Stay Connected

Digital Communication for The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences is more social, relevant, and content-rich than ever. Whether you’re interested in quirky and educational videos, vital colloquia, or professional networking, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of online communities and forums you can use to stay connected with the College and BYU:

BYU Alumni Association

Now that you are a member of the CPMS Alumni Community, you can use your same login and password to connect with alumni from other colleges in the BYU Alumni Association.

Department Alumni Pages

Each department in the College maintains a page with news, events, and information specific to their Alumni. Use the department links at the top of this site to find out what’s new.


We’ve created our own Facebook page to provide up-to-date information on events, deadlines and CPMS multimedia releases. Click the “Like” button to see us in your Facebook News Feed.


At CPMS TV we’ve got a digital home for all our video productions and news stories, including the new Hands On web series. You can watch our very own Vimeo Channel at, on the touchscreen information kiosk in the Eyring Science Center, or on our homepage under the About tab.  Be sure to share, embed, “like” and comment on the videos you watch.


At the request of numerous CPMS alumni, we’ve established a LinkedIn group to help you build your professional network in preparation for your future career.


For those of you who tweet, we’ve got you covered. Follow us on Twitter and you’ll be kept in the loop as well.

RSS Feed

You’ll find multiple RSS feed icons throughout the CPMS Alumni website. Subscribe to these feeds to stay current with Alumni news and event information and notifications.