Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our alumni eNewsletter! As summer comes to a close and autumn begins, classes for our CPMS students kick off, and we couldn’t be more excited about what our fall semester has to offer.

Our CPMS students consistently set a high standard of excellence in both hands-on research and class performance. We are thrilled to welcome them back to campus for fall semester, and we look forward to seeing them exceed our high expectations.

We also have an excellent team of faculty and staff in the college, eight of which received awards at BYU’s Annual University Conference in August. We are proud of their accomplishments and feel honored to work with them.

Several of our departments will welcome new faculty members this semester. We are confident that the new additions will be great assets to the college.

We hope we will see you at some of the lectures coming up this fall. The Summerhays Lecture will be held Thursday, September 18 at 7:00 p.m. in room 1080 of the Harold B. Lee Library. Dr. John Lamb, who just retired this summer from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, will address us.


The annual Summerhays Lecture brings together science and religion and explores how they complement one another.

Gregory Hebertson will be speaking at the Honored Alumni Lecture at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 16 in room 1170 of the Talmage building.

Hebertson is the Senior Vice President of Exploration at Midstates Petroleum Company in Houston, Texas. He graduated from BYU with a master’s degree in geology in 1994. His lecture is entitled “Mastering Your Fate: A Few Insights from a Career in Science,” and it will explore how scientists contribute to improving the lives of other people.

The Honored Alumni Lecture is an annual event that showcases one of our accomplished CPMS alumni in a lecture series that highlights the alum’s accomplishments and life’s work.

Attending these lectures will also provide you with the opportunity to rub shoulders with our CPMS students, some of the greatest young minds in the country. We are excited to start a new school year, and we are grateful for the accomplishments and contributions of you, our alumni.

Thank you for your continued support!


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Dr. John Lamb

Avoiding the Dogma Trap

Dr. John D. Lamb, who recently retired from the BYU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, will deliver the 2014 Summerhays Lecture, titled “The Dogma Trap.” The lecture will be held on September 18 at 7:00 p.m. in room 1080 of the Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL) at Brigham Young University.

Despite their seemingly conflicting natures, science and religion have one important truth in common—both are grounded in faith in fundamental principles. In LDS theology, we believe in a set of 13 Articles of Faith, just as scientists believe in scientific laws and theories. Most of the time these principles provide a strong foundation for our beliefs, but sometimes, Lamb explains, they can cause us to become resistant to new ideas.

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