 AMTober DyorichEric Christiansen
David Tingey
Accurate Geochemical Analysis Begins in the Field: A Look at Creons Cave Basalt, Snake River Plain, Idaho
10:00 AMPeter Van Katwyk
Steve Nelson
Differentiating halloysite and kaolinite using formamide in Hawaiian soils

Geological Sciences Session #2

Chair: Steve Church
Judge: Ron Harris
Judge: John McBride
Location: JKB 1125
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMNatalie BarkdullGreg Carling
Impacts of glacier meltwater on water chemistry and discharge in Dinwoody Creek, Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA
10:45 AMCameron CordnerGreg Carling
Concentration-discharge relationships reveal trends in solute input to the upper Provo River, UT
11:00 AMMichael GoodmanGreg Carling
Wasatch Front atmospheric deposition reflects regional desert dust and local anthropogenic sources
11:15 AMNathan GunnellSteve Nelson
Isotopic Analysis of the Anthropogenic Impact in Farmington Bay
11:30 AMTia MisuracaGreg Carling
Levels of Phosphorus in Farmington Bay Ice Core Related to Harmful Algal Blooms
11:45 AMDelaney RoseGreg Carling
Mercury in Mary Ellen Gulch and American Fork Canyon
12:00 PMJonathon Sevy
Steve Nelson
Human Impacts on the Farmington Bay From Freeze Core Analysis
12:15 PMSheena SmithsonGreg Carling
Phosphorus Cycling in Utah Lake and its Contribution to Harmful Algal blooms
12:30 PMApril TreviñoSam Hudson
Fluvial Architecture and Reservoir Modeling along Strike Direction of the Trail Member of the Ericson Sandstone, Mesaverde Group in southwest Wyoming

Geological Sciences Session #3

Chair: Dave Noble
Judge: Bart Kowallis
Judge: Eric Christiansen
Location: JKB 1127
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDallin AlbrightBarry Bickmore
A charge transfer model for use with bond valence
08:30 AMBrandon TheurerBrooks Britt
Triassic Period CSI—A taphonomic study of 80+ sphenosuchians from the Saints and Sinners Quarry in northeastern Utah
08:45 AMRudger DameJani Radebaugh
Calculating Roughness of Planetary Surfaces using 3D Terrain Models
09:00 AMDylan McDougallJani Radebaugh
A Window to Mars In Yardangs Big and Small
09:15 AMJonathon SevyJani Radebaugh
Field Evidence of Wind Pattern Effects on Yardang Morphology
09:30 AMCaleb SmithJani Radebaugh
Using a Predictive Model to help Identify Potential Meteorite Recovery Sites in Utah
09:45 AMKaleb MarkertJohn McBride
Scott Ritter
Sam Hudson
David Tingey
Depositional Modeling Carbonate Strand Plain Development Using High-Resolution GPR and C-14 Dating
10:00 AMAmarelda Voigt
John McBride
David Tingey
Scott Ritter
Preliminary Report on the GPR Imaging and Sedimentology of Holocene Strand Line Deposits, Crooked Island, Bahamas

Geological Sciences Session #4

Chair: Tom Chidsey
Judge: Brooks Britt
Judge: Kevin Rey
Location: JKB 1127
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMPatricia Ascanio-PellonEric Christiansen
Do Yellowstone basalts have a wet, subduction-zone signature? Evidence from plagioclase and olivine compositions.
10:45 AMLevi De CrescenzoEric Christiansen
The History of Yellowstone Lavas: X-Ray Diffraction in the Kimberly Core
11:00 AMPorter HenzeBart Kowallis
A Tale of Two Granites: Zonation in Titanite from Notch Peak and Little Cottonwood Stocks, Utah
11:15 AMRowan HuangJani Radebaugh
Eric Christiansen
Quantitative Analysis of Caldera Shape
11:30 AMCollin JensenJeff Keith
Multi-stage construction of the Little Cottonwood Stock, Utah: Intrusion, venting, mineralization, and mass movement
11:45 AMSamuel MartinJeff Keith
Trace element, melt inclusion, and oxygen isotope characterization of sapphires from Bingham Canyon, Utah and Yogo Gulch, Montana
12:00 PMHaley MosherBart Kowallis
Eric Christiansen
What Happens When Magmas Mix?: Titanite in Mafic Enclaves in the Little Cottonwood Stock, Utah
12:15 PMDavid TomlinsonEric Christiansen
Jeff Keith
Mike Dorais
Coupling macro- and microscale observations with geochemical data to determine the depositional controls and origins of fissure ore at the Bingham Canyon mine, Utah.

Geological Sciences Session #5

Chair: Tom Chidsey
Judge: Greg Carling
Judge: Sam Hudson
Location: JKB 1129
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJoel BarkerSteve Nelson
Hydrological and Paleoclimate Analysis of a Pinyon-Juniper and Fen Dominated Watershed on the Windy-Ridge Mega-Landslide
08:30 AMLeeza Brown
Steve Nelson
Soil pH Trends in Hawaiian Islands
08:45 AMPeter Van KatwykGreg Carling
Effect of subsidence on Groundwater contamination
09:00 AMKiersten ErnstromBarry Bickmore
Improving the RockJockML Program Functionality
09:15 AMBen GodwinJohn McBride
Correlation of Thermal Spring Water Inflows with Surface Fractures and Subsurface Seismic Profiles at Pah Tempe Hot Springs, Hurricane Utah
09:30 AMAlyssa PopeGreg Carling
The affect of subglacial weathering on mercury levels in Greenland
09:45 AMSchuyler RobinsonSteve Nelson
Groundwater Particle Tracking in NE Oahu
10:00 AMJoseph TolworthySteve Nelson
A Water Budget of the Waimea River Watershed, Kauai.

