Welcome to the May edition of our eNewsletter. With our spring commencement exercises recently completed, we are excited to watch our new graduates excel and help shape the future of both industry and academia.

Last month, we had the pleasure of awarding 218 undergraduate degrees, 12 master's degrees, and 5 PhDs. Along with the April graduates, there were a significant number of December graduates who walked as well. Through their education at BYU, these men and women have been well prepared to blaze new trails in their chosen fields — thanks to hours of classroom instruction and a variety of mentored research opportunities.

These graduates have begun moving on to exciting opportunities outside Provo that will undoubtedly allow them to expand their horizons and magnify their influence. Some of our students are starting work at prestigious organizations while others will seek advanced degrees from some of the world's finest academic institutions.

The college is proud of these students and the work they performed during their time at BYU. We are eager to watch them put their education to work and contribute to our changing world.

Graduation exercises provide a valuable opportunity for me to reflect on our continued commitment to excellent teaching and research — a commitment we renew with each new semester.

Without outstanding faculty and programs, a BYU degree might mean very little. Yet our graduates can step out into the world confident that they have received quality training and instruction from an outstanding college.

Dr. Tiancheng Ouyang was an example of excellent instruction as he coached the BYU math team. The team competed in the Putnam Exam, an annual national competition, against almost 600. As a whole, the team ranked number seven, and set a new record by beating the BYU team of 1979 that ranked number eleven. All three of the students on the BYU Putnam team were also in the top 100 best math students in the nation.

As alumni, you are already well aware of the great education CPMS offers. We’d like to hear from you about where your degree has taken you. Please email with any news about your career or your family. We’ll be publishing these in the upcoming issue of Frontiers.

We are also still accepting submissions for the Memory Bytes section of Frontiers. You can email us at the above address with your anecdotes (of up to 200 words) about your favorite professor that you had at BYU.

We truly appreciate hearing from you and wish you all the best.

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Members of BYU Putnam Team. From left to right: Peter Baratta, Sam Dittmer.


BYU Math Team: #7 in the Nation

When competing against Harvard and Virginia Tech, it’s not easy to be in the top 10, but BYU’s math team did just that by ranking number seven in the annual Putnam Exam.

The Putnam Exam is a nationwide competition held every year in December. Grading the exam and releasing the results takes four months with over 4,000 students participating and over 400 teams representing their schools.

“If I opened the math competition and gave these problems even to the faculty of our department, I believe many of them would struggle to beat our students,” said math professor Dr. Tiancheng Ouyang, who coaches the team of students that participate in the Putnam Exam.

This year his coaching paid off as all three of the students on the BYU Putnam team were in the top 100 best math students in the nation.

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