Another holiday season has passed and students and faculty alike are eager to start the new year off on the right foot. We can only hope that we are as fortunate in 2014 as we were in 2013. We here at the college feel grateful to you alumni who continually give back and support your alma mater so generously. We’ve come a long way because of your willingness to give back.

The start of every year is the perfect time to reflect on the things we’ve accomplished and to set new goals for the new year. Here at CPMS, we certainly have had an eventful twelve months, and this next year is already shaping up to be an exceptional one.

Thinking back, it’s amazing to see the many ways that CPMS has changed over the years and the many memories that have been created within the college. Certainly we can all remember the many stressful, perhaps sometimes comical, hours we spent here. Maybe a lab mishap left you missing an eyebrow, or maybe you fell victim to a friend’s failed experiment. Perhaps your lab experiences were more meaningful to you and your research. No matter what area of science we specialized in, we’ve all experienced the ups and downs of working with lab equipment as a student!

As the new year begins, we are still aiming towards the mark of raising $10 million for undergraduate studies and $10 million for graduate studies. We know that with your help, we will reach our goal and help change the lives and ambitions of our students in the sciences.

We also want to thank all of you out there who have so generously given back to the college and have supported our students and programs.

There were many events last month to keep our college busy. Dr. Thomas W. Sederberg, one of our associate deans, was awarded the prestigious Pierre Bézier Award for his focuses on geometry for use in computer graphics.The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has welcomed John C. Price as the newest member of the team. He will be working with students and faculty as one of the new assistant professors.

As we move forward into 2014, we will continue to keep you updated about our activities and progress. Thank you for being a part of our college family and for your continued support.

Happy New Year from CPMS!

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The Killers, Owen Wilson make music video with BYU Animation students


A gorgeous sunset seen from the University of Denver's Chamberlin Observatory.


Students Shine at Four Corners Meeting

Students from the Department of Physics and Astronomy attended the Four Corners Meeting in Denver to learn from international experts' research and experience.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy was well represented at last fall’s meeting of the Four Corners section of the American Physical Society.

Around thirty students traveled with several professors to the conference in Denver on October 18 and 19 where they had the opportunity to present research and network with professional physicists. Last year the Conference was hosted by the University of Denver and this year it will be hosted by Utah Valley University.

Several students from Utah Valley University and Utah State University were also able to attend with the BYU group. Students enjoyed the opportunity to attend the conference, practice their presentation skills, and renew their enthusiasm for their studies.

“After two days I was exhausted from head to toes but immensely happy and with renewed energies and desires to become an astrophysicist,” said Pamela Lara, a physics student from UVU who attended with the BYU group, and recipient of one of the two awards for best presentation of the meeting. Lara presented research performed last summer as a participant in the Research Experience for Undergraduates program at BYU.

This year the Four Corners section invited four Nobel Laureates to attend the conference and talk about their accomplishments.

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