Mathematics Session #1

Chair: Jared Whitehead
Judge: Lennard Bakker
Judge: John Dallon
Location: JKB 3012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMTyler MansfieldBen Webb
Modeling Taylor’s Law with Exponential Growth and Migration
08:30 AMDarren LundWillie Harrison
Improving Physical-Layer Security through Random Beamforming
08:45 AMStewart McGinnisBen Webb
Multiparticle Dynamics on a Triangular Lattice
09:00 AMIsaac BeckerBen Webb
Robotic Stability through Sums of Squares Construction of Lyapunov Functions
09:15 AMJoseph LeungBen Webb
Utilizing Group Affinity to Predict Community Formation in Social Networks
09:30 AMDavid ReberBen Webb
Exponential Stability of Intrinsically Stable Dynamical Networks with Time-Varying Time-Delays
09:45 AMDJ PasseyBen Webb
The Specialization Model: Network Growth that Preserves Eigenvalues
10:00 AM

Mathematics Session #2

Chair: Ben Webb
Judge: Pace Nielsen
Judge: John Sinkovic
Location: JKB 3102
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMVanessa RicoJasbir Chahal
Coloring the Map of Utah
10:45 AMKirsti DormanJasbir Chahal
Coloring the Map of Utah
11:00 AMRebekah BassettJasbir Chahal
Coloring the Map of Utah
11:15 AMJennifer CanizalesJasbir Chahal
Coloring the Map of Utah
11:30 AMZach ChaseMichael Dorff
Get Rich Quick in Rio - Part 1/3
11:45 AMEric SteadmanMichael Dorff
Get Rich Quick in Rio - Part 2/3
12:00 PMMcKenna PittsMichael Dorff
Get Rich Quick in Rio - Part 3/3
12:15 PMDevin McGhieScott Glasgow
QCD Lagrangian Reduction
12:30 PM

Mathematics Session #3

Chair: Todd Fisher
Judge: Steve McKay
Judge: Dallas Smith
Location: JKB 3016
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBryn Balls-BarkerBlake Barker
Spectral Stability of Ideal-Gas Shock Layers in the Strong Shock Limit
08:30 AMJalen MorganBlake Barker
Parameterization method for unstable manifolds of nonlinear waves
08:45 AMTaylor PaskettBlake Barker
Stability of Traveling Waves in Compressible Navier-Stokes
09:00 AMMingyan ZhaoMark Allen
Free boundary on a cone
09:15 AMJason GardinerMark Allen
Resolving the gap for a free boundary on a cone
09:30 AMBrevan EllefsenDavid Cardon
Operators Preserving Zeros in a Sector
09:45 AMJulia BohmanEmily Evans
Group Transition and Formation in Academia
10:00 AMJason KinghornEmily Evans
Group transition within networks

Mathematics Session #4

Chair: Vianey Villamizar
Judge: Shue-Sum Chow
Judge: Rodney Forcade
Location: JKB 3016
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMLincoln KartchnerJohn Dallon
Emily Evans
Optimizing in silico models of collagen lattices
10:45 AMNathaniel NeubertJohn Dallon
Emily Evans
Modeling the Young\'s Modulus of Collagen Lattices
11:00 AMSamuel DaileyEmily Evans
John Dallon
Identifying Trends in Contraction of Collagen Lattice Model
11:15 AMMary Ellen RosenJohn Dallon
Mathematical Model of Amoeboid Cell Motion
11:30 AMSamuel CottamJohn Dallon
Emily Evans
Mean Squared Displacement in the Analysis of Mathematical Cell Models
11:45 AMMikelle RogersEmily Evans
Resistance Distance in Certain Families of Infinite Graphs
12:00 PMRebecca JonesEmily Evans
Community Detection on Bipartite Graphs
12:15 PMJacob BadgerVianey Villamizar
High-Order Local Absorbing Boundary Condition for Efficient Computation of Acoustic Scattering from Multiple Arbitrary-Shaped Obstacles
12:30 PM

Mathematics Session #5

Chair: Darrin Doud
Judge: Xian-Jin Li
Judge: Eric Swenson
Location: JKB 3024
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCache DexterStephen Humphries
Some Schur Fun in Group Rings
08:30 AMGradin AndersonStephen Humphries
Counting Certain Conjugacy Classes in Symmetric Groups
08:45 AMRebeca PaulsenStephen Humphries
Weak Cayley Table Groups of Crystallographic Groups
09:00 AMNathan NicholsonStephen Humphries
Strong Gelfand Subgroups of Symmetric Groups
09:15 AMThomas DraperPace Nielsen
Nilpotent Polynomials and Nilpotent Coefficients
09:30 AMShawn GreenRodney Forcade
Extensions of the Power Group Enumeration Theorem
09:45 AMSuzanna StephensonTyler Jarvis
Moeller-Stetted Matrices for Spectral Rootfinding
10:00 AMNatalie LarsenTyler Jarvis
Stably Constructing a Basis for Spectral Rootfinding

