Be sure to have your faculty advisor approve your abstract BEFORE submitting. Abstracts are limited to 900 characters. The submission will be rejected if the length exceeds the character count.

Please either type your abstract into the abstract submission form or copy to notepad (or texedit for MAC) then copy it into the form.  If using scientific symbols, please spell them out instead of using the symbol(s) as not all symbols will save correctly and/or download from the system correctly.

Please DO NOT include your faculty adviser or co-authors as “Co-Presenters.” If you and another individual(s) will give your presentation together at the conference, then do add their name(s) as a co-presenter. List co-authors in the specified field(s).

Presentation Options:

  • Traditional Sessions:  Traditional presentations are 15 minutes long. Prepare to take 12 minutes for your presentation and allow 3 minutes for Q&A.
  • A special Computer Science session that is only 3 minutes long is also available (CS presenters can choose the 3-minute or 12-minute session when registering).

Presentation Format:

This year our conference will be virtual and hosted on Zoom. Students should be prepared to share their presentation live, and they will have the capability to share their screen to show presentation slides.