Welcome to the February edition of our eNewsletter. We are grateful to have this monthly opportunity to communicate with our alumni and friends and share some of the wonderful things we've been doing here at the college.

Each year, we honor our exceptional faculty and staff members at our annual college awards banquet for the excellent work they do within the college. We recently held our banquet for 2012 and recognized a number of individuals for their great contributions to the college and our students.

Four faculty members and one staff member received college awards honoring their accomplishments. Both Ken Rodham, of the Department of Computer Science, and John Lamb, of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, were acknowledged for their excellence in teaching and classroom instruction; Ken as a faculty member here fewer than ten years and John as a faculty member here for ten or more years.

Summer Rupper, of the Department of Geological Sciences, received the Faculty Young Scholar Award, recognizing excellent scholarship for a faculty member at BYU for less than ten years. Additionally, David Embley, of the Department of Computer Science, was awarded the Distinguished Citizenship Award for his significant contributions to his department, the college and his professional community. And Wesley Lifferth, a machinist for the Department of Physics and Astronomy, was recognized as an Outstanding Staff or Administrative Employee.

Similarly, we also recognized several staff and administrative members for their many years of distinguished service to the college and university.

Staff members Kim Christensen and Loren Harshbarger received awards recognizing their five years of service, while Kathi Carter, Lynn Patten and Robert Paxman were honored for their ten years.

Klark Walker, Diann Sorensen, Freeman Anderson and Jim Logan were all honored for their many years of service, Klark with 15 years, Diann with 25 years and Freeman and Jim with 30 years each.

It's always a pleasure to be able to highlight the efforts and achievements of our many accomplished faculty and staff members. As we strive to perform cutting-edge research and provide students with a world-class education, the majority of the responsibility falls on this group of diligent, hardworking men and women — and they always respond admirably to the call.

Perhaps even some of you have memories of working with our faculty and staff. We invite you to continue to submit your “Memory Bytes” to our publications, so that we can reminisce together on your experiences — be it with classes, buildings, teachers or friends. Please send your anecdotes (of up to 200 words) to with "Memory Bytes" in the subject line. Please note that submissions may be edited for length, grammar, appropriateness and clarity.

I’m grateful for the memories that I have of my time here with the outstanding faculty, students and alumni. Without your support, I’m not sure where we would be. We are thankful to you for sustaining us and for inspiring us to continue down the path to excellence — a path that I hope we can travel together.

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Last week, BYU President Cecil O. Samuelson approved a move for the Center for Animation from the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology to the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

This move will connect students more closely with the Computer Science Department. The program views the move as essential for continued quality.

Motion picture studios DreamWorks Animation SKG and Digital Domain are meeting with BYU animation professors this week as part of their regular mentoring, an exclusive service offered only to the BYU animation program. This week, the mentors will specifically advise BYU professors on current technology such as video conferencing, 3-D tools, and state-of-the-art audio/video delivery systems as the acclaimed BYU program continues to grow.

Professors will travel to Pixar in a couple of weeks for the same purpose. Both Pixar and DreamWorks, as well as other studios including Disney, Sony, Microsoft, Chair, and General Motors heavily support the students in BYU’s animation program.

“As the animation industry continues to change how they make movies and games, it has become apparent that to maintain our successful status we needed to increase our interaction with computer science,” Professor Brent Adams said. “This move allows us to explore new ways to teach and prepare students for their future.” Adams is the director of the Center for Animation.

The Center for Animation will now be housed in the Talmage Building to focus on the computer science aspect of animation, while the major will still be directed by the College of Fine Arts.

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