Mathematics Session #6

Chair: Tyler Jarvis
Judge: Gary Lawlor
Judge: David Cardon
Location: JKB 3024
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMCameron WalkerMichael Griffin
The Wilf-Zeilberger Method
10:45 AMAdam SkousenMichael Griffin
P-adic convergence of Hecke operators
11:00 AMJonathan HalesMichael Griffin
Preimage of rational points on elliptical curves
11:15 AMHayden RingerTyler Jarvis
Domain Subdivision and Chebyshev Approximation in Multivariate Root-Finding
11:30 AMErik ParkinsonTyler Jarvis
Polynomial Rootfinding using the Division Matrix
11:45 AMJane CoxTyler Jarvis
Derivative-Based Sensitivity Analysis for Estimated Water Values
12:00 PMMiriam BeazerPaul Jenkins
Prime power congruences for coefficients of half-integer weight modular forms
12:15 PMRyan KeckPaul Jenkins
Congruences for Coefficients of Modular Forms in Levels 3, 5, and 7 with Poles at 0
12:30 PMXue LiuKening Lu
Random exponential dichotomies, the random shadowing lemma and applications

Mathematics Session #7

Chair: Shue-Sum Chow
Judge: Gregory Conner
Judge: Kening Lu
Location: JKB 3102
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKonnor PetersenTyler Jarvis
Prioritizing Water Interventions with Voronoi Diagramming and Gamma Distribution
08:30 AMTyler MoncurTyler Jarvis
Interval Checks in Rootfinding
08:45 AMJordan SpencerTyler Jarvis
Using Survey Data and Mathematical Modeling to Prioritize Water Interventions in Developing Countries
09:00 AMKyle NiendorfNathan Priddis
Building a Landau-Ginzburg Model for String Theory Physics
09:15 AMClara HuberNathan Priddis
Construction of the Landau-Ginzburg Model
09:30 AMMatthew WilliamsNathan Priddis
Mirror Symmetry for Non-Abelian Landau-Ginzburg Models
09:45 AMJacob JohnsonDenise Halverson
Modifications of Basic Stent and Zippered Tube Origami Patterns
10:00 AMSpencer TalbotDenise Halverson
Modified Zipper Tube Applications for the Spinal Fusion Surgery

Mathematics Session #8

Chair: Nathan Priddis
Judge: Blake Barker
Judge: Skyler Simmons
Location: JKB 3102
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSpencer GiddensJared Whitehead
Optimization of the ICSHK Coding Scheme
10:45 AMYajing ZhaoJared Whitehead
Predict Lorenz System Using Bayesian Approaches and Deep Learning
11:00 AMGarret CarverJared Whitehead
Determining historical earthquakes from anecdotal historical data
11:15 AMCody KeslerJared Whitehead
Importance of Clear Concise Understandable Code
11:30 AMAdam Robertson
Jared Whitehead
Interpolation and Overlay of Topography Files for Tsunami Modeling
11:45 AMJoshua Fullwood
Jared Whitehead
Statistical Approximation of Uncertain Data for Random Walk Bayesian Monte Carlo
12:00 PMMichael Klein
Jared Whitehead
Ron Harris
Statistical approximation of uncertain data for random walk Bayesian Monte Carlo
12:15 PMHayden RingerJared Whitehead
Modeling Seafloor Deformation and Ground Motion For Subduction Zone Earthquakes
12:30 PMCamille Carter

Jared Whitehead
Bayesian Inference of Earthquake Parameters Using Ground Motion Data

Mathematics Session #9

Chair: Mark Hughes
Judge: Scott Glasgow
Judge: Tim Krumwiede
Location: JKB 3106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMSpencer ReschkeMark Hughes
Deep Reinforcement Learning and Constructive Proofs in Topology
08:30 AMJonathon EdevoldMark Hughes
Representing Knots in Computers
08:45 AMJamison MoodyMark Hughes
Reinforcement Learning in Knot Theory
09:00 AMAbigail Jenkins
Emily Evans
An application of machine learning and computer vision models in the field of taxonomy
09:15 AMKyle RothRyan Camacho
Simulating optical waveguides using neural networks
09:30 AMCole ThatcherVianey Villamizar
Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines employed in Finite Element Analysis
09:45 AMElizabeth Melville
Vianey Villamizar
Isogeometric Analysis MATLAB Implementation
10:00 AMDane GrundvigVianey Villamizar
High Order Deferred Corrections

Mathematics Session #10

Chair: Curtis Kent
Judge: Chris Grant
Judge: Stephen Humphries
Location: JKB 3106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMThomas FackrellCurtis Kent
Ends of Groups
10:45 AMMatthew McGrathCurtis Kent
Stable colorings
11:00 AMPeter CrawfordMichael Dorff
The Titanic: an Introduction to Data Science, Part 2
11:15 AMDrew JohnstonMichael Dorff
The Titanic: an Introduction to Data Science, Part 1
11:30 AMNickolas CallorGregory Conner
Concurrent persistent homology: an introduction
11:45 AMCory GloverMark Hughes
Representing Knot Types By Elements of a Symmetric Group
12:00 PMLeslie ColtonMark Hughes
A Compete Set of Moves on Petal Diagrams
12:15 PMStewart McGinnisCurtis Kent
Path-connectedness of Fibrations over the Hawaiian Earring
12:30 PM

Mathematics Session #11

Chair: Gary Lawlor
Judge: Robin Roundy
Judge: Robert Snellman
Location: JKB 3108
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJacob BischoffDenise Halverson
Analysis of the Kresling Cylinder
08:30 AMZachary BroylesDenise Halverson
Using Quaternions in the Analysis of Origami Designed Mechanisms.
08:45 AMAlma BradshawDenise Halverson
Characteristics of the Kresling Pattern
09:00 AMDarian Comsa

