2015 University Awards

Karl G. Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award

Steven R. Goates

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Steven R. Goates is an outstanding teacher who is completely focused on helping students learn. He appropriately balances classroom rigor with reasonable expectations of his students. He believes in empowering students with knowledge and as a result, they leave his courses with a recognition of their personal growth and a sense of having been rewarded for their efforts. He provides encouragement to students who are struggling and makes concrete suggestions for their progression. Professor Goates has been instrumental in curriculum development within the department and, largely through his efforts, new courses have been designed and implemented that better prepare our students for their careers. In short, Steven Goates is an exemplary teacher who has consistently blessed the lives of our students.


Karl G. Maeser Professional Faculty Excellence Award

Jennifer B. Neilson

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Nielson is a committed professor who consistently strives to provide a solid educational experience for her students. She is rigorous in her approach to organic chemistry yet has learned to present complex material at a level that prepares her students to go on to graduate and professional schools and to careers in nursing and other sciences. She is an active advocate for science education in the community and has initiated a series of “Hands-on Science” events for elementary aged children at the Provo Library to spark an interest in science. Jennifer also provided outreach to critical populations of underserved students and teachers in Uganda by implementing a teacher education program that is self-sustaining. Jennifer Nielson is a wonderful colleague who follows the model of teaching exemplified by Professor Maeser.


General Education Professorship Award

Steven G. Wood

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Steven Wood teaches large undergraduate classes in general, organic and biochemistry. Students and colleagues alike consistently rank him as an outstanding teacher. He has invested hundreds of hours in creating online tools to create an understandable tutorial for students learning chemistry. Further, he obtained a National Science Foundation grant to further his online tools to enhance undergraduate student learning. This external support allowed him to involve student collaborators in all aspects of the process and they were instrumental in helping decide what approaches would be the most beneficial to students. These online tools are now important contributors to our student learning. Because of his teaching prowess, he is a frequent mentor to new and senior faculty in our department. In short, Steven Wood is a master teacher who genuinely loves his students and the excitement of teaching chemistry.


University Professorship Award

Adam T. Woolley

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Adam Woolley is an exceptional scholar, teacher, and university citizen. He is an internationally recognized analytical chemist and has been the recipient of many prestigious external and internal awards including a Presidential Young Scholar Award. Dr. Woolley has published over 125 articles and has been an investigator on grant awards in excess of $4 million. Professor Woolley is a concerned and dedicated teacher who is equally at home teaching 200 or more students in a general chemistry class or mentoring individual undergraduate and graduate students. He is an outstanding citizen who has a remarkable ability to manage time effectively and approach each assignment with enthusiasm and a remarkable attention to detail. He is a wonderful role model and an important contributor to his department, his students and to BYU.