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Jonathon Sevy


Tiffany Thayne

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Tiffany Thayne

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Geological Sciences

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Steve Nelson


Human Impacts on the Farmington Bay From Freeze Core Analysis


Human effects on the environment are complex, although certain classes of data can reveal the nature of these impacts.  This study seeks to understand human impact on Farmington Bay, Davis County, Utah, a sub-basin of the Great Salt Lake. Two freeze cores were obtained, which record the last ~150 yr of sedimentation.  Quantitative X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis, and Rietveld Method were employed to determine the mineralogy of sediment over this interval, which may reflect changes in water chemistry (authigenic minerals) and sediment sources (detrital material).  At a depth of 29cm (~100 yr BP) there is a large increase of aragonite in the cores. This reflects a sudden and profound change in water chemistry due to the building of the Salt Lake City Sewage canal to Farmington Bay.