Gary Lawlor
Tying Down the Computer-Assisted Triple Bubble Proof
09:15 AMJason DayTodd Fisher
Topologically mixing suspension flows
09:30 AMXueming HuiTodd Fisher
Toplogical pressure for conservative C^1-diffeomorphisms with no dominated splitting
09:45 AMSamantha SandbergMark Hughes
A Complete Set of Moves for Petal Words
10:00 AM
10:15 AM

Mathematics Education Session #1

Chair: Blake Peterson
Judge: Keith Leatham
Judge: Blake Peterson
Location: JKB 2104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMEmily KunzBlake Peterson
Understanding Teacher\'s Mindsets
08:30 AMChelsey Van de MerweSteve Williams
Student Experience in an Introduction to Proof Course
08:45 AMStaci BioloDawn Teuscher
Transformational Approach to Similarity
09:00 AMHaley JeppsonSteven Jones
Developing Understanding of the Chain Rule, Implicit Differentiation, and Related Rates: Towards a Hypothetical Learning Trajectory Rooted in Nested Multivariation
09:15 AMAlicia HeningerKeith Leatham
Teacher Responses to Clarifiable Ambiguity
09:30 AMOlivia PayneBlake Peterson
Identifying Teachable Moments While Teaching in a Secondary Mathematics Classroom
09:45 AM
10:00 AM

Mathematics Education Session #2

Chair: Douglas Corey
Judge: Douglas Corey
Judge: Amy Tanner
Location: JKB 2104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMErin CarrollDawn Teuscher
Students\' mathematical meanings of limits
10:45 AMNavy BorrowmanDawn Teuscher
Influences from Pathways College Algebra on Students’ Initial Understanding and Reasoning about Calculus Limits
11:00 AMJanessa ClowardDawn Teuscher
Curriculum and Learning Trajectory
11:15 AMCaroline LeflerDawn Teuscher
Action Research as a College Algebra Teacher’s Assistant
11:30 AMSarah CoxBlake Peterson
Keith Leatham
How Students Interpret Variables
11:45 AMJacob SokDawn Teuscher
Experiential Learning, Uniting Teachers and Students: Observations from my journey from Student to Teaching Assistant
12:00 PMLeilani FonbuenaSteven Jones
Students\' visual reasoning of vectors, vector fields, and vector functions
12:15 PM

Mathematics Education Session #3

Chair: Keith Leatham
Judge: Keith Leatham
Judge: Steve Williams
Location: JKB 2105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMLinlea WestDan Siebert
Mathematical Identity of Mathematics Education Majors
10:45 AMNathan SmithSteven Jones
Helping Calculus Instructors Teach with Quantitative Reasoning
11:00 AMTami StarkSteven Jones
Engaging Problem Context: From Students\' Perspectives
11:15 AMPorter NielsenDawn Teuscher
Instructional Decisions Associated with Teachers\' Mathematical Meanings
11:30 AMKatelyn PyferDan Siebert
What Counts As Doing Mathematics: Extending the Definition to Better Include Females
11:45 AM
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #1

Chair: Brian Anderson
Judge: Brian Anderson
Judge: Phillip Warner
Location: JKB 1020
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMEllyse TaylorJustin Peatross
Closeup Images of Microscopic Dust Particles Trapped in a Laser Beam by Photophoresis
08:30 AMMichael MortensonTracianne Neilsen
Extending Bandwidth for Intensity-based Sound Power Measurements
08:45 AMTyler WestoverRobert Davis
Polymer Coated Annealing of Gold Nanowires
09:00 AMEthan RobinsonJean-Francois Van Huele
No-Cloning vs. No-Superposition Principle in Quantum Mechanics.
09:15 AMSpencer KingJohn Colton
Examining Zinc Oxide and Zinc Arsenide Thin Films Through X-Ray Diffraction
09:30 AMAdam BuggEric Hintz
Using robotic telescopes to monitor Cepheid variable stars
09:45 AMJacob A. WardKent Gee
Comparing two inverse array methods for sound field reconstructions of noise radiated from a high-performance jet aircraft
10:00 AMJohn ChristensenGus Hart
Keeping Squares Square

Physics & Astronomy Session #2

Chair: Chad Williams
Judge: David Allred
Judge: Chad Williams
Location: JKB 1020
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMConnor MorrisDennis Della Corte
Understanding a Protein\'s Role in Vesicle Fusion with a Cell Membrane
10:45 AMNathaniel WellsScott Sommerfeldt
Initial results in designing an acoustic sound simulator for heavy equipment
11:00 AMMalissa AlleyBrian Anderson
Monitoring Rock Arches Using a Laser Vibrometer
11:15 AMEmma McClureJohn Colton
Optical Properties of Rhodamine B as a Temperature Sensor
11:30 AMRochelle SteeleJ. Ward Moody
Surveying for void galaxies with new photometric methods
11:45 AMElisabeth FrischknechtDenise Stephens
Searching For Planets in Protoplanetary Disks
12:00 PMNathan HughesNathan Powers
Open-ended Resitivity lab
12:15 PMMason ChristiansenKarine Chesnel
Dynamical effect in determining the blocking temperature of magnetite nanoparticles

