Welcome to the first eNewsletter of 2012! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are experiencing a happy, healthy new year thus far. We value your support and look forward to sharing another year with you.

With this new year comes exciting initiatives and fresh goals. We are proud to announce a new initiative to help our students receive the education and research experiences that they so justly deserve. Beginning this month, the college is building two endowment funds of $10 million each. One endowment fund will provide support for undergraduate research, and the other will provide support for graduate programs and recruiting. But we need your help to do it.

Our past, present and future students all have something in common: a strong desire to learn. These endowments will create opportunities for learning and growth that would not otherwise be available. We have learned that mentored research opportunities are one of the most valuable aspects of our students’ education. However, with current economic conditions, in most cases financial support is required for this to be a possibility for our students. I am certain you remember your own tight-budgeted college days and how financial help was always welcome. Now, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students. We know that with your continued help, our students will excel in their research, in their coursework and in their careers.

As 2012 begins, we hope that you will share a part of yourself with the current students

here at CPMS. We understand that not everyone can donate financially, but there are many other ways to contribute. For starters, we are asking alumni and friends to share their favorite memories about their BYU experience for publication in upcoming issues of Frontiers magazine. When you think back to your time at BYU, what places do you remember first? Was there a favorite spot in one of the science buildings that you frequented? What were the lab conditions like when you were a student here? Tell us about what made these places special to you.

Please send your anecdotes (of up to 200 words) to with "Memory Bytes" in the subject line. Please note that submissions may be edited for length, grammar, appropriateness and clarity.

Finally, we also hope to learn more about where life has taken you since your days here at CPMS. As alumni, you have experience and opportunities that we value very highly, and we would greatly appreciate it if you shared those experiences with the college. News about employment changes, business ventures, awards received or any other updates can be sent to with “Alumni Updates” in the subject line.

As we move forward into 2012, we will continue to keep you updated about our activities and our progress in raising our goal of $20 million. May we all start this new year with a renewed determination to make a difference in our world — wherever we may be, whatever our circumstances. Thank you again for being a part of our college family.

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During BYU’s homecoming week in October, the College Volunteer Leadership Council (CVLC) discussed the college’s plans for two $10 million endowments: one to support undergraduate research and one to support graduate programs and recruiting.

Members of the CVLC, consisting of alumni and friends of BYU, were asked to help, both by contributing and by finding others who could donate to these endowments.

Dean Scott Sommerfeldt spoke to the CVLC about financial challenges the college is facing as well as ones they might face in the future, including cutbacks for graduate student support, possible cutbacks in undergraduate mentoring funds, and the increased difficulty of obtaining external research funding, which is used to support graduate and undergraduate student research. These endowments would provide some insurance to help protect the college against these challenges.

Another purpose of the endowments is to promote the college’s growth, both in terms of quality and quantity of students.

“We’re serious about being excellent and trying to make the world a better place by preparing students who will go out and be the future leaders in industry and other areas,” said Sommerfeldt.

While BYU is primarily an undergraduate teaching university, Sommerfeldt explained that strong graduate programs also provide high quality research experiences for undergraduate students as they participate in mentored research in association with faculty and graduate students.

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