Below is a list of all the Statistics professors and their areas of research. For further information or to contact a professor, click on his or her name.


Natalie J. Blades

Metaanalysis of MRI Imaging Studies
Ordinal Data Models
Infectious Disease Epidemiology


William F. Christensen

Pollution source apportionment
Multivariate analysis
Spatial and environmental statistics
Resampling methods
Climate and paleoclimate
Applications of statistics in politics and law

David Engler

Variable selection for high dimensional data
Bayesian methods for ordinal data
Causal inference
Statistics in cancer genomics


Gilbert Fellingham

Applications of hierarchical Bayes models to health and human performance
Combining multiple data sets


Scott Grimshaw

Eliciting Priors for Designed Experiments
Competing Risk Models for Credit Scoring and Prepayment Modeling Regression Trees
Real-time Process Monitoring and Control


John Lawson

Industrial Experimentation
Quality Improvement
Reliability Engineering
Record Linkage


Shannon Tass

Statistical application in medicine, health and wildlife


Shane Reese

Bayesian Hierarchical Models
Bayesian Optimal Experimental Design
Sports Statistics


Bruce Schaalje

Mixed Linear models
Small sample inference
Design of Experiments
Authorship Attribution


Del Scott

Interface between Statistics and Computing/div>


Dennis Tolley

Statistical methods in analytic chemistry
Actuarial methods in health applications of statistical mechanics to multiple agent problems