Physics & Astronomy Session #3

Chair: Richard Vanfleet
Judge: Richard Vanfleet
Judge: Manuel Berrondo
Location: JKB 1018
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMChristena Bentley
Robert Davis
Effect of Hematocrit on Rapid Bacterial Extraction
08:30 AMNicolas DucharmeGus Hart
Solid-state calculations in the irreducible Brillouin zone
08:45 AMChristoph SchulzkeJustin Peatross
Calculating Radiation Emitted by Laser-Driven Relativistic Electrons
09:00 AMReese RasbandKent Gee
Developing extrapolated pressure level maps from firearms
09:15 AMMakenzie AllenMark Transtrum
Investigating parameter importance for different ocean environments using Fisher Information
09:30 AMChapman LindsayJohn Colton
Synthesis of Hydrogen Gas Utilizing Ferritin-Bound Platinum Nanoparticles
09:45 AMDavid Van KomenTracianne Neilsen
Identifying underwater acoustic source range and seabed type using convolutional neural networks
10:00 AMKylie WolfeSteven Turley
David Allred
Refactoring the Octopus Data Collection Program

Physics & Astronomy Session #4

Chair: Scott Bergeson
Judge: Scott Bergeson
Judge: Paul Urie
Location: JKB 1018
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJohn-Michael EberhardDenise Stephens
Fitting and Analysis of Brown Dwarf Spectra
10:45 AMSeth PincockDarin Ragozzine
Spin Dynamics of Trans-Neptunian Triple 47171 Lempo
11:00 AMJade StevensBenjamin Frandsen
Material Nanostructure Analysis With Pair Distribution Function
11:15 AMBerg DodsonRichard Vanfleet
Resistivity Evolution of the Alumina Diffusion Barrier in Catalytic Carbon Nanotube Growth
11:30 AMMason ParkesKarine Chesnel
Varying Processing Parameters to Investigate an Apparent Loss of Magnetic Domain Memory
11:45 AMJessica MartinNathan Powers
Designing an assessment to measure skills, attitudes, and behaviors of lab assistants
12:00 PMLucas BarnesBrian Anderson
Knocking over LEGO minifigures as a demonstration of focusing vibrations using time reversal
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #5

Chair: Karine Chesnel
Judge: Karine Chesnel
Judge: Dennis Della Corte
Location: JKB 1012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMNathan StoneJean-Francois Van Huele
Comparison of the quantum simple harmonic oscillator and quantum angular momentum spectra.
08:30 AMDallen PetersenDallin Durfee
High Precision Mirror Control With a 3D Printed Apparatus
08:45 AMNatalie CoyGus Hart
Accelerating Material Discovery
09:00 AMWessley Call
Robert Davis
Using modified magnetic particles to separate bacteria from blood for rapid diagnosis of sepsis​
09:15 AMQuinton McKnightScott Bergeson
Laser Spectroscopy of Isotopically Pure Ytterbium 173 Hyperfine States
09:30 AMStephanie HerronTracianne Neilsen
Support Vectors Machine for Underwater Acoustic Signal Classification
09:45 AMAdam ChristensenLarry Rees
Hybrid Neutron Detection Using Optical Characterization of Gadolinium-Acrylic Sheets in Liquid Scintillator
10:00 AMJoshua RasbandMark Transtrum
Mapping the Behavior Space of the Hodgkin-Huxley Model

Physics & Astronomy Session #6

Chair: Branton Campbell
Judge: Branton Campbell
Judge: Jacob Albretsen
Location: JKB 1012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDamyn ChipmanDavid Neilsen
Modeling of Fluid Systems Through a Mesh-Free Approach
10:45 AMEvan DodsonRobert Davis
David Miller
Using Bioimpedance in a Wearable Device to Monitor Glucose
11:00 AMJustin TackettDenise Stephens
Identifying Binary Brown Dwarf Systems using the GAIA Database
11:15 AMJarrod HansenDenise Stephens
Analyzing Possible Binary Brown Dwarf Systems Found in the GAIA Database
11:30 AMPaige SimpsonBrian Anderson
Optimizing transducers for time reversal used in crack detection
11:45 AMEthan FletcherBenjamin Frandsen
Using the Pair Distribution Function to Explore Superconductivity in BaFe2As2
12:00 PMBenjamin ProudfootDarin Ragozzine
Identifying New Haumea Family Members
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #7

Chair: Denise Stephens
Judge: Denise Stephens
Judge: Thaddeus Speed
Location: JKB 1010
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMFrancisco IrarrazabalKent Gee
Initial characterization of the infrasound regime in a rocket acoustic field using the phase and amplitude gradient estimator method for acoustic intensity
08:30 AMNick AllenRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Alumina Coated Carbon Nanotube Capacitors for Advanced Energy Storage
08:45 AMMichael NelsonLarry Rees
Graphic Methods for Electrical Pulse Classification
09:00 AMBenjamin WhettenDallin Durfee
Modeling the Effects of Wavenumber Error in IPSII Images
09:15 AMEric LysenkoTracianne Neilsen
Preliminary attempts to isolate ground-radiated noise from exploding balloons
09:30 AMJason SaundersJean-Francois Van Huele
An Enhanced Comparison of Entanglement Measures Using Teleportation Fidelity
09:45 AMAlden PackMark Transtrum
Analyzing the Metastability of Superconductors Using Automatic Differentiation
10:00 AMJames EriksonJohn Colton
Photoluminescence Lifetime Measurements of CdTe Quantum Dots

Physics & Astronomy Session #8

Chair: Bryan Peterson
Judge: Bryan Peterson
Judge: Cheryl Davis
Location: JKB 1010
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTy BeusManuel Berrondo
Cat States, Decoherence ,and Rotational Smearing in Optomechanical Systems
10:45 AMIan ClarkDenise Stephens
An Exploration of Detecting the Periods of ZZ Ceti Stars with a 0.4 Meter Telescope
11:00 AMJared MillerScott Sommerfeldt
Altering Listening Environments through Active Noise Control
11:15 AMAbigail GrahamDarin Ragozzine
Orbital Resonance in Extrasolar Planetary Systems
11:30 AMSpencer Wadsworth
Mark Transtrum
Machine Learning Classifying of Crowd Acoustics from College Basketball Games
11:45 AMBryce HedeliusDennis Della Corte
Protein Structure Prediction via Distance Mapping and Sequence Alignment
12:00 PMJackson SteeleJ. Ward Moody
Measuring distances to emisson-line galaxies photometrically
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #9

