BYU Honored Alumni Lectures

“Physics for All”

Tom Erekson, BYU alumnus, Department of Physics and Astronomy (11 October 2018)

Tom Erekson delivered the 2018 Honored Alumni Lecture. He discussed the state of science literacy in America with a special focus on physics scholarship among high school and college students.

“Voyaging Around the World with Christ as My Navigator and Ethnomathematics as the Compass”

Linda Furuto, BYU alumna, Department of Mathematics Education (5 October 2017)

Linda Furuto gave the 2017 Honored Alumni Lecture on how her oceanic voyage taught her valuable lessons about her life purpose and provided her with an opportunity to learn with and from others.

“The Plumbing of the Internet”

Chris Chase, BYU alumnus, Department of Mathematics (13 October 2016)

Chris Chase gave the 2016 Honored Alumni Lecture on how internet connection works, what factors create internet traffic, and the technical process of solving internet traffic.

“In Vitro Fertilization: Past, Present, and Future”

Randall Barnes, BYU alumnus, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (8 October 2015)

Randall Barnes gave the 2015 Honored Alumni Lecture on the field of reproductive medicine. His lecture also includes advice for students trying to plan their future as professionals.

“Mastering Your Fate: A Few Insights from a Career in Science”

Gregory Hebertson, BYU alumnus, Department of Geological Sciences (16 October 2014)

Gregory Hebertson gave the 2014 Honored Alumni Lecture on experiences of innovation as well as tips for how to succeed in business as a scientist.

“Novel Targeted, Therapeutic, and Imaging Agents for Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases”

Philip Low, BYU alumnus, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (10 October 2013)

Philip Low gave the 2013 Honored Alumni Lecture on the cancer research done at Purdue University.

“Audacity Curiosity and Trust-Elements of a Successful Career”

Danny Young, BYU alumnus, Department of Computer Science (11 October 2012)

Danny Young, a computer science alum, gave the 2011 Honored Alumni Lecture on elements of a successful career.

“Actuarial Science in a Post Reform World”

Michael Bahr (6 October 2011)

Michael Bahr gave the 2011 Honored Alumni Lecture on the future of health care and the effects of recent legislation.

“Space: Exploring the High Frontiers with Humans, Robots, and Telescopes”

Ed Gholdston (7 October 2010)

Ed Gholdston gave the 2010 Honored Alumni Lecture on deep space travel.

“Beyond CSI: Exciting Applications of Forensic DNA”

John M. Butler, BYU alumnus, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (13 October 2005)

John M. Butler, a chemistry alum, gave the 2005 Honored Alumni Lecture on his work in forensics.
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