New Faculty Spotlight: Dawn Teuscher

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences welcomes Dawn Teuscher as an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics Education.

Professor Teuscher received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics education at BYU. While teaching high school mathematics, she attended the University of Utah and received a master’s degree in sports psychology. After teaching for ten years, she moved to Missouri, where she completed a PhD program in mathematics education at the University of Missouri.

She has taught both at the high school and the collegiate level, spending ten years teaching at American Fork High School and Lone Peak High School, and three years teaching at Arizona State University.

Teuscher pursued her PhD in an effort to ultimately impact more teachers and students in improving mathematics education.

“I think that’s my biggest goal: just to be an influence to help teachers change their practice out in the schools, so that we can teach mathematics to kids in a better way, but also to help our students actually learn mathematics,” Teuscher said.

Professor Teuscher is currently researching teacher education, student understanding and federal policy (Common Core Standards for Mathematics). She is currently involved with a National Science Foundation grant that focuses on how teachers implement a new conceptually oriented precalculus curriculum with students. She hopes the curriculum will help precalculus students achieve a sufficient understanding to empower them to advance in mathematics.

“One of the big things at the college level is that kids come in unprepared, and they’ll take precalculus, and then they quit,” Teuscher said. “Our hypothesis is that they don’t understand the foundational concepts that are taught in precalculus, or that should be taught in precalculus, so that when they get to calculus, it actually makes sense.”

Teuscher enjoys real-life applications of mathematics and is currently teaching secondary math education courses. She has seven siblings and 18 nieces and nephews. She also served a mission in Honduras and Guatemala. When not working, she enjoys photography, running, skiing and spending time outdoors.

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