Chair: Phil Colton
Judge: Scott Sommerfeldt
Judge: Craig Jensen
Location: JKB 1008
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJeremy JorgensenGus Hart
Get 10 materials for the price of 1: computationally efficient DFT
08:30 AMAaron VaughnKent Gee
Determining the origin of crackle-related events in supersonic jet noise
08:45 AMGrace McKayTracianne Neilsen
Seismo Acoustic Coupling
09:00 AMDaniel BoyceJohn Colton
Characterization of Platinum Nanoparticles Utilized in Photocatalytic Hydrogen Synthesis
09:15 AMBrittni PrattJustin Peatross
Vector fields in a Focused Laser Beam
09:30 AMAdam FletcherMark Transtrum
Identifiability Analysis of a Simplified Combustion Model
09:45 AMBenjamin SzamosfalviJean-Francois Van Huele
Breaking Low-level RSA encryption Using an IBM Quantum Computer
10:00 AMSpencer RobertsRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
A Carbon Nanotube growth study to facilitate CNT based neural probes

Physics & Astronomy Session #10

Chair: Dallin Durfee
Judge: Dallin Durfee
Judge: James Hart
Location: JKB 1008
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAlex ShawBenjamin Frandsen
Magnetic Field Visualization Software
10:45 AMNicholas Van AlfenJ. Ward Moody
Measuring the Temperature Evolution of Galaxy Gas Clouds with Distance
11:00 AMHenry Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Robert Davis
Fabrication of a Thermal Gradient Micro-column Gas Chromatograph
11:15 AMColby WalkerKarine Chesnel
The effect of x-ray illumination on the magnetic domain memory in a [Co/Pd] / IrMn multilayers
11:30 AMCharles LewisJohn Colton
Machine Learning Techniques to Approximate the Matrix Element Method for the \"ttH\" Process
11:45 AMBrian PatchettBrian Anderson
Investigation of Shockwave Generation Using the Time Reversal Process
12:00 PMBrayden BekkerGus Hart
How to Find a Superalloy
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #11

Chair: Michael Joner
Judge: Michael Joner
Judge: Clark Snelgrove
Location: JKB 1006
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJonathan YbanezBranton Campbell
Group theoretical analysis of flexibility in polyhedral frameworks
08:30 AMScott JohnstunJean-Francois Van Huele
Exact solutions to the time-dependent Schrodinger Equation for arbitrary quadratic potentials and moving wells
08:45 AMKatrina PedersenMark Transtrum
Kent Gee
Machine learning-based prediction of outdoor ambient sound levels: Ensemble averaging and feature reduction
09:00 AMGabriel FronkTracianne Neilsen
Modeling Sound Propagation in the Great Salt Lake
09:15 AMDerek HensleyGus Hart
Contrasting the Building Blocks of Grain Boundaries using Local vs. Multi-Scale Universal Descriptors
09:30 AMMark AndersonKent Gee
Flow Velocity of a Vacuum-Assisted Toilet
09:45 AMMatthew RichardsJohn Colton
Ferritin-bound Platinum Nanoparticles in Hydrogen Production
10:00 AMSarah HillScott Bergeson
Constructing a Helical Resonator for a Dual-Species Ion and Atom Trap

Physics & Astronomy Session #12

Chair: Larry Rees
Judge: Larry Rees
Judge: David Fluckiger
Location: JKB 1006
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMGilvan ApolonioMichael Joner
Upgrading the 0.5-meter Telescope at the BYU West Mountain Observatory
10:45 AMDylan BaileyBenjamin Frandsen
11:00 AMWendy BillingsDennis Della Corte
Josh Price
Thermodynamic ensemble of peptide provides insight into experimentally observed cooperative interaction
11:15 AMDaniel HodgeMichael Ware
Justin Peatross
Construction of System to Measure Scattered Harmonics from Electrons in a Laser Focus
11:30 AMVatsala SharmaDarin Ragozzine
Exo-Planet Discovery
11:45 AMCarson RichardsKarine Chesnel
Imaging Landau Closure Domains
12:00 PMAlex SpencerDenise Stephens
Exoplanet Candidates Confirmed with an Automated Noise Reduction Program
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #13

Chair: Darin Ragozzine
Judge: Jeannette Lawler
Judge: Darin Ragozzine
Location: JKB 1004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBenjamin FrancisMark Transtrum
Geometrically Motivated Reparametrization for Identifiability Analysis in Power Systems Models
08:30 AMJake JensenEric Hintz
H-alpha Filter observations of Open Star Clusters
08:45 AMNathan SchwartzJohn Colton
Zinc Arsenide: Properties and Behavior in Thermal Evaporation
09:00 AMChandramouli NyshadhamGus Hart
Insights on materials space
09:15 AMZachary JonesKent Gee
Scott Sommerfeldt
Noise Reduction of a Vacuum-Assisted Toilet Using a Variable-Speed Motor
09:30 AMPaige PriceDallin Durfee
Stabilizing Lasers by Analyzing Phase Noise
09:45 AMBryce AndersonRobert Davis
Strength and Modulus of Freestanding Many-Layer CVD Graphene Films
10:00 AMPaul BaileyJean-Francois Van Huele
Proposed Experiment to Test Single-Electron Entanglement of Spin and Space

