Karl G. Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award

This award honors faculty for outstanding teaching accomplishments and is made possible by the generosity of the Karl G. Maeser Scholarship Society.

Kenneth W. Rodham

Computer Science

Kenneth W. Rodham is a master of course design, aligning insightful lectures with engaging learning activities and carefully crafted
lab work. He has developed ambitious capstone experiences that build on the rigorous software engineering course sequence he helped design. Ken is an authentic example of what he teaches, and he cares deeply about his students.

Karl G. Maeser Research and Creative Arts Award

Daniel E. Austin

Daniel E. Austin develops miniaturized mass spectrometers for portable chemical analyzers and for space exploration, studying chemical and biological processes in extremely high-velocity impacts and in charge detection mass. Much of this NASA-funded work relates to the search for life on Mars and in the oceans of icy moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn.

Young Scholar Award

This award encourages and acknowledges outstanding promise and contributions by faculty in the early stages of their academic careers.

Todd L. Fisher


Todd L. Fisher’s mathematical interests lie in the field of dynamical systems. Dynamical systems is primarily concerned with orbit structure, specifically long term or asymptotic behavior, for maps or flows. Dynamical systems is closely connected with various fields of mathematics. He is interested in robust transitivity, hyperbolic dynamical systems, symbolic dynamics, and topological dynamics

Technology Transfer Award

This award recognizes faculty members who have made significant research contributions that have led to the development of useful commercial products.

Jaron Hansen

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jaron Hansen’s group utilizes both computational and experimental tools to investigate a variety of environmental and atmospheric chemistry issues. We couple together high level ab initio computational studies with experimental studies designed to investigate the kinetics and spectroscopy of important atmospheric species and reactions.  The laboratory studies are complemented by in situ air sampling campaigns designed to investigate source apportionment and general air quality issues.

Lee D. Hansen

Chemistry and Biochemistry, Emeritus Professor

Richard Roskelly Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellowship

This fellowship recognizes the sacrifice and efforts by the university’s support services in providing a transfer of positions and budget to enhance teaching and learning.

Daniel H. Ess

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Daniel H. Ess’s group uses and develops computational chemistry tools to discover reaction mechanisms, reactivity principles, and design catalysts that are experimentally realized.

Religious Education Transfer Professor

This award recognizes excellence in providing outstanding teaching in Religious Education outside of a faculty member’s discipline.

Eric T. Sevy

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Eric T. Sevy studies the dynamics of chemical reactions. His projects fall into three main categories: Collisional Energy Transfer, Photo-Induced Chemical Reaction Dynamics and Kinetics, and Combustion Chemistry.


Karl G. Maeser Professional Faculty Award

 This award recognizes outstanding achievement in fulfilling professional faculty responsibilities and is made possible by the generosity of the Karl G. Maeser Scholarship Society.

Duane B. Merrell

Physics and Astronomy

Duane B. Merrell has contributed significantly to preparing the next generation of physics and physical science teachers, providing exceptional continuing education for science teachers and promoting effective science teaching. He developed a teacher training program that has gained national recognition. Merrell is known by students for his individualized, one-on-one mentoring.

Dennis L. Eggett


Since 1997, Dennis L. Eggett has directed the Center for Statistical Consultation and Collaborative Research. He provides statistical consulting to on-campus researchers, teaches data analysis courses, advises students in quantitative research, and mentors statistics majors. He is the coauthor of 180 peer-reviewed articles, with more than 270 of those coauthors being BYU students.

Wesley P. Lloyd Award for Distinction in Graduate Education

Steven L. Castle

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Steven L. Castle teaches organic chemistry and is associate director of the Simmons Center for Cancer Research. Working with graduate students, he conducts research funded by the National Institutes of Health that targets new ways of synthesizing organic molecules. He applies these techniques to constructing bioactive natural products and to understanding chemical biology.

President’s Appreciation Award

This award recognizes staff and administration personnel for exceptional service, creativity and competence.

Kurt D. Huntington

Kurt D. Huntington has been instrumental in helping the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences project its needs and resources effectively and manage its resources efficiently. He foresees what information might be helpful to college leadership and then creates corresponding reports. Kurt is respected throughout the college, and his service regularly exceeds expectations.

M. Jeannette Lawler

As the Physical Science 100 course coordinator and Derrick Planetarium director, M. Jeannette Lawler positively impacts thousands of
students each year. She promotes science to thousands more children and adults as she coordinates public science outreach activities. Jeannette deals with challenges efficiently and fairly and cares about helping each student have the best experience possible.