Fall is officially here: there is a chill in the air, the leaves are changing, Halloween is just around the corner, and students are settling into classes and homework schedules.

As the semester gets into full swing, we are grateful to have everyone back at BYU. Autumn is time for back-to-school, and we are excited about the great things we have already seen from our students, alumni, and faculty. We love to watch students succeed and find joy in their studies. We know there are only more good things to come at CPMS this year, and we are eager to share them with you.

The October calendar is packed full of events. Homecoming week is October 14–18, and the football game isn’t the only thing you shouldn’t miss.

Events will be held throughout the week, both within the college and across the university. The college will be hosting the annual Honored Alumni Lecture on October 16 at 11:00 a.m. Gregory Hebertson, Senior Vice President of Exploration at Midstates Petroleum, will deliver a lecture titled, “Mastering Your Fate: A Few Insights from a Career in Science.” The lecture will take place in room 1170 of the Talmage building.

Check your department website to find out what other events we will be hosting.

We value Homecoming week as an opportunity to celebrate BYU and to welcome our alumni back onto campus.

Additionally, National Chemistry Week is October 20–27. BYU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will join with enthusiasts around the country to promote and increase awareness of chemistry’s effect on our daily lives.

We hope you will come see us on campus and participate in as many of these events as interest you.

Finally, we are working on the Spring 2015 issue of Frontiers magazine, and we are in need of alumni news to update our readers on the interesting endeavors of their colleagues and fellow alumni.

Please email and tell us where you are working, what you are working on (research, etc.), and any other interesting endeavors you are involved in. Include what degrees you have received, the years you received them, and the institutions where you received them. Please also give us your current city of residence so we can give accurate information in the magazine. We look forward to reading about what you are up to!

Thank you!

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Gregory Hebertson

Mastering Your Fate

The BYU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences is excited to announce Mr. Gregory Hebertson as this year’s lecturer for the College Honored Alumni Lecture.

The Honored Alumni Lecture is an annual event that showcases one of the many amazing CPMS alumni in a lecture series that highlights the alum’s accomplishments and life’s work.

Hebertson’s lecture is titled “Mastering Your Fate: A Few Insights from a Career in Science.” Hebertson will be speaking on two general themes: his experiences as a scientist throughout his career and some examples from his career where scientific achievement has led to bettering people’s lives.

“I’ve studied geology across the world, and the earth’s a beautiful place,” Hebertson said. “Among other themes, in my presentation . . . I’ll highlight some of the great lengths that companies that I have worked for in my career have gone to ensure we are good stewards. We know better than anyone the impacts of our business for being a poor steward of the environment.”

Hebertson received both his bachelor’s and his master’s degrees in geology from BYU in 1991 and 1994, respectively. In May 2013 he joined Midstates Petroleum, where he currently works as the Senior Vice President of Exploration.

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