Physics & Astronomy Session #14

Chair: David McKenna
Judge: David McKenna
Judge: Maureen Hintz
Location: JKB 1004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMCarla ButtsBrian Anderson
Plan for the creation of a virtual sound source using time reversal focusing of ultrasound in a room
10:45 AMJacob NuttallMark Transtrum
Power Systems: Formalizing the Method of Constructing Dynamical Equivalents for the Grid
11:00 AMKevin LaughlinRobert Davis
Mechanically robust ultra-black materials
11:15 AMDaniel JonesJ. Ward Moody
Photometric and Polarimetric Signatures of Geosynchronous Satellites
11:30 AMCaleb GoatesScott Sommerfeldt
Validating Green\'s functions for sound power calculations
11:45 AMEric LenhartManuel Berrondo
Jani Radebaugh
How self-organizing ripples form across particulate surfaces
12:00 PMJohnathon RackhamKarine Chesnel
Modeling magnetic correlations in magnetite nanoparticle assemblies using x-ray magnetic scattering data
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #15

Chair: J. Ward Moody
Judge: J. Ward Moody
Judge: David Miller
Location: JKB 1002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMNick PorterDallin Durfee
Wavelength Metrology with Webcams
08:30 AMColter StewartJohn Colton
David Allred
Finding the Optical Constants of Zinc Arsenide (Zn3As2) via Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
08:45 AMMatthew LawyerJean-Francois Van Huele
Using Marylou to Characterize States That Can Violate Bell’s Inequality
09:00 AMYonatan KurniawanMark Transtrum
Relating Sloppiness and Transferability in Interatomic Models
09:15 AMKennedy Wandelt
Robert Davis
Effect of Hematocrit on Rapid Bacterial Extraction
09:30 AMParker HamiltonGus Hart
Simplifying Materials Prediction with Dimensionality Reduction
09:45 AMJarrod Hansen

David Allred
An Evaluation of a Variety of Astrophysical, Biochemical and Biomedical Experiments to be Performed on a Lunar Space Station
10:00 AMDaniel NovakovichKent Gee
Quiet Sonic Boom Measurement Methods and Analysis

Physics & Astronomy Session #16

Chair: Eric Hirschmann
Judge: Eric Hirschmann
Judge: Carl Palmer
Location: JKB 1002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAaron GentillonKarine Chesnel
Magnetic Imaging of Cobalt Platinum Multilayered Thin Films
10:45 AMTyler WhitakerGus Hart
Stabilizing Potential Super Alloys
11:00 AMKevin LeeteKent Gee
Coherence analysis of the simulated sound field of a highly-heated laboratory-scale jet
11:15 AMAdam KingsleyBrian Anderson
Understanding Super-Resolution in Time-Reversal Acoustics
11:30 AMRichard CassRichard Vanfleet
Materials Properties of Tungsten Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Structures
11:45 AMNathan BenfellDarin Ragozzine
Backwards Integration as a Method of Family Finding in the Outer Solar System
12:00 PMXin ZhaoMark Transtrum
An automated pipeline for machine learning in crowd acoustics
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #17

Chair: David Neilsen
Judge: David Neilsen
Judge: Eric Hirschmann
Location: JKB 1013
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMicah ShelleyJohn Colton
RF Magnetron Sputtering of Arsenic Doped P-type Zinc Oxide
08:30 AMJared CarlsonMark Transtrum
Role of grain boundaries on magnetic vortex nucleation in RF superconducting cavities
08:45 AMBrooks Butler

Kent Gee
Mark Transtrum
Sean Warnick
Unsupervised classification of crowd noise at BYU basketball games
09:00 AMLeslie HoweJustin Peatross
The Role of Spherical Aberration in Radiometric Levitation of Particles
09:15 AMCole AbbottJean-Francois Van Huele
Are Photonics the Future of Quantum Computing?
09:30 AMFischer SummersRobert Davis
Using a 3D printed device with an antibiotic to remove bacteria from blood for rapid sepsis diagnosis
09:45 AMHayden OliverGus Hart
Accelerating superalloy discovery using moment tensor potentials*
10:00 AMSarah ShawTracianne Neilsen
Directionality of Scale-model Volcano Acoustics

Physics & Astronomy Session #18

Chair: Justin Peatross
Judge: Justin Peatross
Judge: John Ellsworth
Location: JKB 1013
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMNathan FoulkGus Hart
Discovering the Materials of Tomorrow — Faster
10:45 AMTrevor SchmidtDennis Della Corte
Protein Structure Prediction
11:00 AMAlexander CahoonKarine Chesnel
Instrumental Developments for a Surface Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect Magnometer
11:15 AMMichael RoseScott Sommerfeldt
Noise reduction of vacuum-assisted toilets
11:30 AMJacob FieldsDavid Neilsen
Gamma-ray Bursts in Inhomogeneous Interstellar Media
11:45 AMAaron DavisRichard Vanfleet
External connectivity for a silicon microcolumn for gas chromatography
12:00 PMAlec PetersenBenjamin Frandsen
Optimizing muSR Analysis
12:15 PM

Statistics Session #1

Chair: Brian Hartman
Judge: Gilbert Fellingham
Judge: Brian Hartman
Location: JKB 2002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAlexander HamiltonGilbert Fellingham
Analytics on BYU Ice Hockey
08:30 AMPeter CrawfordGilbert Fellingham
Golf Analytics
08:45 AMDavid Teuscher
Gilbert Fellingham
MLB Offensive Efficiency
09:00 AMGentry CarterGilbert Fellingham
Optimal Hitting Locations
09:15 AMAlex HedquistGilbert Fellingham
An Analysis of Distance Runner Development at Top Division I NCAA Schools
09:30 AMMcKade Thomas
Gilbert Fellingham
Men\'s Soccer Statistical Research
09:45 AMBranden Maybin

Gilbert Fellingham
Tennis Abstract
10:00 AMMatt Hansen
Gilbert Fellingham
An Analysis of Women’s Basketball Offensive Efficiency
10:15 AMJacob EliasonGilbert Fellingham
Determining optimal skills for beach volleyball partners

Statistics Session #2

Chair: Dennis Tolley
Judge: Scott Grimshaw
Judge: Dennis Tolley
Location: JKB 2002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AM
10:45 AMJosh MeyersDennis Tolley
Analyzing the Effectiveness of Matching Algorithms RCBalance and Propensity Score Matching - A Comparative Review
11:00 AMJackson CurtisRichard Warr
An R package for Nonparametric Bayesian System Reliability
11:15 AMMichael ChristensenShane Reese
Matthew Heaton
Multi-scale Dynamic Modeling of Precipitation in the Indus Watershed
11:30 AMW. Zachary HortonGarritt Page
Relating Perceived Audio Quality to Personal Factors
11:45 AMMichael VaughnRobert Richardson
Comparing Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Inference on Car Accidents in Allegheny County, PA
12:00 PMEaston HuchRobert Richardson
ideq: An R Package for Dynamic Spatio-temporal Models
12:15 PMChristian DavisMatthew Heaton
Hot Spot Identification Analysis Using a Fully Bayesian Spatial Generalized Linear Mixed Model

Statistics Session #3

Chair: Matthew Heaton
Judge: Matthew Heaton
Judge: Richard Warr
Location: JKB 2004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMatt DrewesNatalie Blades
A Multivariate Approach to Diagnostic Research
08:30 AMShelby TaylorMatthew Heaton
Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of PM10 Particles
08:45 AMGabriel AdamsMatthew Heaton
A Bayesian Spatial Model and Clustering Algorithm for Variable Rate Irrigation Systems
09:00 AMHyejung LeeDennis Tolley
Deconvolution of Chemical Species using Absorbance Ratios
09:15 AMSpencer EbertShannon Tass
Application of Kalman Filter on El Nino Data
09:30 AMBrittany RussellDennis Tolley
How does Heteroskedasticity Affect the Power of the F-test of a Slope Coefficient?
09:45 AMAubrey OdomWilliam Christensen
Structural Equation Modeling to Assess Relationships Between the Media Impact and Scientific Merit of Academic Articles
10:00 AM

Statistics Session #4

Chair: Del Scott
Judge: Del Scott
Judge: Robert Richardson
Location: JKB 2004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTimo PewRichard Warr
Comparing Zero-Inflated Poisson and Negative Binomial-Lindley models to model intersection-related crashes
10:45 AMSpencer NewcombDavid Dahl
An Improved Merge-Split Sampler for Dirichlet Process Mixture Models
11:00 AMZoe GibbsBrian Hartman
Using Asymmetric Cost Matrices to Optimize Wellness Intervention
11:15 AMDean SobczakGarritt Page
Implementing the Pairs Trading Algorithm
11:30 AMCeleste IngersollMatthew Heaton
Baysian Approach to Real-time Spatiotemporal Prediction Systems for Respiratory Syncytial Virus
11:45 AMHannah NyholmDennis Tolley
Commonalities in Rheumatic Heart Disease Patients in Samoa
12:00 PMJeremy MeyerRichard Warr
David Dahl
The Attraction Indian Buffet Distribution
12:15 PM

Statistics Session #5

Chair: William Christensen
Judge: William Christensen
Judge: Shannon Tass
Location: JKB 2011
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AM
08:30 AM
08:45 AMLuke SagersQuinn Snell
Validation and Assessment of the Opiod Abuse Risk Screener using Machine Learning Methods
09:00 AMBrandon CookShannon Tass
Spatial Modeling of Dune Width on Titan
09:15 AMNia ColverScott Grimshaw
Are the Grammys Finally Recognizing “All The Stars” That They Should, or Are Some Grammy Categories Still “The Joke” of the Music Industry?
09:30 AMElise Gertsch
Matthew Heaton
R Shiny Principles of Statistics App
09:45 AMChristian Guthrie

Garritt Page
Estimating the Change in Player Performance When Switching Leagues
10:00 AMMicah ScholesGarritt Page
Player Movement in European Basketball Leagues

Statistics Session #6

Chair: Garritt Page
Judge: Dennis Eggett
Judge: Garritt Page
Location: JKB 2011
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMitchell WassomDennis Tolley
Del Scott
Using Multiway Layouts to Rethink Differential Privacy
10:45 AMDevin JohnsonDavid Dahl
Summarizing Distributions of Latent Structures
11:00 AMJared CummingsBrian Hartman
Shannon Tass
Using Deep Learning to Forecast Long-term Care Insurance Claims
11:15 AMLynsie WarrWilliam Christensen
Approximation of Gaussian Processes in Precipitation Modeling for High Mountain Asia
11:30 AMCason WightRichard Warr
Inference for semi-Markov models with panel data
11:45 AMLindsay WilliamsonWilliam Christensen
Shane Reese
Modeling Changes of Precipitation in High Mountain Asia
12:00 PM
12:15 PM